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Thirsty Hippo Moisture Absorbent Review

Updated on December 10, 2015


The price of this moisture absorber is higher than many any other moisture absorbers available in the market but I do satisfy on how this product performs. It keeps my cupboard from mildew, fungus and mould!

When should you use Thirsty Hippo?

It is a Korean made product that absorbs moisture from the air. It has calcium chloride. It does not have good smell like other moisture absorbents. It is especially useful in moist places, especially in Manipal, Karnataka, India where there is very high moisture especially during monsoon season from May to September.

The Thirsty Hippo product

The above picture shows why such moisture absorber (600 ml) is of good quality: The black arrow shows the actual water level it absorbed after 6 months. The red triangle (just beside the left hand of "Thirsty Hippo") shows maximum water level it can reach in order for you to discard the Thirsty Hippo container.

My experience

I usually place my Thirsty Hippo inside enclosed cupboard to prevent the growth of mould, mildew, and fungus on the food items or on my clothes inside the cupboard. Thirsty Hippo is usually packed in items of four. Usually in 2 months, the water level in my Thirsty Hippo will reach the maximum mark. It cannot be refilled and is usually discarded after use. I normally use two instead of one Thirsty Hippo in my cupboard when I go for a one month vacation because stagnant air inside the cupboard will easily accumulate water vapour, and promote the growth of mould. If Thirsty Hippo is left untouched for 1 month inside the cupboard, water can go up to one fifth of the total volume for each Thirsty Hippo.


With Thirsty Hippo, I can have a peace of mind because mould, mildew, and fungus will never flourish inside my cupboard!

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