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Decorative Toile Boxes Perfect For Many Occasions

Updated on March 21, 2011

Many Uses for Toile Boxes

Toile boxes are boxes wrapped in a decorative toile fabric. The box can be made from a variety of material the most common being cardboard. Toile boxes can be hinged or with a removable top. They can also be found with slotted tops.

There are many uses for decorative toile boxes. They can be used as a gift box for special occasions or if you do not feel like using wrapping paper. Slotted versions of the toile box are often used at weddings for gift envelopes or at upscale charity events as collection boxes, they are used for collecting votes. A toile box can also be used in your home as a place for storage. They can be virtually used for anything you would use a normal box for.

Why Use A Toile Box

The most common reason to use a toile box over say a a plain brown cardboard box is you need something to store something and the box needs to look nice.

If you need to give a gift, and do not have the time or cannot use wrapping paper a toile box is perfect for giving a gift. Giving a gift in a toile box also gives the recipient a nice box to store items in, instead of just throwing the box away they can use it in their home.

If you have a french themed room in your home a toile box can be the perfect place to hold items. Toile was originally used by french fashion designers as a way to cheaply test new ideas. Toile was made from a inexpensive linen and if the design or pattern was liked, it would then be used on more expensive fabric.

Toile boxes can be purchased at arts and crafts stores and are also available online, eBay or is a great place to find low prices and they also have a large variety of boxes.

toile box
toile box


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