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Tile and Grout Cleaning Ideas

Updated on September 23, 2014

Ideas on How to Carry out Tile and grout cleaning

Most people have a habit of cleaning their tiles by hand. This is not a good way to do it, especially if you are aiming at achieving maximum results. Furthermore, it is uncomfortable, messy and it requires a lot of work. The only way you can achieve good results is by doing professional tile and grout cleaning. This involves the use of cleaners as well as brighteners, that will leave your tile and grout shiny. The grout however may require extra focus during the cleaning process. This is because it is a porous rough surface which tends to pose cleaning challenges as compared to tile or polished stone surface.

A dirty looking grout is usually a combination of many things; usually molds, mildew as well as dirt. You might want to use a substance that reaches to the inside of the tiny pores of that grout if you are to remove everything and leave it spotlessly clean. To make your work easier during the cleaning process in future, you should ensure that the doors, especially in your bathroom, are left open to allow humidity to dissipate. This minimizes the growth of molds and mildew.

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Point of Information!!

Mildew and molds require lack of air and oxygen for them to grow. That is the reason why they grow inside the fridge and not outside. Therefore, to ensure that they don't grow in your bathroom, or any other part of the room, you need to ensure that your rooms are well ventilated.

To Scrub or not to Scrub

Find out Why you need to Scrub your Floor

Using bleaching agents to remove the dirt, which has stuck to your grout, may not always be the best alternative. This is because the dirt in the grout is behind a layer, which is highly likely to prevent 'dirt to bleach' contact. Keep in mind that no dirt will be removed if there is no contact between the dirt and the bleach.

Physical scrubbing is therefore necessary to break through this layer. Acidic chemicals would have been effective in breaking through this layer were it not for its corroding effect. They can erode the grout as well as pose some environmental challenges and skin contact issues.

Greener options are available which you can apply instead of using bleaching substances for your grout cleaning. One greener option is re-grouting your tiles with a black or any other dark colored grout. A bright colored grout such as a white one is pretty hard to clean and to keep looking nice as compared to a dark colored one.

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Scrubbing Aids - Here are Some of the Safe Chemicals and Scrubbers to Help You

Scrubbing with only some water can be tiresome and the results you get are, for lack of a better word, so pathetic. Using chemicals can be an option, as mentioned earlier. This however needs some careful selection. I have carefully selected for you some of the best and safest chemicals you can use. I have also included some of the best scrubbers. Check this list below

Quickie Tub N' Tile Power Scrubber
Quickie Tub N' Tile Power Scrubber

A solution for the hard-to-remove dirt in the tile as well as in the tubs. Use little effort to remove dirt with this kind of scrubber. It has a rotating head which is waterproof.

Chemical Guys ACC_201_BRUSH_MD Medium Duty Carpet Brush with Drill Attachment, Yellow
Chemical Guys ACC_201_BRUSH_MD Medium Duty Carpet Brush with Drill Attachment, Yellow

Has a drill which rotates at high speed thus enabling the brushes to remove the dirt-spots and leave your floor sparkling clean. Click on it to choose the different colors which are meant for different purposes. The yellow one, for example, is meant for rigorous scrubbing and thus it removes the hardest of the dirt.


Done Cleaning Your Tile and Grout?

Now, Seal them to Ensure that its Shiny Appearance Lasts

When you have completed cleaning the tile and grout, you should now be ready to seal them so that you can achieve better results. The grout and tile should be left to dry first before the seal is applied. The two types of seals that you can apply are the membrane seal and the penetrating seal. The former acts as a barrier and it is normally reapplied after one to two years. The latter, on the hand, should be reapplied after one to three years and it is normally absorbed by the grout.

A sealer, say a membrane sealer or penetrating sealer, should not be applied to a tile which is not sealed as this will stain it. What you should do, however, is to use a pen like applicator to seal your tile and grout.

Check out This Best-Selling Sealer

How Often Should we Carry out Tile and Grout Cleaning?

Factors that Determine the Frequency with which to Clean your Floor

There are a number of factors that determine the frequency with which you should clean your floor. One is the foot-traffic. If the number of people in your home or those who step on the floor is high, then cleaning should be done more frequently. This is unlike when the number of those who step on the floor is relatively low.

Presence of children and pets in a home is also another factor to be considered. Their presence will demand that your tile and grout be cleaned more frequently as compared to when you have no children or pets in your home.

Maintenance is also another factor. If you maintain it more frequently, then the frequency of cleaning it will also reduce. Badly maintained floors require that they are cleaned more frequently. This is because these kinds of floors tend to get dirt more easily and their appearance changes more easily even with the least of dirt. If you take long before cleaning it, then it will require that you do a more rigorous tile and grout cleaning the next time you decide to clean it.

Need Some Help on how you can Clean your Tile Grout? - Have a look at this Video Showing you Clearly how to do it

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