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The Toilet Paper Holder

Updated on October 1, 2014

More Than You Ever Wanted To Know About Toilet Paper

There are all sorts of toilet paper holders. You'll find traditional recessed roll holders, freestanding roll holders, comical roll holders, elegant roll holders, storage for reserve rolls, and much more. You use toilet paper and you need a place to keep it.

Did you ever wonder what life was like before TP? Before you could run down to the corner market and pick up a case of the stuff that's so big you have to haul it in the back of your pickup or SUV? either. At least, I've tried not to, until now.

If there were no toilet paper, I guess I would clean up with just about anything that was within reach. In the back country, I might use leaves. In bygone years past, I may have used corn cobs, or if I was lucky, a Sears catalog. In some cultures, I might even use my left hand.

Fortunately, I live in a modern western civilization. The resource we use - a soft, perforated roll of tissue - has been around since the late 1800's. For that, I'm grateful.

Image from Morgue Files

Hillbilly Collection - "Toilet Paper Holder"

I suppose it's possible that some folks may still enjoy the time in history when the corn cob got some additional use before it was thrown out. I'm not sure who that would be, but just in case, here's a toilet paper holder that you may appreciate.

I'm not going to call you out. You know who you are. This is just to help you reminisce a little. Learn more...

The Many Uses of Toilet Paper

I know what I use toilet paper for. Probably the same as most people. But, besides the obvious, we use toilet paper for many things. Here are some of the top uses for toilet paper.

  • Wiping or blowing the nose - a great substitute for kleenex
  • Cleaning up small spills
  • Cleaning the lenses on your eye glasses
  • Removing makeup
  • Cleaning smudges from the mirrors in the bathroom
  • Cleaning smudges from your children's faces
  • Covering the toilet seat during use - especially in convenience stores or rest areas

Toilet Paper Debate - Over or Under

Some people have a pretty strong opinion of how the toilet paper should be positioned on the holder. Some believe that the first sheet should be over the top of the roll. Others believe that it should be underneath.

I have a strong opinion that it should be over the top. I happen to use toilet paper for most uses that people would use kleenex. When I'm not on the throne, it is much more difficult to reach underneath to find the end of the roll. Having the first sheet laying over the top saves time and effort. Call me "anal" (no pun intended), but for me it just has to be that way.

I would love to hear what others believe to be the correct direction for the T.P. Take a second to argue your position in the great debate. Over or under?

image courtesy of sekimura via flickr with creative commons license attribution 2.0 license

Is it best to have the first sheet over the top, or should it be underneath?

How to Install a Recessed Toilet Paper Holder - Simple Instructional How To Video

This video shows how simple it can be to install your recessed toilet paper holder. The instructions are clear and really simplifies the process. Anyone should be able to complete this task on their own without much difficulty. A few simple tools are required.

Recessed Toilet Paper Holders

The Standard in Bathroom Décor

These are the standard toilet paper roll holder for most homes. You can accessorize your toilet paper holder to match your faucets in the sink or bathtub to go for a different style or look. There are a variety of colors or styles that will match whatever décor you choose.

Free Standing Toilet Paper Holders

An Elegant Twist to Dispensing Toilet Paper

You may not have a good wall space near your commode, or you may just not feel like cutting a hole in the wall to install a recessed toilet paper holder. In either case, you always have the option of putting your toilet paper roll on a pedestal. There are many styles to match any decor.

Wrought Iron TOILET TISSUE stand Holder BATH DECOR NEW
Wrought Iron TOILET TISSUE stand Holder BATH DECOR NEW

Dress up your lavatory with this wrought iron toilet tissue stand. Its elegant design and excellent quality are sure to please. We like the weight of this tissue holder, making it durable and stable for its use.


Toilet Paper Holder with Magazine Rack

The Perfect Reading Room Accessory

The perfect accessory for the reading room is a magazine rack. With these toilet paper roll holders that double as a magazine rack, you can keep a supply of magazines handy for those longer stays in the bathroom. Never again will you find yourself comfortably seated with nothing to read.

Novelty Toilet Paper Holders

For the Sportsman

It's time to have a little fun with our toilet paper roll holders. Here's a few ideas that may be interesting to the outdoorsman. These would go great in your vacation cabin.

Toilet Paper Reserve Roll Holder

Convenient and Attractive Storage Options

It's critical that a reserve of toilet paper be stored nearby, just in case of emergency. It's never a good feeling to be left stranded without a roll.

Usually, people like to keep it out of sight, like in the cabinet under the sink or in the linen closet. Sometimes those are out of the way and difficult to reach at the most critical times.

There are other, more visible storage options available that are both practical and decorative. There are many options for storing extra toilet tissue rolls that are still attractive and keep the roll out of site, while keeping them available and within reach. Other options leave the rolls more visible, if you aren't concerned about having them right in open view.

Take a look at the options for reserve toilet tissue roll storage that we've presented below.

DonaldWilson's Idea for a Cheap, Practical Toilet Roll Holder

Here's my own addition to the "Hillbilly Collection". This cheap, yet practical option keeps two critical bathroom supplies close at hand.

In case someone attempts to flush too much toilet paper down the latrine, your toilet plunger is close at hand. This solves two problems at the same time.

You Can Tell a Lot About People by How Much Toilet Paper They Buy

I live in the US and we go through a lot of toilet paper. There are other trends and customs around the world that are identified by the amount of toilet paper and other disposable hygenic products. I found this article at the Washington Post to be quite interesting in that regard.

Where do you live? Do you agree with their assessment?

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    • lyttlehalfpint profile image

      lyttlehalfpint 3 years ago from Canada

      Helpfully informative with just the right dash of humour ... well done! You have elevated toilet paper to a whole new high!

    • donaldwilson profile image

      Don Wilson 4 years ago from Yakima, WA

      @gpower2llc: Thanks. I happily admit to being a little warped.

    • profile image

      gpower2llc 4 years ago

      Ha... Ha... Ha... Now that's my kind of lens. Informative and fun at the same time. Well done!

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    • Scarlettohairy profile image

      Peggy Hazelwood 6 years ago from Desert Southwest, U.S.A.

      Love toilet paper. One of the best inventions I use every day.