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The Blind Story: Getting the Best Look for Your Home

Updated on March 30, 2011

By definition, plantation blinds are custom-built window accents that provide insulation as well as controlling the level of light, privacy and ventilation through the use of a frame with movable louvers. However, plantations blinds are more than just a way reduce energy costs and improve privacy; they are also aesthetic, will add value to your home and can increase your level of home security.

Indoor blinds, also known as plantation shutters, come in a variety of sizes, materials, colors and types of finishes so no matter what your taste, you are sure to find blinds to meet your needs and style. But whether you are getting blinds in Atlanta or are just looking for a way to add additional beauty and functionality to your window treatment, it is important that you know what options are available.

Size and Style Matters:

While plantation blinds can be bought to fit any window, the standard size slats for plantation blinds is either 2 inch to 2 ½ inch polywood or wooden blinds and range in width from 6 inches to 96 inches and heights of up to 96 inches. In addition, most plantation blinds have optional decorative tape available that will add as much as an 1 ½ inches to the blinds.

What Types of Wooden Blinds are Available?

Plantation blinds can be purchased in pine, alder, ash, oak, bamboo, poplar, cherry maple and an assortment of exotic woods, so no matter what your style, choice in décor or how you plan to use the room, you are certain to find plantation blinds that meet your needs.

Are There Any Options Other Than Wooden Plantation Blinds?

Other choices for plantation blinds include composite wood, faux wood and vinyl. These will vary in cost an appearance, but each have qualities that make them appealing for use in a home or office.

Are Frames Needed?

When considering plantation blinds-especially for a new home- it is not uncommon for homeowners to wonder if it is necessary to have window frames installed. The answer is a resounding, “Yes.” This is because most windows lack the depth necessary to accommodate plantation blinds. In addition, it is not unusual that, even if they windows meet the depth requirements, the dimensions are uneven. For your plantation blinds to be effective there can be no variation from top to bottom. In the case of existing frames that prove to be uneven, the problem is handled by the installation of “z” mold framing. Also, by making sure that the blinds can be installed properly, your blinds will add another level of home security as well.

No matter where you live or what your décor choices are, you can count on the providers of plantation blinds in Atlanta and companies all across America to give you the look and comfort you want. Once they are installed, you will be amazed at great they look and wonder how you ever lived without them.


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