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The Purity of White

Updated on April 30, 2015

It's all about the color White

The color White has been a symbol associated with the vast color of the clouds and snow to peace and innocence up to cleanliness next to Godliness more often in a religious context. It is considered as the color black counterpart having the most visual contrast.

You will find everything you need here to decorate your own room, unique and fun gift ideas on this page!

Most of the collectible merchandise I will feature here are personalize design that you can exclusively purchase unique through this page. This lens is all about the color white.

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White Snow

The color White in Science

White is a color, the perception which is evoked by light that stimulates all three types of color sensitive cone cells in the human eye in nearly equal amounts and with high brightness compared to the surroundings. A white visual stimulation will be void of hue and grayness. It can be generated in many ways.

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The Color White Home Essentials

InterDesign Waterproof Mold and Mildew-Resistant Fabric Shower Curtain, 72-Inch by 72-Inch, White
InterDesign Waterproof Mold and Mildew-Resistant Fabric Shower Curtain, 72-Inch by 72-Inch, White

This shower curtain liner from InterDesign provides a waterproof barrier as well as a touch of freshness to the bath. Utilizing raincoat technology, the liner is fashioned from impermeable material that hangs and moves like woven fabric. Use it to protect a fabric shower curtain or hang it as a simple, clean curtain all by itself.

Best Home Fashion Sheer Voile Curtains -Back Tab/ Rod Pocket - White - 58"W x 84"L - (Set of 2 Panels)
Best Home Fashion Sheer Voile Curtains -Back Tab/ Rod Pocket - White - 58"W x 84"L - (Set of 2 Panels)

Rejuvenate your home decor with our new sheers. These eye-catching sheer panels are the perfect way to take your window treatments beyond the ordinary.


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Fun Facts about the color White

  1. In some Asian cultures, people used to wear white to signify death as they mourn for the passing of their loved ones.
  2. Also it signifies death or a lifeless desert that covered their country in Ancient Egypt.
  3. White is also associated with peace like the white ribbon which is worn by movements denouncing violence against women and the White Rose was a non-violent resistance group in Nazi Germany.
  4. A white flag signify surrender or truce also a sign of peaceful intent usually at time of war.
  5. In the Bible times, God instruct Noah to release a white Dove to find out if the water of the Great flood has finally subsides.
  6. The expression Whitewash means an attempt to obscure unpleasant facts by issuing a blanket of lies or misrepresentations usually seen in media as a propaganda.
  7. White is the traditional color of bridal dress in both western European and Japanese weddings.
  8. The term white is often used to denote the race of pale skinned Caucasoid people of European or Western descent perceived as being colored varying tones of pale off white skin whose actual skin color can also vary from pale pink to pale brown.
  9. There are also sports use white uniforms for players, such as Wimbledon tennis, cricket and baseball and basketball where white is the color typically used for uniforms worn by the home team.

How Do You Say White in Different Languages?

The word white comes from the Old English word hwit, or, in its older form, hueits.

White in Asian Language

  • Country/Romanized, Translation
  • Mandarin - (Bai)
  • Russian - (belyi)
  • Japanese - (Shiro)
  • Indonesian - putih
  • Korean - (hwaiteu)
  • Malay - putih
  • Filipino - puti
  • Thai - (Khaw)
  • Hindi -(Sapheda)
  • Turkish - beyaz
  • Macedonian -(belo)
  • Vietnamese - trang
  • White in African Languages
  • Swahili - nyeupe
  • Afrikaan - wit

White in European Languages

  • Croatian -bijela
  • Greek - (lefko)
  • Bulgarian -(beli)
  • Latvian - balta
  • Ukrainian -(bilyy)
  • Albanian - e bardhe
  • Catalan - blanc
  • Czech - bila
  • Danish -hvid
  • Dutch - witte
  • Estonian - valge
  • Finnish - valkoinen
  • French - blanc
  • Galician - branco
  • German - WeiB
  • Hungarian - feher
  • Icelandic -hvitur
  • Irish - ban
  • Italian - bianco
  • Latvian - balta
  • Lithuanian - baltas
  • Maltese - abjad
  • Norwegian - hvit
  • Polish - bialy
  • Portuguese - branco
  • Romanian -alb
  • Serbian - (bela)
  • Slovak - biela
  • Spanish - blanco
  • Swedish - vit
  • Welsh - wyn

Green in North America/US Territory

  • Haiti - blan

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Delightful Photos in Color White

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White LiliesWhite Peacock
White Lilies
White Lilies
White Peacock
White Peacock

Quotes and Sayings about the color White

  • All of us have moments in our lives that test our courage. Taking children into a house with a white carpet is one of them. - Emma Bombeck
  • Those who think it is permissible to tell white lies soon grown colorblind. - Anonymous
  • The crow wished everything was black, the owl that everything was white. -William Blake
  • True love is eternal infinite and always like itself. It is equal and pure, without violent demonstrations: it is seen with white hairs and is always young in the heart. - Honore de Balsac
  • I really approached the film as if it was a white big piece of paper and I was just going to draw a picture on it. And whether that picture was good or bad, whatever people thought of it, what they could never take away was that it was my picture. -Johnny Depp
  • My philosophy like color television is all there in black and white. -Monty Python

What can you say about the color White?

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