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The Most Important Things to Do Before the Move Date

Updated on November 11, 2015

Have you made up your mind to change a house or an apartment? If so, then this is definitely a crucial decision that will change your whole life forever. This is because you will get a chance to meet new people, pursue new career and make other decisions that will affect your lifestyle. People, who have not moved to the new places before, cannot even imagine how complicated and tiresome the process is. There are so many things to be handled on time that it is extremely easy to overlook some important steps. Hopefully, the recommendations and tips mentioned below will help you avoid frustration and stress associated with the household relocation process.

Informing your friends, family and different servcies about the change of address on time is important
Informing your friends, family and different servcies about the change of address on time is important

1. Inform Everyone About the Change of Address

Most house owners do not consider one of the most aspects of their moving process – the change of address. Being busy with other relocation issues and troubles, they often overlook this factor and regret the decision later. So, as soon as find out that you are going to move to the new dwelling in the nearest future, make sure to notify as many services as you can. These involve the post service, the financial institutions you have dealt with, local utility services, creditors and insurance agencies, magazines and newspapers you are subscribed to and, of course, your family, friends and other people who have your contacts. This step will help prevent the loss of the important information provided by your bank, post and other services you use on a regular basis.

It makes sense to pack the emergency bag a few weeks before the move
It makes sense to pack the emergency bag a few weeks before the move

2. Pack the Emergency Bag in Advance

Before you start packing your belongings, it makes sense to pack the emergency bag in advance. It should include all those items you may urgently need during the moving process. If you think that you will be able to find this or that thing right from the start, you are really mistaken, because it is physically impossible to find a small thing in the pile of boxes you will have to transport.

What things exactly should the emergency bag include? To start with, you always need to have the emergency phone numbers at hand. If your bags are quite bulky, it is better to write these numbers down and keep them in your purse, for example. Apart from that, your emergency bag should contain the medications you or your family members take every day, the snack to be eaten during the several hours of your move (this is especially important if you plan a long-distance move), the clothes and footwear you plan to put on as soon as you move in and other things like that. If there are grown up kids in your family, it is reasonable to ask them to pack their belongings on their own. This will help them memorize, where they have put their essentials. If you children are still little, you should pack their things and baby accessories yourself. Having done that, you will feel safe during the household relocation.

3. Do the Clean Up

It goes without saying that cleaning of the old house and the new one is the right decision. When you move out, you certainly leave dust and dirt there, which is inevitable during the move. The same is about moving in. It is much easier to do the thorough clean up, when there is no furniture and the pile of boxes in the house yet. If you lack time or just feel exhausted and not able to do the cleaning on your own, you can contact a cleaning service, which will prepare the new dwelling for your move. Think about that when making the decision.

Hiring the professional movers will facilitate the house relocation process
Hiring the professional movers will facilitate the house relocation process

4. Find the Household Moving Company

This is, probably, one of the most significant points when it comes to the household relocation issue. The fact is that it is not that easy to consider all the things that matter a lot during the move. To save money, some people decide in favor of the DIY move, but they often regret this decision later. Professional household moving companies, like Relocation Household, have rich experience in organizing the moves. They know how to pack and unpack things correctly and what aspects to keep in mind in order to make the household relocation a success. Furthermore, they employ professional movers who are trained to handle any moving tasks with the utmost efficacy, which will enhance your household moving experience. Good luck!

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