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Five Amazing Full Spectrum Floor Lamps: Reviews

Updated on September 13, 2014

Five Full Spectrum 'Sunlight' Floor Lamps to Brighten Your Home

Light is such an important thing for our health, and it's often something we overlook. Did you know that the amount of light we receive every day, and the quality of that light, has a huge impact on how we feel? A full spectrum floor lamp can really brighten your home, but more importantly it can also improve your physical wellbeing. Basking in lovely, sun-like light can have an impact on everything from immune system health to staving off depression and negative psychological effects.

Having floor lamps, full spectrum or otherwise, in our homes is a necessary thing in many cases. They case extra light and brighten a space that may not be receiving enough illumination from ceiling lights, windows or other sources. If you need to have them anyway, why not choose a full spectrum sun lamp that uses a light quality that's easy on our eyes and good for our health?

This article will take a close look at five of my favorite natural full spectrum sunlight floor lamps, giving a short review of each one and hopefully pointing you in the direction of a good quality product. We'll also talk about a few of the health benefits and positive effects that a light source like this can have on your daily life.

Benefits of Floor Lamps with Full Spectrum Light: - Why sunlight lamps are worth it.

When looking at full spectrum floor lamps you'll probably notice a small price difference and question whether they're really worth it or not. Despite the price jump, the health benefits of good quality light can't be understated. Here are a few ways they can improve your quality of life.

  1. Natural Light is Easier on Your Eyes:

    Human vision is genetically fine tuned by nature for a specific type of light. That means that while we can 'technically' function in fluorescence, our eyes are happiest and experience less strain when we're in light that mimics the sun. A full spectrum floor lamp will induce less eye strain by giving the eye the type of light it expects, minimizing optical stress and the resulting headaches.

  2. Things Look Better:

    Full spectrum lighting has another benefit, but more for aesthetic reasons: they make things look better. Under natural light, colors and hues are shown to best effect, and your skin and hair will look better too. That means that your artwork and surroundings will look much better with a sunlight floor lamp than in other, lower quality spectrums, and the people in your home will look nice too. Natural sunlight lamps don't just help your health, they improve your living space.

  3. Seasonal Affective Disorder:

    A condition known as Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) affects those who don't have access to full sunlight in winter months, affecting mood and physical health. This can be treated with powerful lights that simulate natural sunlight. It can also help with sleep patterns, as the body cycles work best with regular sunlight exposure. If you suffer from SAD, obviously a quality light box is needed, but full spectrum floor lamps can help contribute to your health as well.

Verilux Original Natural Spectrum Deluxe Floor Lamp, Graphite
Verilux Original Natural Spectrum Deluxe Floor Lamp, Graphite

Scientifically tuned to the human eye, this natural spectrum floor lamp is modern and sleek.


Verilux Natural Spectrum Floor Lamp

A simple full spectrum sunlight lamp in graphite or ivory

The Verilux Natural Spectrum floor lamp is a great example of how affordable these lights are getting lately. For a very low investment you have a full sized floor lamp that covers the natural spectrum nicely, providing excellent light quality and low eye strain.

Read with this light once and you'll probably notice the reduction in eye fatigue with the 'anti-flicker' technology. This sunlight floor lamp has an adjustable gooseneck design and variable brightness controls. It's sleek and modern, and comes with a 1-year warranty against defect.

Daylight UN1072 Naturalight Hobby Floor Lamp
Daylight UN1072 Naturalight Hobby Floor Lamp

True colors will shine through with this natural sunlight floor lamp. Easy on the eyes, energy efficient.


Naturalight Full Spectrum Floor Lamp

A 'true color' natural spectrum lamp for art and hobbies

The Daylight Naturalight full spectrum floor lamp is a product that was developed with artists and hobbyists in mind. The goal was to produce a light quality that allows true colors to shine through, and it does that admirably.

A wonderful side effect of the great quality of light of this lamp is the lack of visual strain, so say goodbye to headaches and tired eyes. The Naturalight tube is powerful yet draws a mere 27 watts of power, keeping your energy bill low. It's marketed towards hobbyists, but really it's a fantastic reading light as well, and very practical with adjustable goose neck.

Verilux Heritage Natural Spectrum Floor Lamp

A top quality full spectrum floor reading lamp

If you're an avid reader, this is a strong contender to consider. It's not only really great to read by and easy on your vision, it's a beautiful, classic design that will fit in most modern homes. With this natural spectrum floor lamp, Verilux chose to focus on reducing glare and flickering almost entirely, resulting in a light that's very natural and steady, perfect for reading to.

The head is super adjustable and can be tilted and telescoped to shine just how you like it. The bulb is a Verilux designed item that uses a mere 27 watts despite being very bright and illuminating. It's definitely a great full spectrum floor lamp that's worth taking a look at.

OttLite T92BNT Vero Floor Lamp in Brushed Nickel
OttLite T92BNT Vero Floor Lamp in Brushed Nickel

Beautiful, modern floor lamp that reduces eye strain and saves you money on your energy bill.


OttLite Vero Floor Lamp in Brushed Nickel

A true-color, versatile full spectrum floor lamp

The OttLite Vero is a stunning and modern take on the full spectrum floor lamp. This particular model doesn't use a conventional bulb, but uses a long T5 tube, which has a very low 18 watt power draw and is intended to last for up to 10,000 hours before needing to be replaced.

You'll love the low amount of glare that the bulb produces, and the naturally compact, modern and spare design means it'll look awesome in a modern home but won't take up a lot of 'visual' space.

This isn't exactly a full spectrum sunlight lamp (for SAD treatment), but is intended for reading and overhead lighting. It's quite bright and has a convenient foot switch on the base.

Daylight Flexi-Vision Floor Lamp
Daylight Flexi-Vision Floor Lamp

A flexible, multiple use floor lamp with natural spectrum lighting.


Flexi-Vision: Flexible, adjustable full spectrum sunlight floor lamp

A natural sunlight floor lamp with a flexible neck

The Daylight Flexi-Vision is a wonderful lamp if you want to use it for many purposes. Because the neck is flexible and the lamp head itself can be rotated easily, you can use this one for reading or for general purpose by simply adjusting it by hand, even adjusting the height if you like.

It comes with a daylight simulation bulb that's intended to provide this floor lamp with full spectrum light and reduce eye strain and glare.

The bulb is high output, but only uses 20 watts, so it won't cost much to run. Daylight brand floor lamps like this are well known for their awesome light quality and contrast.

Daylight Studio Lamp With Tripod
Daylight Studio Lamp With Tripod

Artistic and bright, this daylight quality lamp will enliven any space and inspire artists and writers.


Clip-on Studio: A 'Studio' style natural spectrum floor lamp

A modern, industrial style sunlight floor lamp

This is a great daylight style floor lamp for any artists, painters or photographers looking for a natural daylight style illumination for their creative projects, or for anyone who wants an artistic studio / loft vibe in their apartment.

These lamps look great in industrial themed apartments by the way. The simple black stand is 7 feet tall, and the clip on lamp can be adjusted up or down and swivelled to shine wherever you like.

The great thing about this lamp is that you can add up to 4 of the clamp style lamps with their 20 watt (100 watt equivalent) bulbs to provide a ton of natural light illumination with a smaller footprint. Definitely one of the best full spectrum light style lamps on the market today.

Other full spectrum / sunlight floor lamps built for healthy reading

It's actually surprisingly difficult to find full spectrum floor lamps and lights. There are many that have similar qualities, but finding the real deal can be tough. Remember, the main advantages of this type of light source is that they're gentle on your vision when you're doing something like reading, so that should probably be your primary focus.

Here are a few more natural light floor lamps you might want to check out.

Full Spectrum Bulbs for Floor Lamps

A great way to improve your old lamp's light quality

You can also just swap the bulb on your existing lamp and get a full spectrum light bulb. Sure it won't be quite as great as a new lamp that's tuned to that specific type of light, but it's an inexpensive way to reduce eye strain and headache, and improve quality of life. Here are a few brands I recommend.

Do you think these lamps make a difference? What's your favorite type of light to work in?

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