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things you did not know of orchids

Updated on July 14, 2016

Canela remedy for orchids and orchid dogs

This'm sure you did not see coming, because I tell you that the cinnamon may be the cure to the discomfort of your orchids, cinnamon serves as a disinfectant for cuts or wounds on these plants, when rot symptoms is noted, can be applied cinnamon, you see the result in a few days.

To give you a better idea of how to use you explain how to apply the tan quickly. First you need cotton and ethyl alcohol, wet the cotton with alcohol and pass on the surface that is infected or rotten orchid, then proceeds to sprinkle cinnamon in the affected area and rub with your fingers cinnamon. After this treatment we can see how the bacteria were neutralized throughout the plant had not done this tratamiento.Creo already know what to do the next time that some of your friends have cut orchids are rotting leaves or may have spread, It will be your time to shine with this new knowledge.

No, not wrong, and do not think that is a cross between a dog or mixture and an orchid, the term has a somewhat long story, but let's try to summarize it. The dog orchids are not very common race, this is a special breed of dogs, they do not have hair, these dogs lived formerly in Peru on Inca town, which was practically worshiped and even today we can find some examples.

These dog formerly known as 'Peruvian hairless dogs' and today is a great honor to those lucky enough to have them, not have hair and have a very sensitive skin the Incas were indoors, but why they are known as orchids dogs is, because usually where were were also the orchids.


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