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Top 10 Tips for Reducing Your Energy Bills

Updated on January 22, 2013

How to reduce your energy bills

Winter is in full swing, bringing with it higher energy consumption and bills. Now is a good time to think about how much energy you use - taking even small steps can make a big difference.

We've covered ten tips below, but there are plenty more where that came from! Read on to learn more.

You'll need to get the whole family involved, but if you can chance your lifestyle just a little you'll see the savings in your pocket.


1. Turn Your Thermostat Down

By just turning it down by one degree, you can save up to £50 a year, according to the Energy Saving Trust.


2. Turn Your Cooker Down

You can literally burn your energy up, trying to heat your kitchen with your hob! When boiling on the hob, don’t leave the ring of full power. Start on high and then as soon as it's boiling turn down to a simmer.

3. Close Your Curtains

Your curtains are natural draught excluders, so as soon as the night closes in shut the draught out. Even modern windows have trickle vents, meaning warm air is constantly seeping out of you house. When you are looking for new curtains always look to get lined curtains, again this can help

4. Power Down

It might seem like a constant battle with the kids, but turning the lights off when you leave the room can make a real saving in your energy bill across the course of a year. Always unplug your phone after charging and switch appliances off when not in use. It might not seem like much, but it all adds up, especially with older appliances that don't have energy saving standby.

LED Bulbs
LED Bulbs

5. Switch to Energy Saving Light Bulbs

They not only last longer, but are often a fraction of the cost of running. A typical light bulb is 60W to 100W. A modern LED light bulb will run between 3W and 8W. Sure they cost more, but it's a serious saving over the course of a year.

6. Service Your Boiler!

It might seem like a waste of a perfectly good boiler, but technology has moved on so much that if your boiler is over 10 years old it might be cost effective to replace it with a modern efficient one. Always get it services annually, as having it clean and in good use is an investment. Always look for an A rated boiler too

7. Insulate Your Loft Space

There are often grants available. Even if your house is only 5 years old it may not meet the current insulation regulation for new build houses. More is more! Spread the insulation thick. You might even want to think about getting your walls insulated. You can make a real saving there too.

8. Water, Water Everywhere!

Cutting down on water consumption is not only good for the environment, it's good for your pocket too! If you are a household of 3 or less a water meter can often save you money. Having a shower instead of a bath can make quite a saving, unless you drain your tank with a power shower of course! Using rain water from a water butt to water the garden is another easy way to save the pounds...and the environment too!

9. Washing Day!

Using one load in the washing machine instead of two can make a real saving, even on modern energy saving washing machines. Drying clothes on the line (in good weather of course) not only saves money on tumble drying costs it also smells great once it's dry!

10. How Well Are You Doing?

Check on your progress at Don't forget it's a lifestyle change, so once you've done the obvious look what else you can do

What Energy Saving Tips Do You Have to Reduce Your Bills?


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