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Thor Wall Decal

Updated on December 4, 2013

Get a giant standup, lifesized wall sticker to help decorate your child's room with a "Thor" theme

Thor is hugely popular now. Your kids may love this popular Avengers hero, and now with just a little bit of effort you can decorate their room with a cool Thor theme.

It does not take a ton of effort these days to give your kids a fancy and cool themed room done to any style they desire. The Thor wall decals on this page run the gamut. Many of them are huge life-size decals like the one in the intro picture. These decals are over 6 feet tall and look great. Some of them are smaller decals that can fit in any corner or even on some of their favorite devices.

As a parent the thing I really enjoy about these Thor bedroom decoration is the ease of use. I do not want to have to muck around with paint, stencils or any of that junk. With these wall coverings, you will not have to. They apply simply with no tape or "extra" adhesive of any kind. Perhaps even better, the vinyl wall hangings also come off with ease. These hangings are simple to peel off and they leave behind absolutely no sticky residue. A HUGE plus in my book.

So welcome, I hope you enjoy some of the best Thor wall decals that I have collected for you below.

Intro Image Courtesy of Amazon

This Thor wall sticker is huge. At 49x79 inches, it is large as life -perhaps even larger. It makes a great centerpiece for your child's theme room. It has fantastic colors and is really life like.

With the recent release of a second Thor movie, and a second Avengers movie in the works, the character of Thor is more popular than ever. Thor, his hammer Molljnir, his Asgardian pals, his brother Loki and all the other cool characters in the comic book stories and movies have captured the imagination of children acorss the globe. If your child, or some child you are looking to get a gift for is one of the newly minted legions of fans, this poster is a surefire hit they will love.

Thor and Loki Vinyl Wall Decal - Fans of Thor and Loki rejoice

Thor and Loki Vinyl Wall Decals
Thor and Loki Vinyl Wall Decals

What is Thor without his interesting and intriguing nemesis Loki. This collection of tacky free vinyl wall decals features both of the popular Marvel superhero and super villain.

In many ways I personally like Loki better. He is a complex and interesting bad guy. Bad enough you hate him and want him to fail, but with enough humanity, you can understand him a bit. Now, all of this may be a bit complex for your kids. All they know is they probably like both Thor and Loki, so why not get them together.

Now these figures are not as huge as some of the others. they are two separate vinyl wall stickers with slightly different measurements, but they both come in around 7-12" . Of course, this also means that they are a lot less expensive than some of the other huge versions of these Thor theme room decorations.

There are three distinct Thor's out there. There is of course the "god" Thor from the old Norse pantheon. Chances are you do not want a wall hanging of him. But then there is the movie version of Thor and the comic book version of Thor. While all three hold some similarities, they are fairly different.

Just compare this comic book Thor wall hanging with the Thor movie wall sticker. Quite a bit of difference. Not to disparage either one. Both versions are cool. But it is important to know if your child is a fan of the movie version or the comic book version. Their tastes will dictate which type of Thor (or Avengers) decorations they will like the most.

This Thor movie wall decal is a nice, large 4 square feet (48inX48in). It is such a popular current child's wall sticker due to the popularity and recent releases of the Avengers Movie one of the most watched movies of all times! As well as the nearly as popular "Thor only" features: Thor and Thor: Dark World.

Not only that, but kids love of Thor will get a reboot, with the release of the NEXT Avengers film in 2015 with the release of the Avengers: Ultron

This cool kids room decoration is something that is great for the kids. But it is also something that is good for the parents. One of the things I really like about these stickers, being a parent myself, is that they are easy to apply and easy to take down. No tape. No tacky or sticky residue. No frames. No hanging. Just slap it on the wall, and when your child outgrows the room decor, just take it down. No fuss, no muss.

Yet another look at the Marvel comic book version of this Asgardian superhero. This action artwork is a Thor that was the staple of the newer generation incarnation of this ever popular character.

This kids wall decal is a collection of some of the most popular Marvel superheros of all time. It is a nice large 49 inches by 79 inches, so this is something your kids can really look up to.

This large kids theme room decoration features a large array of the most popular Marvel superheroes. Prominently features are Iron Man, the Hulk, Thor, Luke Cage, Captain America and of course the always popular Silver Surfer.

Thor Hammer Kids room decor
Thor Hammer Kids room decor

Thor Hammer Nightlight

A great addition if you are making a "Thor" or "Avengers" Themed room for your child

What will they think of next? I wish I had had something like this when I was a kid. During the day (when it is turned off) this night light looks like Thor threw his hammer right into the room. At night, when the light is on, the entire thing glows a nice and comfortable blue.

This nifty little decoration will make a great part of any superhero themed room, but it is almost a "must have" for any Thor themed room.

The 3D nature of it gives the wall decorations a depth and breadth. This is a great Christmas gift for any lover of Marvel's favorite Asgardian hero.

Avengers Vinyl Wall Stickers
Avengers Vinyl Wall Stickers

Avengers Vinyl Wall Stickers

Large collection of stickers makes decorating fun

Like all the other Vinyl wall adhesives on this page, these stickers can be easily places on any wall or flat surface, and then easily removed when desired.

Perfect, "no fuss, no muss" type of decoration for any kids room.

This is a collection of relatively smaller stickers that can add to the decor of any kids room or they can decorate items your child owns like laptops, tablets and other devices.

This collection has a nice wide array or Avengers and other Marvel superheros from the long and vibrant history of these masked hero's.

Avengers 2014 Calender

364 days of Avengers and Thor. This colorful Calendar is something that wll also go great in any Thor. Avengers or superhero themed room. Heck, it could go anywhere, it doesn't need to be in a theme. All that is needed is an appreciation of the Avengers. A great gift for 2014 for any Avengers fan, young or old.

2014 Avengers Assemble Wall Calendar
2014 Avengers Assemble Wall Calendar

A cool, coloful look at the collection of the world's most powerful, and most popular, collection of superheroes, the Mighty Avengers.

A cool monthly calendar featuring all of your favorites.


Thor: Dark World Wall Calendar

2014 Thor The Dark World Wall Calendar
2014 Thor The Dark World Wall Calendar

This calender is filled with lovely shots from the movie, Thor: the Dark World. The pictures are great and sure to be loved by any fans of the movie.

A great calendar that should be a wonderful gift for any Marvel fan.

Thor Child Movie Hammer
Thor Child Movie Hammer

Molljinir, Thor's Hammer, is an essential part of the hero, in the history, the comic book and the movie. Now a soft and fun version can be owned by your child.

Diamond Select Toys Marvel Select: Thor Action Figure
Diamond Select Toys Marvel Select: Thor Action Figure

Diamond Select toys are the "Gold Standard" of action figure toys. They are probably as much for adults as kids, because they pay a lot of attention to detail and are more for display than play.

Marvel Thor Bust Bank
Marvel Thor Bust Bank

Who guards your kids money? How about the most powerful superhero in the Marvel universe, Thor

A nifty piggy bank in the visage of Thor makes a great and useful decoration for any kids room

Funko POP Marvel Bobble Thor Movie 2 Action Figure
Funko POP Marvel Bobble Thor Movie 2 Action Figure

Plush (beanie) toys are a lot of fun. They are very collectible, last a long time, and are quite cute and fun for younger kids to play with. A great addition for any Thor fan boy or girl

Kids Avengers bedding
Kids Avengers bedding

Kids Thor | Avengers Bedding

Final Touch for Thor Room Decoration

Mostly this lens is talking about the Thor stuff you can use to decorate your kids wall. There are quite a few avengers and Thor wall decorations, as you can see. But that is only part of the story.

To really get your kids room to pop, you will want to get some bedding to match the walls. Beds are the centerpiece of a room, decorate the bed and the rest is just accents. Like all the wall stuff before, there are quite a few possibilities for bedding of your kids favorite superhero, but one of my personal favorites is this version of three of the famous Avengers, with our good old buddy Thor featured front and center. Check it out and see what else is offered. I think you will find this is one of the best, and made from high quality materials a parent can enjoy as much as a kid can enjoy the colorful artwork.

What is your Favorite Avenger?

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Thor decoration comments -Let me know what you think - Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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