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The Rose's Beauty

Updated on September 28, 2011

describing the rose

The rose is one of the most beautiful of all flowers. Jesus, the son of God was referred to a rose. The rose bush first produces the bud. Soon after the bud appears, a beautiful rose is born. A creation, created by Gods own hand. With all the wisdom of mans creation, none can compare to the beauty of the rose.

Not only known by its beauty. The rose is also known by its sweet fragrance. A sweet aroma, as when the Holy Spirit enters a place.

The red rose representing the blood Jesus shed for our sins on the cross. The white rose represents the purity of Jesus. Jesus God’s perfect lamb, without a spot or blemish.

The rose also shows to us by its tender pedals, how fragile life is. Sense the rose only blooms for a season, its beauty slowly fades away, reminding us that our lives too, are fading away. That we like the rose are here on earth but far a season. The rose though it fades away and dies, will bloom again, giving us hope, that even in death, we too shall live again.

The thorns of the rose reminds us of the pain Jesus endured for us on the cross. We too as believers must suffer as part of the body of Christ. The thorns also remind us that no matter how beautiful life is, each one of us must bare our own crown of thorns.


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      jEAN fOSTER 5 years ago

      THIS POEM IS absolutely , Beautiful!!