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Top 10 Krups Coffee Makers

Updated on September 25, 2013

Krups Coffee Maker Reviews

Searching for the Best Krups coffee makers? Then you have come to the right place! Here you will find the top 10 Krups coffee makers and reviews.

Krups is a well-known brand to coffee connoisseurs, primarily for their high-quality coffee makers, great reviews and maximum capabilities.

Here you will find the top rated Krups coffee makers. These coffee makers include simple brewers, carafe coffee makers, brewers with grinders, and many more of the best coffee machines.

5 Tips for Buying a New Coffee Pot

Things to Look for When Buying a New Coffee Maker!

Brewing Capacity

One of the most important things to consider when buying a new coffee pot is the brewing capacity. Keep in mind how much coffee you drink and would like to be brewed in a single setting. Brewing capacity can range from 1 cup to 12 cups on normal pots all the way up to several gallons on larger or commercial brewers.

Cup Size

Along with brewing capacity, keep in mind the cup size. Coffee machines have different 'cup sizes'. When a coffee pot states it has a 10 cup capacity, that does not mean much if the cup size is small. Some makers range from 6 oz cups to 10 oz cups meaning that a pit could be 60 to 100 ounces.


Do you use ground coffee or do you prefer fresh ground coffee beans? If you prefer fresh ground coffee then consider purchasing a coffee maker that includes a bean grinder. Some machines will have a grinder attached to the side that includes a reservoir so that you do not have had beans every brew. Other makers include a grinder that drops that grounds straight in to the coffee filter.


If you enjoy having a fresh brewed pot of coffee waiting on you when you wake, consider purchasing a programmable coffee pot. You can set the time so that it comes on at a certain such as in the morning before your alarm clock goes off. You can set it 10 - 15 minutes prior to your alarm clock going off and when you wake, you will have a nice and hot pot of fresh coffee.


Capabilities is as big factor for purchasing a new coffee pot. Aside from grinders and programmable features, some coffee pots include the ability to make espresso, contains a hot water reservoir for making teas and cocoas, or has self-cleaning features. Keep in mind these features so that you can make the best purchase by having one that includes everything you desire. One multi-purpose machine will save money on multiple appliances such as a separate grinder or espresso machines, and also save counter space.

Do You Currently Own a Krups Coffee Maker?

Do You Own A Krups Coffee Maker?

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Coffee Pot Cleaning Tip:

Regardless of the type of pot, you can quickly and easily clean your coffee pot or carafe by adding a handful of ice and salt. Add them at the same time and swirl the ice around so that it gently scrapes the bottom and sides of the pot. The two combined will act as a scratch-free scouring pad that will leave your pot clean and looking new in less than a minute. You can also add lemon juice or vinegar! Simply rinse and you are ready to brew!

Krups Coffee Pots on eBay!

eBay is another great avenue for buying a variety of products including Krups coffee pots. While you probably will not want a used coffee pot, there are dozens of retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers who are now listing their items on eBay that are brand new, unused and perfect for saving a few dollars.

Coffee Pot Safety:

ALWAYS make sure that your coffee maker has an automatic shut-off. This will allow your coffee pot to automatically turn the burner and peculator off after a set time, usually 2 hours. This prevents house fires as well as damage to the coffee pot, counters and items nearby that may be damaged by excess heat.

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    • profile image

      othellos 4 years ago

      Krups is the favorite coffee maker for my family. Glad to explore some other options here. Thank you for sharing this information and these tips. Very thorough and so well done:=)