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Toilet Paper Holder With Magazine Rack - The Various Models

Updated on August 2, 2015

The Need For A Toilet Paper Holder And Magazine Rack

A toilet paper holder and magazine rack is a practical thing to have for the bathroom and there are many models to choose from. For many people, there is a need to do something while sitting in the toilet. And one of the favorite activities would be thumbing through magazines. You can also read a book but chances are you wouldn't like to leave a book in a wet bathroom. Magazines is a better option because they are disposable when the next issue comes. So, it matters less if they become wet and soggy from the humidity in the bathroom.

But then the questions becomes, where do you leave all your magazines? You can't just leave them lying on the counter where the sink is. They will just get wet and hence become stuck to the surface. Moreover, they will take up space. So, you need a magazine rack for the bathroom to keep them in order. If you have a small bathroom, combine it with a toilet paper holder and you will get a magazine and toilet paper holder as a single rack.

Toilet Paper Caddy With Magazine Rack

On the right is a free standing toilet paper holder and magazine rack. This type of holders are easy to put together, if at all, and they are convenient to shift them from one spot to another with a carry handle. Some also have room for 2 to 4 spare rolls which is always handy.

The good thing with these magazine racks and toilet paper holders is you will always have something to read while in the toilet and you will never run of of toilet paper when you need it the most with a spare roll around. They can also look nice in the toilet as they will help to tidy up things rather than having the magazines and toilet rolls all over the counter.

Wall Mount Bathroom Magazine Rack And Toilet Paper Holder

A wall mount bathroom magazine rack has the advantage of having everything off the floor. Unlike a magazine and toilet holder caddy, you don't have to shift it out of the way when it comes to cleaning time and you are hosing down the bathroom floor. On top of that, it is also a space-saving idea for small bathrooms.

Organize It All Wall Mounted Magazine Storage Rack with Bathroom Toilet Paper Storage - Chrome
Organize It All Wall Mounted Magazine Storage Rack with Bathroom Toilet Paper Storage - Chrome

With a bar for toilet tissues and space for magazines, you can mount on the wall and keep everything within reach and off the floor.


Cheap Standing Toilet Paper Holder And Magazine Rack

The magazine rack and toilet paper holder below is a popular one on Amazon. It is pretty affordable and looks nice with its bronze finish. If it has room for spare rolls of tissue, that would be perfect.

Over The Tank Magazine Rack And Tissue Holder

Over the tank tissue holders is pretty common. But those that come with a magazine rack as well do require a bit of searching. For those with really small toilets that you just do not have the space for much else, one of the options is to use that available space on top of or beside your toilet tank. This is where an over the tank magazine rack and organizer comes in. It can be really handy to have one of these where things are within easy reach and yet, there is still space to put them!

Lowboy 3 Piece Bath Set Finish: Matte Black
Lowboy 3 Piece Bath Set Finish: Matte Black

Over the tank rack with more room for your stuff, if you have a small toilet and space is a luxury.


Recessed Magazine Rack and Toilet Paper Holder

If you like a little bit of class and elegance for your bathroom, then a solid wooden magazine rack (below) that is recessed in the wall may be the answer. This one spotlighted here is made of solid pine and you can easily stain it with your preferred color. There is plenty of space for magazines and the good thing is there is also room for a spare roll of tissue, in case you need it. If you are interested, simply click on the link below for more details.

Recessed Magazine Rack and Toilet Paper Holder
Recessed Magazine Rack and Toilet Paper Holder

An in-the-wall rack would be more expensive than those above but it certainly looks more classy for your bathroom!


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    • LluviaDeArte profile image

      LluviaDeArte 4 years ago

      Yes, and this is the nicest way to organize them! Thank you for writing this and offering so many stylish options.

    • profile image

      Ruthi 5 years ago

      I always red magazines when I take a hot oil bath so I think these magazine racks that also serve as toilet paper holders are a great idea.

    • audrey07 profile image

      audrey07 5 years ago

      @Bill Armstrong: Thanks for your support! Much appreciated.

    • Bill Armstrong profile image

      Bill Armstrong 5 years ago from Valencia, California

      Back again and have decided and purchased, many thanks for this lens ;)

    • profile image

      aishu19 5 years ago

      I had no idea they made toilet paper holders with a magazine rack.

    • srsddn lm profile image

      srsddn lm 5 years ago

      Recessed magazine rack and toilet paper holder looks majestic.

    • chas65 profile image

      chas65 5 years ago

      Those could be handy for a lot of people.

    • Bill Armstrong profile image

      Bill Armstrong 5 years ago from Valencia, California

      Ah ha this could be the answer to my problems, not long remodeled my bathroom and have limited space for toilet roll holder right beside the toilet, the ones stuck on walls, one of these floor holders would look nicely placed directly oposite, more investigation required here, thanks for sharing