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The Staple Popper - The Stand Up Carpet Staple Remover Tool

Updated on June 4, 2014

Creative Design With Full Power - The staple popper is uniquely designed in order to facilitate the user with optimum ease and practicality. The stainless steel blade, equipped with patterned teeth, is laid flat in order to remain flush with the flooring while the wheels gently guide the teeth naturally underneath any staples. Once under the staples, the handle provides an optimum 42 degree angle from the floor so that minimum pressure is needed to pop the staples out of the wood. This ideal pivot point, paired with the flush surface point of the teeth, guarantees a smooth finish that prevents any scratching or damaging of the hardwood flooring.

Faster Results - The Staple Popper removes an incredible 96.8% of all staples, leaving only a minor percent of staples that fall prey to breakage.

The Staple Popper is approximately 8x faster than the following methods:

  • Using an ice scraper

  • Hammering staples down

  • Prying staples out with screwdrivers, pliers, needle noses, and dike cutters

  • Using a vice grip or other similar tools

Materials - In order to back this inventive design with power and durability, each piece of the Staple Popper was created with heavy duty materials in order to ensure a product that delivers long lasting strength and resilience for years to come.

The Staple Popper includes:

¾ Steel handle with poly hand grip

Stainless Steel Blade

Hardened rubber wheels

Stainless Steel Wheel Bracket

Black powder coat finished handle

All of these components put together produce a perfect, light weight tool weighing in at 4.4lbs.

Each Staple Popper is manufactured in the U.S.A

This product can be purchased directly at or through Amazon

This product is now available as a tool rental at select Home Depot Stores located in MD, OH and PA. Price for the rental is $7.00 for 4 hours or $10.00 for the day.

Maryland Locations:

Store 2589 - 55 Forest Plaza Annapolis, MD 21401

Store 2558 - 14000 Georgia Avenue Aspen Hill, MD 20906

Store 2505 -  6315 Eastern Avenue Baltimore, MD 21224

Store 2562 - 4121 Crain Hwy Bowie, MD 20116

Store 2566 - 9190 Baltimore Natl Pike Ellicott City, MD 21042

Store 2511 - 51 N McCain Drive Frederick, MD 21702

Store 2501 - 601 New Ordnance Rd Glen Burnie, MD 21060

Store 2551 - 2300 Broadbirch Drive Silver Spring, MD 20904

Store 8550 - 15410 Chrysler Drive Upper Marlboro, MD 20772

Store 2563 - 12050 Jefferson Farm Pl Waldorf, MD 20601

Ohio Locations:

Store 3830 - 2811 S. Arlington Street Akron, OH 44312

Store 3835 - 35930 Detriot Rd Avon, OH 44011

Store 3810 - 4873 Portage St Canton, OH 44720

Store 3806 - 10800 Brookpark Rd Cleveland, OH 44130

Store 3820 - 11901 Berea Rd Cleveland, OH 44111

Store 3818 - 3460 Mayfield Rd Cleveland Heights, OH 44118

Store 3811 - 6333 Cleveland Avenue Columbus, OH 43229

Store 3819 - 100 South Grener Rd Columbus, OH 43228

Store 3852 - 877 E 200th St Euclid, OH 44119

Store 3804 - 21000 Libby Rd Maple Heights, OH 44137

Pennsylvania Locations:

Store 4103 - 1336 Bristol Pike Bensalem, PA 19020

Store 4134 - 900 Rock Hill Dr Bensalem, PA 19020

Store 4102- 400 Commerce Blvd Fairless Hills, PA 19030

Store 4163 - 145 Levittown Pkwy Levittown, PA 19055

Store 4101 - 1651 S Columbus Blvd Philadelphia, PA 19148

Store 4150 - 2539 Caster Avenue Philadelphia, PA 19134

Store 4116 - 3550 William Penn Hwy Pittsburgh, PA 15235

Store 4117 - 440 Home Dr Pittsburgh, PA 15275

Store 4114 - 5342 W. Baltimore Pike Primos-Secane, PA 19018

Store 4187 - 2250 Easton Road Willow Grove, PA 19090


How Will The Staple Popper Benefit Me?

The Staple Popper will reduce aggravation as well as time spent on the job while putting more money in your pocket.

When completing a job that requires a lot of physical labor, things such as back pains, muscle cramping, and aching knees can become quite a problem. After a day full of ripping up and laying carpet or refinishing floors, removing all of the pesky carpet staples can seem like a burden. The Staple Popper can dramatically reduce the time spent on the job, as well as time spent on your hands and knees, when compared to other damaging methods such as hammering staples in or applying an ice scraper to the floor.

Using the Staple Popper allows you to stand upright at all times and requires minimum pressure or strength of the arms while the poly hand grip diminishes any hand cramping or tightening. Not only does this product keep you up off of your hands and knees, it also prevents any scratches or damages to the wood flooring, protecting the floor for future use. Replacing old, conventional staple removal methods with the new and inventive Staple Popper will save you hours and hours of time and aggravation, getting the job done quicker and more efficiently.

See how easy it is to use The Staple Popper. No more hands and knees!


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