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Tomato Slicer

Updated on March 24, 2011

Tomato slicer is a very handy tool and everyone, who likes tomatoes should have one.And, who doesn't like tomatoes.In fact tomato is world´s most popular fruit.Yes, tomato is botanically speaking a fruit not a vegetable.First cultivated by Aztecs at 700 AD.The French called it a "apple of love", Germans called tomatoes "apples of paradise".In Europe tomatoes were initially considered toxic, because the leaves are poisonous.There´s a huge variety of tomato species, the smallest tomatoes are less than  wide, that's about quarter of a inch), the largest however weigh over 1.5 kg( that´s over 3lbs).

Tomatoes taste good and they are good for your health.In fact Americans obtain more of their vitamins from tomatoes than from any other vegetable.Americans eat approximately 24 pounds of tomatoes per person, per year.Actually many studies have shown that eating tomatoes reduces cancer risks.Tomato is a excellent source of vitamin C and also a great source of vitamin A.

Tomato slicers are really great tools to have in a kitchen.When it´s tomato season tomato slicer is probably the handiest and most useful tool in the kitchen.So a good tomato slicer is a good thing to have and it will be very useful to have as well.However, choosing a tomato slicer can be tricky, because there are many low-quality tomato slicers sale, but everyone wants high-quality tomato slicer.To narrow down you choices I have brought out the best tomato slicers money can buy.

Tomato slicer knife

With this tomato slicer knife you can always cut the perfect tomato slices.It´s very sharp knife, so watch out.Blade is made from stainless steel, meaning that it will never rust and is very durable.Handle is made from aluminium, which gives a good offsetting weight in the hand.This great tomato slicer knife is hand wash only, always look that aluminium handle is clean and dry.This tomato slicer knife even has a lifetime guarantee.Overall a great product, very durable and useful tool to have in the kitchen.

Stainless steel tomato slicer knife

 This tomato slicer knife makes slicing your tomatoes very easy and comfortable.With this great tomato slicer knife skin stays intact and won´t peel off.This knife has great design and will look elegant and beautiful.It´s very durable and will last for many years, because it won´t rust.

Tomato slicer

 A tomato slicer, you can use easily.It cuts tomatoes to the perfect length.This product takes little space and easy quite easy to clean afterwards.It´s recommended to hand wash this tomato slicer, because it has many parts.You can also use it to slice other vegetables/fruits, it should actually be named vegetable slicer, because you can use it to slice other vegetables and fruits as well.Overall a easy to clean and easy to wash tomato slicer.

A great tomato slicer

Very good tomato slicer, that has 10 sharp serrated blades for neat and easy slicing.This tomato slicer has blades made form stainless steel, meaning that it´ś very durable and has a lifetime warranty.Also it´s dishwasher safe.Because the blades are very sharp it cuts easily trough tomato´s skin and it´s very easy to use it.Overall a great tomato slicer, very easy to use, durable and dishwasher safe, what more can you ask from a tomato slicer.


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