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Top 5 Shabby Chic Dressers & Chest of Drawers

Updated on September 26, 2014

Beautiful Shabby Chic Dressers & Chest of Drawers For Sale

One of my favorite furniture styles is shabby chic, and my wife and I like to incorporate that look in our bedroom space. A lovely shabby chic dresser or chest of drawers is an easy and effective way to make your bedroom much more stylish. Shabby chic is both fashionable and cozy, so it's perfect for folks who want an intentionally classic style that's easy to live in.

We found that tracking down a cheap yet attractive shabby chic chest of drawers was a really difficult thing. There were lots of items in a very high price bracket from high end furniture retailers, but they were simply beyond our capabilities. We considered painting and distressing a bureau or tallboy ourselves to save money, but you really need a garage or workspace to do that properly.

This article is for people like us who are looking for an inexpensive shabby chic chest of drawers, and want to see some pictures and read a few reviews of affordable examples. We will first briefly talk about what constitutes a piece of shabby chic bedroom furniture, so you can identify them properly. Then we'll go through five of my favorite shabby chic tallboys, bureaus & dressers, saying a bit about each one and why you might consider it.

What Makes a Shabby Chic Dresser Unique? - Features of this furniture finishing style.

There are a few cues that can help you identify a shabby chic chest of drawers from other styles. Just because it says it's shabby chic doesn't mean it is. I've made a list of some of the most noticeable things.

  1. 'Distressed' Paint, Appearance:

    Shabby chic dressers will often have a distressed appearance, meaning that they will look intentionally worn and used. This is part of the appeal of the look and the lack of 'perfection' accentuates the warmth of the style. A common way this is done is the piece of furniture is painted, then edges and corners are sanded down a bit, after which the piece is finished with a laquer to protect it. This leaves a bit of wood and primer visible.

  2. Light Color Palette:

    The color scheme of shabby chic chest of drawers will typically be something light. The predominant color in shabby chic furniture and decoration is white or cream, but you can often see pastels in blue, green and yellow popping up. I've even seen a few pieces tastefully done in a shade of charcoal, but it has to be done just right. The idea with the light color scheme is to make sure it matches with the rest of your d├ęcor.

  3. Vintage / Antique Hardware:

    Another popular design cue is the use of vintage style hardware. All of the handles and knobs will be elaborate and interesting to look at. Wrought iron and brass are really common, along with antique style glass or crystal knobs. You should match the hardware with your shabby chic dresser's color. Brass is great with warm toned pieces (cream, yellow, etc), and steel, wrought iron and glass can be nice with cooler tones.

Prentice Dresser: A large, beautiful shabby chic chest of drawers

Plenty of storage and rustic, distressed style

This white shabby chic style dresser is a multipurpose piece with a lot of storage options. It's well constructed with veneer and hardwood pieces, and the drawers themselves are dovetail construction so they're strong and sturdy and glide well.

Unlike many lower priced dressers in shabby chic style, this one has a finished interior as well. It comes with nickel colored ring handles, but you can easily replace them with something more whimsical if you like. It measures 5 feet wide by just over 3.5 feet high, so it's sizeable, but you'll appreciate the ample storage and pronounced style that this piece will add to any bedroom space.

Shabby Chic Chest of Drawers with Bun Legs:

Plenty of detailed design on this antique style dresser

This is an example of a classically designed shabby chic chest of drawers. It's not as rounded as the antique style it's based on, but it maintains the overall shape and it's a stunning piece with bun style legs, intricately designed drawer front accents, and antique style hardware.

The finish is more of a pearl tone, and it's about 4.5 feet wide and just under 3 feet in height. It has eight drawers so you have tons of storage options, but none of the drawers are super large, so keep that in mind. It's perfect for a guest bedroom or one that's in regular use.

Kayla Chest in Distressed White

Simple, distressed style shabby chic chest of drawers

This Kayla Chest is a really nice example of inexpensive shabby chic furniture. It's got a very square profile which is softened with a few playful touches, such as the oversized, cupcake style feet and the twin rounded front corners.

The whole thing is lightly distressed, meaning that parts of the piece have been sanded and refinished. You can distress it more yourself, if you like. The hardware is plain, but for this price you can buy fancier ones and easily replace. It's functional and nice to look at.

The Kayla chest is a good shabby chic tallboy for those operating on a budget.

4 Drawer Accent Dresser in Antique White:

A new but heavily distressed shabby chic chest of drawers

Are you looking for something a little more distressed? This 4 drawer dresser has a rustic charm that I completely love, and it's available for a great price point despite the finish work that's gone into it.

The four drawers are quite a good size, so it's a user friendly shabby chic chest of drawers that can store quite a bit of clothing. It's great for socks, lingerie or odds and ends. It's constructed from hardwood and MDF, and the paint color (what's left of it!) is white.

I love the simple yet eye-catching construction, and it has a large flat surface that's perfect for displaying photos, a vase, books or whatever you like. It's a little over 2 feet wide, and a bit under 3 feet tall.

Delaplane Accent Chest: A shabby chic accent chest of drawers with gorgeous paint

Feeling blue? This might be your answer!

This 'Delaplane' blue chest of drawers in shabby chic style is probably my favourite of all of these. I just love the little touches and details that they've added.

The paint is a gorgeous and perfectly aged and distressed turquoise blue, and anyone looking at will be impressed with the genuine features and subtle hardware touches.

It has a gentle curve to the front which makes it appear visually lighter, so it's a wonderful accent piece in a bedroom or hallway. You'll literally have people stopping in their tracks to remark on it. If you like a well distressed shabby chic dresser with antique hardware and a nautical flair, this is one to consider.

I have to list some more:

I can't write reviews for every one out there, but here are some more shabby chic chest of drawers for you to check out. Hopefully if the list above didn't appeal to you, something here will. And if you had something else in mind please feel free to leave a comment a little further down, I read up on distressing and restoration a lot and I'd love to help you find something great and inexpensive.

Cheap hardware for shabby chic dressers:

Here are some examples of beautiful shabby chic style hardware for chest of drawers. It's usually pretty easy to replace the handles and knobs on existing pieces, unless they're glued on (and even that isn't insurmountable).

Check the inside of the drawer or door; if there is a screw there you can likely replace it. It's amazing the difference that some tasteful hardware can make to an otherwise bland piece.

My sister has had great success in refurbishing old wooden pieces by whitewashing them, distressing them, and adding some new touches like glass or antique hardware. I definitely recommend that you give it a whirl, it's very enjoyable!

Do you like shabby chic or distressed style furniture?

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