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The Daily Grind - A Coffee Grinder Review

Updated on October 26, 2013

I use my little coffee grinder daily. As a matter of fact I have several; they are cheap little workhorses. The one I use the most is for my daily coffee; the morning grind we call it here. It's such a ritual the cats know the sound and it means food is coming soon.

I also use the grinder for spices as well. When making BBQ steak or pepper steak we course grind peppercorns so they are large chunks - great to season the steak with before cooking. We make blends of thyme, sage and rosemary for the holiday ham. There is one grinder we use just for sugar if you can believe it. Grind regular sugar into a powdered frosting we dust over french toast or fresh baked donuts.

You can use these little grinders to make nut butters on demand so you don't have stock nut butter that can go rancid if not used often. I like almond paste on these little sugar cookies I make but I don't make them often enough to buy almond butter in bulk. Just a handful of nut and a whiz until its ready to your liking. A money saver for sure.

I have several small hand grinders, as I stated earlier, and I buy the white ones so I can label then with a china maker. Once you grind coffee or pepper in a grinder you should dedicate that grinder to that alone. One could always use some sort of labeling system if you wished to have color coordinated grinders.

They are easy to clean as well if you wish to. The coffee grinder and pepper mill don't need much more than a quick wipe with a paper dry towel. The others do well with a quick rinse under hot running water. Just remember to unplug the machine before doing so and let it dry before turning it back on.

Now it is your turn to think of new things to use you little wonder on besides the daily grind.

BNF KTFRPRS French Press Coffee Maker, 20 oz
BNF KTFRPRS French Press Coffee Maker, 20 oz

For a quick cup of fresh brew. Add fresh ground coffee, hot water, and let steep until it is just right for you. Press the coffee ground to the bottom and pour. Enjoy!

SPICES: A Whole Spectrum Of Health Benefits (Healthy & Tasty Series Book 3)
SPICES: A Whole Spectrum Of Health Benefits (Healthy & Tasty Series Book 3)

Learn about using whole spices. Fresh ground is so much better - and healthier.

Spicy World Peppercorn (Whole)-Black Tellicherry, 16 Oz. bag
Spicy World Peppercorn (Whole)-Black Tellicherry, 16 Oz. bag

Try the different spices from around the world. Don't limit yourself to what your grocer feels if good.


As simple as this...

1: Pulse the grinder. It is better than doing a steady grind. The heavier stuff falls tot he bottom and things don't heat up as much that way as well.

2: Use a labeling system to keep your grinders task specific.

3: Unplug the grinder when rinsing. Do Not immerse in water.

4: Follow manufacturers instructions.

What Will You Be Using Your New Grinder For?

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