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The Gardener's Ultimate Gift: All Natural Burt's Bees Hand Repair

Updated on April 13, 2014

I was losing my mind trying to think of what to get for my stepfather, a retired physician and apple farmer, and now backyard gardener! My folks are at the ages now where they are starting to downsize and so I try really hard to think of useful gifts for them, something they can use, rather than more clutter for their now, much smaller home.

I looked down at my hands after my bath tonight and it came to me! Once a few years ago, someone gave me a little kit with some amazing smelling cream in it - and this is it! By Burt's Bees company - I am not sure if you have them where you are, but they're huge up here in Canada, and I have probably at least 4 Burt's products around the house, plus a lip balm in every coat pocket! It's all natural and they use bees wax which really protects and seals in all the goodness of the other ingredients.

Although I love ALL of these products (and the price!), my favourite is this jar of Almond hand cream. I wish I could describe the scent to you, it is just, well peaceful, and not flowery; I will be giving this to a man, so wanted to make sure it wasn't a heavily scented gift. The texture is really different, it's smooth and thick at the same time and a very little bit goes a really long way, I think that is from the bees wax, as you rub it in the heat of your hand spreads it even further.

This kit also comes with cotton gloves for a really intense treatment. You apply the creams and pop on the gloves before bed, and when you wake up - your hands look and feel years younger, I'm not even kidding!

Burt's Bees Tips and Toes Kit
Burt's Bees Tips and Toes Kit

OOh la, the foot cream is so amazing! And the lip balm, is the original first product they made, and the best I have ever used.

Burt's Bees 100% Natural Hand Salve, 3 Ounces
Burt's Bees 100% Natural Hand Salve, 3 Ounces

Another garden must have, that lasts for ages!


Just type Burt's bees into youtube and you won't believe the onslaught of love you'll find from people everywhere!! Too many videos to post here - suffice to say it's a huge hit!

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