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Duron Tobacco Road Paint Color

Updated on December 23, 2013

Custom Tobacco Road Paint Color - a click away!

A hand-painted sample and formula for a warm and golden Tobacco Road Paint Color is just a click away. Read on for links to order and to learn more about the paint color Tobacco Road.

Written by:

Lori A. Sawaya, The Land of Color

& Color Strategies, LLC

Color Strategist | Colorographer


This is Tobacco Road based on the original Duron paint chip -- and according to my discerning eye. My color consultant eyeballs. This is my favorite formula for Tobacco Road made available to you.


Q. Why does it matter which formula is used?

A. It matters because you want to lessen the odds of Tobacco Road showing with a skunky, yellow-green overtone as much as you can. Even when Tobacco Road was in the regular rotation at Duron, there were issues with it turning a bit green. This is how my formula is different. My formula is mixed so the odds are better that it will show warm and golden, not brassy yellow-green.

But there are no guarantees. The light is boss. The only way to know how any paint color will render in your space is to paint a sample and test it in your space. I created a special tool to do just that called Swatch Right. Check out the link at the end of this lens. If you order Tobacco Road hand-painted samples and a Swatch Kit, I'll pay shipping.

The Rocky Tobacco Road - Here's the scoop about Tobacco Road


The acquisition of Duron Paints by Sherwin Williams was completed in October, 2004. At about the same time, a golden toned neutral from the Duron Color Collection called Tobacco Road was just being discovered. Then, POOF! The acquisition was completed and original Tobacco Road chips from Duron were no longer available. Color quests to obtain the infamous Tobacco Road began.

Sherwin Williams acquired Duron the paint company and, of course, their color palette as well. The deal is that Sherwin Williams does not stock any of the old Duron paint chips but they can still mix the colors from the Duron palette. Sounds like a good plan but when it comes to Tobacco Road, it doesn't always work out. Like I said before, some paint store formulas for Tobacco Road have a propensity for a yellow-green overtone. So, having the color name and number isn't enough; you need a custom formula and hand-painted swatch to get the color right.

How To Get Hand-Painted Samples

Samples and formulas of my favorite version of Tobacco Road are available.


Tobacco Road is just as relevant today as it was a few years ago. To help you manage through the chaos of trying to get your hands on a "pretty" version of Tobacco Road, I sell hand-painted swatches with the formula printed on the back in my online store. Over at the store you will find samples and formulas for 100% Tobacco Road as well as 50% strength Tobacco Road, and 25% strength Tobacco Road.

Cutting formulas is not something I recommend for the average consumer of color. Because it's tricky and you have to know what you're doing. How it works for consumers is if they want to try cutting back a color's colorant load, they have to buy a quart just so they can see if they like the color. If you don't like it, you still have to pay for the custom mixed can of paint.

I've already done the work for you. Just like I knew how to mix a prettier version of Tobacco Road, I also knew how to cut the formula. You don't have to waste time and money trying different strengths of Tobacco Road. You can just order hand-painted samples from my store.

The hand-painted samples are Ben Moore's Regal Matte and formulas are for a quart size can of paint. Formulas can easily be multiplied up for a gallon or a five-gallon. Just take along your hand-painted sample with formula on the back to the paint store. Be sure to ask for a dried sample card of whatever they mix up so you can go to a window or outside and compare to the color disk you get from The Color Toolbox (my online store). Couldn't be easier.



Swatch Right is a grey paint-peel-and-stick color sample decal with a holder tab. It's fun! Three super-helpful-to-you things about Swatch Right:

  1. THE COLOR! Swatch Right Grey is a neutral color boost that works for you to achieve opacity faster. Especially helpful with deep or vibrant colors that require multiple coats.
  2. THE TAB! You have something to hold on to when applying paint and also someplace to write the paint color name, number.
  3. REMOVABLE, repositionable, and flexible.

Why Swatch Right works better than a board:


Swatch Right mimics the behavior of paint film. It's completely flexible and conforms to shapes and contours - walls, ceilings, trim, corners. . . just about anywhere!

Meditation - Choosing Paint Colors Can Be Stressful

A Color Strategist to help you with paint colors makes the process stress-free. Not everyone can find their way to a local consultant, however. If you have to color on your own, here are some suggestions to help you find calm if color chaos ensues.


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