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Tootsie Roll Wrapper Craft Ideas

Updated on April 14, 2013

Fun Candy Wrapper Craft Ideas for Kids and Adults

I remember waking up early on Saturday morning as a child to go with my Grandpa to get the newspaper and a bag of Tootsie Rolls. I would unwrap them with caution and fold the wrapper up carefully and put back in the bag with each piece of candy I ate to save for later. If I gave one to someone else I would wait till they was done with the wrapper so it would not go in the trash. Candy wrappers are one of the best free craft supplies to have.

Truth is, I probably could of picked a candy that I liked better but I loved making crafts with the wrappers. I made necklaces and had fun folding them into different things. At that time I had no clue about up-cycling I just though the wrappers made a neat necklace or something to fiddle with.

Since times of pig tales, I have had a little fun with making things out of candy wrappers especially Tootsie Roll Wrappers. Look below for some great ideas to do with candy wrappers left over from Halloween. You may even take some of the candy wrapper ideas and turn them into your own craft ideas for Homemade Christmas Gifts.

Tootsie Roll Candy Wrapper Belt
Tootsie Roll Candy Wrapper Belt

Belt made with Tootsie Roll Wrappers

Tootsie Roll Crafts For Kids

This is probably my favorite candy wrapper craft of all times and I believe it looks great with tootsie rolls then any other candy wrappers. One reason being because Tootsie roll wrappers stand out but will not be too flashy, so it is something that may be worn more then if it was a Star-burst belt that is more colorful.

Find information on How to make a belt from Tootsie Roll wrappers here

Tootsie Roll Wrapper Purse
Tootsie Roll Wrapper Purse

Purse Made With Tootsie Roll Wrappers

Tootsie Roll Crafts For Girls

A tootsie Roll Wrapper Purse can be a fun accessory or even a cheap gift to give a friend. To make a tootsie roll purse you need to start off with an old purse that you no longer want, the smaller the purse the better and easier it will be to make.

There are many methods to wrapping the purse with wrappers but my favorite is the one in the photo. To learn more about how to make a Tootsie Roll Wrapper Purse go here

Tootsie Roll Candy Wrapper Bracelet
Tootsie Roll Candy Wrapper Bracelet

Necklace and Bracelet Candy Wrapper Craft

Tootsie Roll Jewelry Crafts

This is the basic tootsie roll craft that even a four year old could probably have a blast making candy wrapper jewelry with this pattern. Bracelets and Necklaces made with the candy wrappers are basically the same but if you want the necklace to stay for a long time you may want to put glue on it to avoid it falling apart.

Learn how to make a simple tootsie roll wrapper necklace or bracelet here

Make Cool Crafts with Old Wrappers, Cans, and Bottles

Cool Crafts with Old Wrappers, Cans, and Bottles: Green Projects for Resourceful Kids (Green Crafts)
Cool Crafts with Old Wrappers, Cans, and Bottles: Green Projects for Resourceful Kids (Green Crafts)

This is a great book to look fun activities to do with candy wrappers and other recycled materials. A great book for those who wants to learn more up-cycling crafts.


Fake Nails Decorated With Tootsie Roll Wrappers

Tootsie Roll Crafts For Teens

i saw this done in the mall one day on a check out girls nails. It was truly adorable, especially for a young girl. The wrappers was creatively glued on fake nails then had a nail coating over it. Hers looked like she also put glitter on the top coat to make her nails really shiny. I also think it works better if you take the white ends of the candy wrapper off before applying it to the nails.

For more information about how to turn use Tootsie Roll Wrappers on fake nails look here

Tootsie Roll Candy Wrapper Jar
Tootsie Roll Candy Wrapper Jar

Tootsie Roll Wrapper Jar

Tootsie Roll Crafts For Home Décor

Okay so may the jar wrapped in Tootsie roll wrappers is not the most eye striking craft, but it does have potential. The jar wrapped in candy wrappers is a great craft for a kid or could be a start to a jar for a Christmas gift that will be full of candy or little trinkets.

When making a jar covered in candy wrappers start with a dry clean jar. Get your wrappers flattened out beside the jar the way you want them before you start. Then apply a coat of clear glue to the jar and then quickly apply the wrappers to the jar. You can just lay them strait or you can make a crazy pattern.

Don't stop there, this is just the basics go and add some personality to your tootsie roll wrapper covered jar.

Tootie Roll Wrapper Bucket
Tootie Roll Wrapper Bucket

Centerpiece Made From Tootsie Roll Wrappers

Holiday Tootsie Roll Crafts

I love this Tootsie Roll Wrapper Bucket, it would make a good table-side centerpiece for many different events plus its just a fun design. With a few changes to the top of the basket you could create a whole new look and turn into a cool gift basket.

Fil it with candy, cookies, crayons for little ones or other small gifts for a cheap and easy to make Christmas gift. I have also seen this design for kids birthday party's for centerpieces to hold nicknacks and snacks.

My Favorite Upcycling Book


A creative book to get the juices flowing for up-cycling craft projects. While this book shows some projects you could easily find online, I really liked how detailed the photos and directions was. It was a great starter book for me and I walked away from it with enough skill in up-cycle crafting to make up my own crafts as I wanted.


My Favorite Tootsie Roll Commercials

I believe these commercials to be some of the reasons Tootsie Rolls where so popular and have made it through many years of being a favorite type of candy.

What Type Of Crafts Have You Done With Candy Wrappers?

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    • JJGJJG profile image


      7 years ago

      This is so creative and fun for kids, nice lense

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Love Tootsie Rolls

    • SeaBreeze2 profile image


      8 years ago

      This looks like fun! I have yet to try it but I think my 5 year old would love it!


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