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This Metal Blade Fan Works Great

Updated on August 5, 2017

I use this year-round

Instead of turning on my cooler and running up my electric bill, I usually open windows and turn on a floor fan to stir up a breeze.

Even in hot weather this can be a great way to extend the cool air created overnight. I usually will enjoy the leftover cool air into the late morning before I begin to feel it dissipate, and then I know it's time to open a window at either end of my apartment and create a cross breeze.

I've tried all types of fans to make this work properly and most of what's out there is absolutely not worth a penny of your cash, especially if it has plastic blades. Plastic blades usually don't stir the air with enough force the way a metal blade can so buying a plastic box fan isn't worth the time, effort or cost.

I've found a great small sized fan that works perfectly and reliably. The best part is it's inexpensive and fairly easy to find.

It's Called a Massey High Velocity

I found it in Walmart and the first one I bought lasted about five years. I ran it day and night throughout that time period.

I also use the fan as white noise so I can sleep at night and not be disturbed by my neighbors--we get along much better that way.

You can find variations of this fan through Amazon--it seems to be a popular model so there's always a selection available.

I bought the 9-inch high-velocity model. There are varying sizes starting at 4 inches and increasing up to 20 inches or more. It's a very small fan at 4-inches but perfect for desk use or near your bed on a stuffy night.

It's got three speeds so you can control the amount of breeze it creates. It also has a sturdy floor base that allows you to swing the direction of the fan as needed. It swings up and down and not side-to-side.

Complaints About this Fan

I personally don't have any. A fan that lasts five years with constant use and no break downs is a darn good appliance as far as I'm concerned.

Some people complain about this fan being noisy, and it does have a low hum/whir to it but for me that's no problem. In fact, it's a benefit and makes it a good choice when you need background noise.

If you're bothered by the whirring, keep it on the floor and off of metal table tops which could increase the problem.

Increasing the speed increases the whirring noise. That gives you a great way to cover other noises in the home or outside, another plus in my book.

Do You Use a Floor Fan to Stay Cool?

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