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The Hampton Bay Tilt Out Hamper - When Your Closets Just Can't Fit Anything Else

Updated on September 5, 2014

I will not speak for everyone, but as for me, my "dirty laundry situation" during my college and immediate post-college years consisted of the cheapest hamper or basket I could find placed in a corner of my bedroom. My clothes would be piled high for everyone to see, and to be honest this didn't bother me too much. Needless to say (and thank god!), as time passed, the situation began to bother me. Once my husband (then fiance) and I decided to move in together, the situation only become worse - double the laundry!

One of the obvious solutions was to put the hampers in the closet. They could still be functional, but we wouldn't need to see our dirty clothes everyday. This worked for a while - until we bought our first home and were introduced to the tiniest closets the world has ever known. Not only was there not room for a hamper - we could barely fit all the clean clothes in there! Our hampers began to act as clothes storage, just waiting for room to open up in the closet before they could be cleaned and added to the mix.

As our wedding neared and we began building our wedding registry, it occurred to us that this could be an opportunity to deal with some of our "space issues." After researching closet and bedroom space-saving ideas, we came across the Hampton Bay Tilt Out Hamper. It functions as a hamper, but looks like a really nice piece of furniture. We added it to our registry and waited to see what would happen.

Sure enough, it was scooped up almost immediately (always a good sign on a registry). We were excited both at the prospect of finally hiding our dirty laundry and at the thought that someone else thought we had a great idea!

When the hamper arrived at our house, it was broken down compactly in a box. Luckily, it was extremely easy to put together and was exactly as we had envisioned. We were ecstatic that the size and style of the hamper makes it really easy to fit anywhere. And one of the greatest features is that the hamper drawers tilt out from the front, so the top remains steady and flat, so it can be used to display picture frames or a flower vase, or can act as an additional surface when it comes time for folding laundry. We received so many compliments from this new piece of furniture that it was painfully clear that we should have purchased it sooner. And the best part - no one even knows it's a hamper. It just looks like a beautiful antique set of drawers - our dirty laundry is now completely hidden!

We purchased the 35 inch brown Hampton Bay hamper, but the same company also offers the same furniture piece in white, as well as three other sizes - a three-drawer version (dry cleaning!!), a smaller two-drawer version that is 26 inches, and a single 24 inch version.

How do you deal with your dirty laundry?

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What space-saving pieces of furniture have you come across?

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    • profile image

      Eldora 3 years ago

      This is just the perfcet answer for all of us

    • Deannamay LM profile image

      Deannamay LM 3 years ago

      What a great idea.

    • Heidi Vincent profile image

      Heidi Vincent 3 years ago from GRENADA

      Great idea! Wonderful review!

    • GardenHarbor profile image

      Nikki Schilling 4 years ago from Pennsylvania

      @bovic21: haha, luckily no! I think since its also a beautiful piece of furniture it wouldn't quite fall into the vacuum cleaner category :) good luck!

    • bovic21 profile image

      bovic21 4 years ago

      Hey, this might be a great idea for my wife for Christmas.It's not like buying her a vacuum cleaner, is it?