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The Simplest Daily Cleaning Routine Ever

Updated on February 1, 2016

With Free Printable!

Some days, especially with children, looking around at the house and seeing every task that needs to be accomplished can be the most daunting feeling of any homemaker's day. Laundry piling up, dishes overloading the sink, toys in every crevice and corner of the house and an overall disorganized cloud hanging thick in the air. You start to wonder if you will ever have it under control.

What if I told you it was as simple as thirty minutes a day? What if it was possible to have the home organized and running smoothly, clean clothes always available, dishes and toys taken care of, and a daily sense of accomplishment? With this Simple Daily Routine, I guarantee that, no matter the current state of your home, you can win back the war!

The Daily Grind

Anyone with children who has tried to keep a perfect home knows that it is not possible. So the first step is to give up trying. This Simple Daily Routine is certainly not a magic wand to bring your home to perfection, but rather a tool to keep it running. Some days, just having folded clothes and clean dishes is a win.

For that reason, the number one focus every day, no matter how few minutes you have, should be to complete the first box of the schedule: Daily Tasks.

Every day, strive to complete one load of dishes, one load of laundry, quick cleaning the bathrooms (even if only the sink and toilet seat) and wiping down the counters. Merely by checking off each of these tasks every single day, the entire feel of your home will change. You will change.

So when the day feels like a loss and you have no idea how you will get anything done, just strive for the first box and see the magic happen.

One Room Makes All the Difference

After you have completed the Daily Tasks, it is time to up it to the next box. Whichever day of the week you are on will be the only focus. Do not feel overwhelmed when one bedroom is a disaster zone while the other only needs a light dusting. Stick with the room listed under the current day of the week. Keeping this focus will allow you the freedom to release the stress and guilt.

We all know from experience that some days are a complete loss. We are thrilled if we make it through the day with everyone alive. On those days, focus only on your Daily Task box. If you cannot get to the Day of the Week box, then skip it. Don't pile it to the next day. You will get to it next week.

Each time you can draw a line through a task, you will be fueled with pride and accomplishment. This feeling with snowball into the motivation you need to keep up with it all. Before the week is out, you will not only notice a transformation in your home, but within yourself as well.

A Little Extra Never Hurts

Just as some days are a loss, other days seem to come with built in extra time. Though they may be few and far between, these are the days to take a look at the last box: Extras. The extras are the little things that are not necessary for sanitation or keeping the house running, but are necessary every so often to keep the house feeling clean.

Remember, this box should only be tackled once your Daily Tasks and Day of the Week Tasks are completed. Use your extra time wisely and shoot for the items that feel the most important to you.

FREE Printable!

CLICK HERE to print the PDF of this Cleaning Routine through Google docs.

I recommend framing it in a simple Dollar Store frame so you can use a dry erase marker to mark off each task daily. Hang it in a prominent spot and you'll be sure to have a smooth running home in a just one week!

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How often do you prefer to clean?

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