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The Never Ending Candle: Using a Candle Warmer to Safely Burn Your Favorite Candles

Updated on August 6, 2014

There is rarely a day that my home is not filled with the scent of one of my favorite candles - and I have not purchased a candle for years! Here's how it happens...

For Christmas one year, my mother-in-law bought me a brilliant device - a candle warmer. It is a very simple contraption that you wouldn't think twice about...until you use it and realize how amazing it is. First and foremost, it manages to release even more of the candle's scent than if you were burning it. The second you walk in the door, you can smell whatever scent you have chosen for the day. Every time we have guests over, it is the first comment we get when they walk in the door - "Wow, it smells so great in here!"

While the effectiveness of the device is probably most important, the cost-savings is a close second. When you put your candle on the candle warmer, it will melt to it's liquid form, but it never dissolves - and the scent never goes away. This means that you basically never need to replace your candles. You can constantly be reusing them. So instead of putting money towards your favorite scented candle, you can branch out and get different scents to use for different occasions. Yankee and Woodwick candles are my favorite, but they can be expensive. Now, I have a great collection of both that include scents for each and every season. During Christmas, I warm an evergreen candle so our house smells like a Christmas tree!

The next amazing feature (for some people, this is the most important) is the safety aspect. You aren't burning anything, so there is no risk of fire. This also means that you can leave your warmer on when you are out of the house! So often only your guests get to experience walking into a home full of a great scent, but this enables you to do the same. You can turn your warmer on before you head out for errands, and by the time you get back, your house will be full of the scent of your choice.

Another great effect of not dealing with a flame is that you can "hide" your warmer wherever you want. It can be pushed back in a corner, under a lamp, or near curtains. Not only will in never catch fire, but you don't have to worry about black soot settling on a shelf or mantle above it.

Since receiving my candle warmer, I have purchased one for every person in my family. It is always a huge hit and comes as a huge surprise when it's put to use.

WoodWick Candle Citrus Burst Trilogy Medium Jar
WoodWick Candle Citrus Burst Trilogy Medium Jar

Perfect for a hot summer day!Citrus burst will smell cool and sweet.Perfect before the lemonade is served.

WoodWick Candle Cinnamon Chai Medium Jar
WoodWick Candle Cinnamon Chai Medium Jar

This is my all-time favorite scent. It is warm and cozy, and reminds me of Christmas. I use this one leading up to the holidays to get me in the Christmas spirit!

Yankee Candle Large Jar Candle, Spiced Pumpkin
Yankee Candle Large Jar Candle, Spiced Pumpkin

This is another huge favorite of mine that comes out the second the air starts to get crisp and you know fall is coming!


Photo Gallery

My candle warmer sits on an end table behind a lamp.  I usually keep more than 1 candle out so I can pick between them each morning.
My candle warmer sits on an end table behind a lamp. I usually keep more than 1 candle out so I can pick between them each morning.

What are your favorite scents to burn in the house?

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