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The Gift Every Girl Needs!

Updated on November 20, 2015

Growing up my mother always stressed the importance of independence as a woman, and being able to fix things, work on my car, and other tasks. So when I was leaving for college there was little surprise when my mother presented me with a tool kit. Even though in that moment I didn't see the value in it, when I was on my own at school I realized that I couldn't have asked for a better gift!

There were so many things that it came in handy for, and eventually everyone started to ask me for certain tools that they knew that only I would have. When my car broke down at school I was able to fix it quickly with the help of my friend, and my pink tools. Even guys would come a knocking when they needed a hammer or a screw driver, even though it was pink they were grateful, and it gave them a good laugh.

The Apollo tool kit comes with anything a young woman (or man it comes in grey as well) could ever need when starting out on there own. I can't wait for my sisters to graduate and go off to college so I can be the one to get them their own Apollo tool kit.

Unfortunately a lot of the parts did end up getting lost, (I am kind of a ditz at times and lose everything), and my brothers broke my hammer, (they break everything) but I would love to buy a new Apollo kit to replace it. I recommend it to anyone looking for a quality graduation or house warming present, that will actually help the young person this is probably the best gift I have ever received.

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