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Tomboy Bedroom Ideas

Updated on December 3, 2014
See LINK BELOW for this bedding set
See LINK BELOW for this bedding set

Decorating for Power Girls: Bedroom Designs for Tomboys

These cool-to-unique bedroom ideas for tomboys' rooms helps support your girl's own rough-and-tumble perspective about the world.

I know; I was the tomboy on the block and my favorite 'toy' was a hammer. I loathed the pink-and-purple life I seemed destined for because I was a girl.

Fast forward to today's vision: Your girl has asserted herself as a tomboy; she's not one to follow the flock and no one should make her feel otherwise. Decorating for her tomboy world, i.e. bedroom, is an exciting adventure in blues and browns, earthy and extreme. How fun is that? Give your tomboy the retreat she's been pining for all these years and watch her grow into the leader of the pack she was born to be.

Scroll down for some really cool decor for your favorite tomboy with awesome decorating ideas to morph her bedroom from banal to tomboy BANG! in no time ~ and with not a lotta money; many pieces are less than $50.

Get ready for adventure in decorating. Tomboy style.

Image credit: Cool Graffiti Tomboy bedding set for under $30 shown here is available below.

Getting Started: Creating Your Focal Point - Tomboy Bold Bedding Ideas

LINK BElOW to See More
LINK BElOW to See More

Budget-Wise Black & Grey City Skyline Bedding Set

There's all 'degrees' of tomboy; mine was more boy~look anything. I've included a host of different tomboy looks in bedding and decor but beginning your decorating venture should start with a striking bedding set ~ one that bears a bold contrast against your walls.
Optimally, you want the bed to take center stage in your girl's bedroom and be the showstopper of the space in its size and appearance. So, it makes sense to go as big and bold as your budget allows.
These cool hard-as-city-steel-beams bedding sets have that strong presence you'll want if you're creating a modern, Soho look. They'll also earn their keep and grow with your tomboy into dorm room ~ if you dare think that far.
Beginning with a striking focal point makes easy work of decorating around.

Cityscape Bedding Done Up in Neon Lights

See LINK BELOW for more info
See LINK BELOW for more info

Capture the Cityscape Energy with Color

Color defines your bedroom's vibe, its 'feel' better than any single piece of decor you can add to your space. This bedding set, with its neon-light affect paints its own picture of energy that never sleeps.

Can you feel it?

It's this very feature that promises the most in creating the ideal ground for your chosen tomboy cityscape theme. Choose pieces that speak--if not yell out loud--with an "I am here!" presence. Starting with such a strong element as this bedding, makes the rest of your decorating venture easy as you won't need too much else in your girl's bedroom.

Orange Camo: Bright Yet Woodsy--Just Like a Tomboy

LINK BELOW for more info
LINK BELOW for more info

Going Your Own Way of the Outdoors with Camo Bedding Sets

HiEnd Accents Realtree Oak Camo Comforter Set, Queen
HiEnd Accents Realtree Oak Camo Comforter Set, Queen

The camo design is amazingly versatile and will suit any bona fide tomboy. Easy to work with, camouflage can be paired up with any color and brightness ~ including neon. I was happy to see the orange/camo combination as well as the other color choices available.

You'll have the option to go funky or literal with a hunting or lodge look, depending on your girl's taste for adventure. That's the real beauty of camo: create your own sense of adventure and coolness. Camo can also change face with a quick change-out of accessories; you won't have to toss everything. I can recall seeing 'one of everything' in camo, from kittens to tanks. Go your own way with camo and have fun.


There's a Little DJ in All of Us - Cool 'Vibe" Tomboy Style Bedding

Creating that DJ Vibe in Your Tomboy's Bedroom

Room Ensemble Light Show Twin/Twin XL 3 Piece Comforter Bed In A Bag Set
Room Ensemble Light Show Twin/Twin XL 3 Piece Comforter Bed In A Bag Set

Tween and teen tomboys love the cool DJ look. Music makes a great theme ~ no matter its genre, and every girl has her favorite artist, making it easier to find artwork and accessories.

If your tomboy loves the rock & roll look, consider perusing ebay or even yard sales for broken Guitar Hero guitar controllers and real instruments out of mend to decorate walls super cheap.

Other broken instruments or old signs make great wall art, too. I like unconventional pieces on the wall; just about anything can be a decoration if you position it on your wall, declaring it art. Now, that's easy.

These bedding sets have the 'vibe' look of equalizers and lights moving with bass sound waves.

It's art that lives and breathes. Very teen and tomboy.


Seeing Things in Black and White Nearly Every Tween or Teen Goes Through an 'Everything Black' Phase


Bedding for Tomboys Who Love the Drama of Black

Full Size BED-IN-A-BAG Reversible in Black / White Luxurious 8 Pc Set w/ Decorative Pillows
Full Size BED-IN-A-BAG Reversible in Black / White Luxurious 8 Pc Set w/ Decorative Pillows

Oh boy, do I remember my 'everything black' phase; it lasted quite awhile,. Had my parents been the decorator I am, I truly believe they would have had a major coronary meltdown.

If you've a tomboy that can relate to my love for the mysterious and drama only black can satisfy, don't fret; it's OK to indulge your girl--it's only color, after all and like most any phase, this too shall pass.

Here's a few options in black bedding for your tomboy to add her favorite accessories and wall art to without a mishmash of 'what?!'

Black to decor is to blue jeans to fashion; you can pair anything with either. Too, black can transform into any number of themes: from musical to Mickey Mouse.

So have at it with black.


Solid-Colored Bedding Means More Decor Options

Creating a Solid Footing in Your Tomboy's Bedroom Decor

Solid Comforter Sets are the Perfect 'Blank Canvas' for Your Tomboy Bedroom

Cozy Beddings, Borrego 3-Piece Down Alternative Comforter Set with Pillow Case, Sherpa and Berber Throw Blanket, Queen, Royal Blue
Cozy Beddings, Borrego 3-Piece Down Alternative Comforter Set with Pillow Case, Sherpa and Berber Throw Blanket, Queen, Royal Blue

Much like black, solid-colored bedding like these two comforter sets will afford you far more freedom with your decor options with accessories and wall art. Too, should your tomboy awake with a new perspective on the world, as I did, solid bedding can meld into a new, major redo.

I would pair up these bedding sets with patterned throw pillows that are highly visual like the chevron (zig zag) pattern or any tween or teen themed faves.

With solid bed sets, you have your freedom with window treatments, too. I love sheer panels; they're oh-so cheap, come in a host of fun hues and you'll find a pair to work with your tomboy's taste.

For total expression, go with a solid color bedding set.


Going the Way of Graffiti Art:

Bedding with Graffiti Design: The Ultimate Form of Expression

See LINK BELOW for specs on this graffiti-style bedding
See LINK BELOW for specs on this graffiti-style bedding

Totally Cool & Oh, So Tomboy: Urban Graffiti Bedding

Manual Woodworkers & Weavers Duvet Cover, Twin, Urban Beatbox 2
Manual Woodworkers & Weavers Duvet Cover, Twin, Urban Beatbox 2

You can opt for the cityscape bedding design like I talked about earlier or you can go for the less-obvious, urban look. With this bedding having the graffiti design that's certainly suggestive of the streets of uptown, you can introduce other graffiti and cityscape art forms quite successfully.

I'll include a few ideas for wall art below to give you an idea of how this bedding pairs up well with the long-survived art form.


Adding an Accent Color to Your Color Palette

Introduce One Contrasting Color to Your Tomboy Genre

Budget-Friendly Graffiti Bedding for Tomboy Tweens and Teens

Add Contrast to Your Bedroom's Color Palette

Cannon Teen Full/Queen Graffiti Comforter Mini Set
Cannon Teen Full/Queen Graffiti Comforter Mini Set

Adding one accent hue like illustrated with this charcoal grey comforter set with its yellow contrasting tone will give you a wealth of other options for wall art and accessories.

Add a yellow shag rug or yellow accent pillows for depth and that all-important layering you've heard so much about. With bedrooms, adding dimension is so important to the warmth every relaxing space needs.


Seeing Things in Black and White

And Everything in Between . . .

Going Tomboy Tough - Cool 4~Piece Black Bedding Set with Decorative Pillows

4 Pc Modern Teens Black and White, Comforter Set, Bed in a Bag Twin Size Bedding By Plush C Collection
4 Pc Modern Teens Black and White, Comforter Set, Bed in a Bag Twin Size Bedding By Plush C Collection

When decorating, black is a lot like its polar opposite: pink. You have unlimited shades of grey to silver to black for a successful finish in your tomboy's room

Add whatever scope of tomboy accessories that address your girl's interests. You'll have the freedom to add skateboards, soccer balls, steel beamed cityscapes, skulls, DJ, black & white art, anything, really.

Black is like a sponge in that it soaks up its surroundings making easy work of everything.

When in doubt with your tomboy bedroom, black it is for worry-free decorating.

Here's a few possibilities for black bedding. See how easily it is to imagine black's versatility?


Wall Art on the Cheap

Tomboy Spin on "Keep Calm" Wall Art

Posters as wall art are a great short-term investment; they're just right for this year's decorating and can easily and cheaply be replaced come the next fad.

I'm forever advising getting those cheap poster frames from big-box craft stores, as they almost always have weekly coupons for as much as half off. If you get the 36" x 24" standard size frames, it's your best bet. Most posters are available in this size, so you can simply pop your art in and out of the frame ~ easy-peasy!

This cool poster puts a tomboy spin on the "Keep Calm . . . " wall art. The versatile blue is ideal for the bedding sets above but will look right at home with many the other genres of comforters I've featured here.

Measuring Up Wall Art - Funky Monkey Goes DJ

Handser Full Drill Round Diamond Embroidery Painting Rhinestone Painting, 3PCS
Handser Full Drill Round Diamond Embroidery Painting Rhinestone Painting, 3PCS

No matter if you're going the DJ/rock star route in your tomboy's room or not, unique wall art will make a big impression above your girl's bed and opposing walls.

Create a custom frame that's ultra cool with scratched CDs and DVDs by gluing them around a poster like this fun DJ chimp version.

As I mentioned, camo pairs up easily with most anything and this poster will look funky along side the camo bedding above ~ particularly the orange design.

Having been the ultimate, tried-and-true, tomboy, I'm lovin' this one.


How Old is Your Tomboy?

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