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Thirty-One Square Utility Tote

Updated on May 15, 2014


This tote bag can do so many things. With its useful medium size, its sturdy handles, and water resistant lining, you will find yourself reaching for it every day. If you have never heard of Thirty-One, it is a company that sells all kinds of sacks, totes, purses, bags, organizational tools, and more! I purchase my Thirty-One items from a friend who lives down the street from me, and I can't live without the products. Thirty-One has discontinued selling this type of tote, but they are still available through other outlets. Keep reading to find out why I think their Square Utility Tote is so wonderful!


And other helpful descriptive facts

The Square Utility Tote is approximately 8 inches tall, and the handles have about an 8 inch drop. At 12 inches wide and 12 inches deep, it's the perfect size to carry so many different items that it will make your head spin! The canvas-type nylon is very strong and laminated on the inside, making it even more durable and also somewhat water-resistant. It comes in a variety of colors and patterns. The bag has wire supports at the top and base, but can be pressed flat when not in use, if you need to save space in storing it.

WHAT I DO WITH MINE - Ready for T-ball with room to spare . . .

I have used mine for toting snacks when we travel, for carrying various books and magazines, for carrying things to my table when I set up at a vendor event, taking food to a friend's house, and carrying things to the ballfield for my son's T-ball games. When we have had Capri-Sun explosions, muddy cleats, leaking fried chicken boxes, or any other messy situation, I can just wipe the bag out with a damp cloth and keep on truckin'.

Click here to find Thirty-One!
Click here to find Thirty-One!


First, look for a friend who sells Thirty-One products.

Even though this tote has recently been discontinued, Thirty-One sometimes sells previous seasons' items at a discount. They also periodically reintroduce an older product that was popular. So it's worth a shot to check with your local Thirty-One lady to see if she can get you one.

Thirty-One comes out with different specials for customers each month. They also offer great hostess specials for ladies who want to host a party. You can find their catalog online. If you are like me and your eyes are bigger than your wallet, host a party and earn FREE Thirty-One products!

They offer fresh designs and patterns with each new season.

One of the best things about Thirty-One products, in my opinion, is that you have a personal sales rep to whom you can direct your questions. It's nice to be able to find attractive discontinued patterns online (like on Amazon or Ebay), but I especially like having a friend who can give me the new catalog for every season and keep me up to date on monthly specials. She knows what I like, and she tells me when there is a good sale. You can't beat personal customer service. If you don't have a rep, contact mine! She is in Summerville, South Carolina, and her name is Kristi.

Thirty-One Totes - Other great shapes and sizes.

Check out these Thirty-One totes that are available on Amazon! It's a great spot to find retired patterns that you might have missed last season, but for the most current patterns, contact a Thirty-One rep.

These three pictured are the Large Utility Tote, which is the larger rectangular version of the Square Utility Tote. I have two of these Large Utility Totes, and they are wonderful, too. This one and the square version are good for some of the same things, but the square is more compact if you don't have as much to carry.


Here are some uses I suggest:

Toy storage

Beach Bag

Sewing or knitting supplies

Pack food items for vacation or tailgating

Baseball/Soccer Practice

A change of clothes and shoes when going straight from office to gym or pool.


Cleaning supplies

Teacher/School Supplies

Carrying gifts on Christmas Day

Scrapbooking/Art/Craft supplies

Closet organization - purses, socks, t-shirts

Linen closet organization

Office/desk supplies - especially if you work at home and like to change rooms/scenery.

And more!

Some of my other favorites from Thirty-One - Thermals for lunch or longer excursions

Whenever we go out on errands, I know someone in the family is going to get hungry! We can't go too long without snacks around here. I grab my thermal tote, throw in one of those small pouches that keeps things cool, fill it up with goodies, and off we go. It's not as insulated as an Igloo cooler, but it's also not as big and heavy. It does very well for an afternoon in the car.

Thirty-one Picnic Thermal Tote Aqua Circle Spirals
Thirty-one Picnic Thermal Tote Aqua Circle Spirals

This one is actually bigger than the three above. It's big enough to stow your things from BJ's or Sam's or Costco - wherever you like to do your bulk shopping - while you visit another store.


Do you own Thirty-One products?

What's your favorite part of Thirty-One products?

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What's your favorite Thirty-One Product?

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      Would like to know if the 2 used 31 square util. totes were sold I was bidding on them I did think the time was up ? Please let me know my last bid was 28.50

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