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The OCD Cutting Board. A Gift For The Perfectionist

Updated on August 20, 2017

I once looked at this and thought what could this possibly be? Is it a protractor? Absolutely not. Is it a measuring device? In a matter of speaking it is but not quite. This is a cutting board. In fact it a cutting board for people with OCD.

What are the features of the cutting board?

What are the features of the cutting board?

The cutting board allows you to measure in inches and also angles. The other feature I like about the board is that it actually measures the size of my dices. It measures a medium dice, small dice, brunoise dice and a small brunoise dice. The board also measures the thickness of your slices. I can do the batonnet, allumette, juleinne and, fine julleinne slices too. It's truly the tool for the perfectionist.

Well Who Do You Gift This Item To?

Well let me say that there are definitely people out there who feel the need to have the asparagus cut into equal pieces three quarters of an inch long with knife cuts at a forty five degree angle. Honestly I know a few people who have that need. I plan to give this as a gift to some of them actually. This isn't a gift I'll give to someone I'm trying to make a good impression on but rather as a joke. I have a few friends that are OCD. This cutting board would make the perfect gift for them. I prefer to give this to a friend because I see it as being a little offensive to someone I really don't have a close knit relationship with. In my opinion this has to be given as a joke. It's not a gift I would give to my mother in law for Christmas. I think that says it all.


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    • profile image

      TanoCalvenoa 4 years ago

      Wow, this is really great. I'd love to have this.

    • April Wier profile image

      April Wier 4 years ago

      I love that. I think it would be cool for a culinary student.