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Clever Stocking Stuffers - Star Wars Duct Tape!

Updated on November 27, 2013

It's true, it's sad when your kids move out, but once you get passed the sad, the fun starts!

When my daughter moved into her new 'all on her own' place we had so much fun getting her set up. The one last thing I wanted to give her was her very own tool box. We found a great wooden one and filled it up with everything she would need from screw drivers to hammer and three penny nails and of course, the all important duct tape!

I never really used duct tape until I married a musician! It is used for everything from covering cables so you don't trip on them, to doing quick repairs on gear. Have a rip in your gig bag? No worries - duct tape! I could go on and on, but surely everybody knows about duct tape by now.

What I didn't know was that it has really become a 'thing'! You can tell by the amazing colours and patterns that are now available on the roll, there is seriously a duct tape for everybody. And this year, the addition to my Sci Fi loving daughter's handy-woman tool box will be this excellent roll of Star Wars duct tape.

It's just small enough to fit in her stocking and so cool I know she'll be able to use it for everything. I have a feeling it will show up on the kid's things as well, they are becoming miniature Star Wars fans themselves with themed lunch boxes and T-shirts - the 70's are making a huge comeback! Thank goodness it was an awesome decade!

I swear you can find Star Wars everything these days; there really is something for every fan's budget.

Som funny and interesting uses for duct tape!

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    • JennAshton profile image

      Jenn Ashton 3 years ago from Canada

      @junkcat: I know I love Star Wars stuff;-)

    • junkcat profile image

      junkcat 3 years ago

      Wow! I remember watching star wars with my sisters all the time when I was a kid. The tape is awesome.