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Thomas the Tank Engine Bed

Updated on March 14, 2013

Thomas the Tank Engine Bed

No Thomas the Tank Engine bedroom would be complete without a Thomas the Tank Engine Bed. They can be a little hard to find, but we did find two great models for you online, as well as some great accessories to complete your Thomas bedroom!

If you want to give your child a Thomas bedroom without spending as much money, then you can get a regular toddler bed and matching toddler bedding. We have Thomas bedding that is now on its third child!

Whether you choose a toddler bed or a twin is up to you, but I will say it's a little easier to find toddler sized Thomas bedding. Our children stayed in their toddler beds until they were around five, so it will last you for several years. And if you pass the blankets or beds down between children, it can last even longer. We've had our Thomas bedding for eight years now.

Images courtesy of Amazon. Find the bed pictured above here

Little Tikes Thomas & Friends Toddler Bed Box

The Little Tikes Thomas & Friends bed comes with all the bells and whistles. It includes small niches to hold collectibles and books, as well as a drawer for a storage area under the front of the bed. Little kids love to go to sleep in it. It's one way to get your child to stay in bed.

To set it up, you'll need a crib mattress as well as a piece of plywood to support it. You can get one cut to size at Home Depot or Lowes. The bed is big, so if you have a smaller bedroom for your child, you may want to get the next model instead.

Little Tikes Thomas & Friends Toddler Bed BoxCHECK PRICE

KidKraft Thomas And Friends Toddler Bed

The KidKraft Thomas and Friends Toddler bed will fit better in a smaller bedroom than the previous model. It is more basic, but it does have beautiful Thomas artwork. It needs a crib mattress, but no plywood is necessary. This bed sits very low to the ground, which is good for a toddler.

There are the small guardrails built in near the head of the bed, but since my youngest likes to sleep every which way, that probably won't keep him in there. While a child is transitioning from a crib to a toddler bed, I like to put pool noodles under the sheets to help them stay in place. With this particular bed, he shouldn't get hurt even if he does fall out.

KidKraft Thomas And Friends Toddler BedCHECK PRICE

Original Thomas the Tank Engine Opening

Thomas the Tank Engine Funiture

If you really want to add to your child's bedroom, you may want to look at this matching Thomas the Tank engine furniture. They have everything, from couches to Thomas the Train ceiling fans.

Kids Only Thomas The Tank Activity Table SetCHECK PRICE

Marshmallow - Flip Open Sofa - Thomas & Friends ThemeCHECK PRICE

Little Tikes Thomas and Friends Toy BoxCHECK PRICE

Thomas The Tank Engine 3 Piece Toddler Furniture SetCHECK PRICE

KidKraft Waterfall Mountain Train Set and TableCHECK PRICE

Thomas the Tank Engine 52" Ceiling FanCHECK PRICE

Thomas the Tank Engine Toys on Amazon

Here are some other great Thomas the Tank Engine themed toys at Amazon. You know, just in case you need more...:)

Thomas the Tank Engine Toddler Bedding

Of course, no Thomas the Tank Engine room would be complete without appropriately themed toddler bedding. We had a set of Thomas the train bedding that is now on its third child. It's eight years old now, and still going strong!

Here's some options from Amazon to choose from.

Thomas the Train Toddler Bedding 4 Piece Set - BlueCHECK PRICE

Thomas the Train - Bedding - Shaped Cuddle PillowCHECK PRICE

Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends 4 pc toddler bedding setCHECK PRICE

Thomas the Tank Engine Twin Bedding

If you choose to go with a twin sized bed, we did find some Thomas twin sized bedding for you! There are a few less choices than with toddler bedding, but they are still cute!

Thomas the Train Sheet Set - TwinCHECK PRICE

Thomas Train Railroad 4pc Twin Comforter Sheets Bed SetCHECK PRICE

Thomas the Tank & Friends Ready, Set, Go Sheet Set CHECK PRICE

Thomas and Friends Song

Here's the Thomas and Friends theme song!

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    • profile image

      dellgirl 4 years ago

      I love your collection, thanks for sharing.These have got to be the cutest kids Beds on the planet! Thomas the Tank Engine is a favorite of mine too.

    • profile image

      CreativeGal 5 years ago

      Thomas has always been one of my favorites! Thanks for showing him off!