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Time to Start a Flower Garden In The Yard

Updated on June 3, 2014

Find a Corner, Patio or Container to Start a Flower Garden

Time to Start a Flower Garden. Anyone can start a garden, all it takes is a little soil, some plants or seeds, sunshine and some water these are the best flower garden. I first began gardening as a child, my dad gave me a packet of seed and showed me gardening tips on how to plant them in the ground. Ever since that time, I continue to love gardening and still find it amazing that a little seed and a few gardening tips can produce so much joy.

I plant a flower garden, vegetables, and fruits. I live in a semi-tropical climate that may get a couple of week of actual cold weather. Most of my tender plants are grown in pots and brought in sometime around Thanksgiving and back out at the end of March. A a child I lived in Michigan and know that this is a real luxury to be able to enjoy my plants outside for such a long season.

Just Plant

Any corner OR container will do! Start with one and build your garden throughout the summer.


Flowers are known for their ability to cheer-up the sick, start a romance, bring up your spirits when you feel blue. Flowers come in many varieties and can be grown from seed, from cuttings, bulbs, rhizomes roots), or you can just purchase them grown in pots from your local nursery.

I prefer to start as many of my own from seeds and cutting. It is a wonderful feeling to know you have a "green thumb". Anyone can do it, it doesn't take a lot of skill, it just take a little water and sunshine.

In this photo is a planter filled with petunias. It was taken on a humid day, the mist you see is the water in the air. That how it is here in Mississippi in the summer.

Don't forget the entrance

Don't forget the curb appeal. Plant lots and lots of different colors and varieties of plants.

An Inviting walkway

An Inviting walkway
An Inviting walkway


Just cut it off completely and VOILA! Look watch you get EVERY Spring.


Peonies are an example of a rhizome flower, they can be purchase in a package with a single root and wood shavings to keep it moist until planting. Peonies can also be purchased in pots from the nursery full grown. Each spring they regrow from the root. They need to be trimmed back in the fall or early spring, most of the plant will have dried out and become woody.

Here is a Peony just beginning to bloom in the spring. They get tall so I use bamboo to keep them upright. After the flowers drop off, the greenery remains for the rest of the summer.

Plant Fruit Trees

Fruit tree are an excellent way to grow healthy produce yourself. Apples, oranges, pears, figs, the variety is endless. Trees are easy to grow and usually don't require daily watering like flowers and vegetables. When you plant a fruit tree you plants for the generations to enjoy.

Citrus tree are not just for southern gardeners. Trees can be planted in large containers, try laundry tubs or giant ceramic planters. Some rules you need to know about citrus are you need to have at least 2 trees to produce fruit, as they require cross-pollination to produce luscious orange, lemons and limes. If you live in cool climate bring it indoors before it gets cold in the fall. Citrus fruit ripens late in the season, usually during November through January.

You can have fresh fruit all winter.

Here is one of my wonderful home grown LIMES!


Don't forget you citrus needs cross-pollination and bring it inside when the weather get cold if you are in a cool climate.

Plant veggies for your family

Plant veggies, but don't be surprised when a single tomato plant produces and abundance of fruit. Beans, radishes, and lettuce can be replanted throughout the summer. Giving you the best salads you've ever tasted.

Cabbage decorative and delicious

Cabbage decorative and delicious
Cabbage decorative and delicious

No Space! Grow Cabbage in pots, keep them watered bring them to a sheltered area when it gets cold

No Space! Grow Cabbage in pots, keep them watered bring them to a sheltered area when it gets cold
No Space! Grow Cabbage in pots, keep them watered bring them to a sheltered area when it gets cold

Purple Loose Strife

Dreaded in some parts of the country. Purple Loose Strife grows wild, it can over take lakes and rivers. It grows well in or around ponds. However, it does need a bit of management. You often see it in floral arrangements.

My favorite garden accent

Geckos! Amazingly decorative these lizards have become a fascination of many. Recycled tin turned into garden décor and painted in lively colors.

Attract Birds to Your Garden

Bird feeder bring added life to your garden. Bird eat bugs and other critters that can damage your garden plants. This feeder is both decorative and bring birds to your yard.

An Added Bonus, sunflowers grow under the bird feeders.

An Added Bonus, sunflowers grow under the bird feeders.
An Added Bonus, sunflowers grow under the bird feeders.

What are You Planting this Year?

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    • junkcat profile image


      5 years ago

      Not much renovating a house this summer.


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