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Top 5 Shabby Chic Linen Bed Sheets & Bedding Sets

Updated on September 13, 2014

What's the Best Shabby Chic Bedding Around?

There is something timeless about shabby chic style, and it's a great way to spruce up the look of any bedroom. The style is sort of an amalgamation of the class of french country chic and the cozy, homemade look of a well crafted home. Shabby chic linen bed sheets will make any bed fit right in with this style, and they not only look amazing, they're comfortable too!

Part of the name is a bit misleading. Shabby chic linen sheets are really anything but 'shabby'. They're an extremely classy and sophisticated look fit for a high end boutique hotel, but there is a playful edge, and a certain comfortable quality that almost everyone can identify with. It feels very warm and cozy, with a familiarity that will put anyone at ease. Shabby chic linen sheets can bridge the gap between stylish and stuffy.

This article will focus on a few of my favorite shabby chic style linen bed sheets to give you some examples of what it actually looks like, show bedroom setup examples, and help you narrow down your options in case you're in the market. But first I'll talk briefly about how to identify shabby chic bed linens and what makes them different from conventional sheet sets.

What are Shabby Chic Linens & Bed Sheets? - Some ways for you to identify shabby chic linens.

While there aren't any clear cut rules for what constitutes shabby chic linen sheets (and you can 'create' the shabby chic look yourself, to a limited extent), there are some identifying factors. Here are a few things to look for when determining if it's the right style or not.

  1. Light Colors, Pastels, Whites:

    Most shabby chic bed linens will have light or pastel colors. White is the most popular color, but cream and light beige are very common as well. Other colors include a pastel blue, green or tan. Some sheet sets will mix and match colors for an intentionally eclectic look, but you should keep in mind the color scheme of the room you're decorating.

  2. Ruffle and Lace:

    Many shabby chic linen sheets will be decorated with a fringe of ruffles or elaborate lace. This is a throwback to the French country chic or cottage style that many elements of this style harken back to. The effect is a classic look that's not overly heavy or too over the top, but still has some simple sophistication. It also makes the bedspread to look bigger, puffier and more comfortable and cozy.

  3. Printed Patterns:

    In addition to the light colors, many shabby chic linen sheets will have printed patterns. There are typically either elaborate floral patterns (in color or neutral tones), simple stripes or polka dots (subtle and in complimentary colors), or a combination of the two. Often the printed patterns will be a throwback to classic Victorian patterns. In very bold bedrooms, you can match or coordinate the wallpaper with printed shabby chic linen sheets.

Something to Remember:

Shabby chic bed sheets themselves don't necessarily have to be colorful or elaborate. They can be plain. The most noticeable part of a shabby chic bedspread is the duvet cover, bedskirt and pillowcases. So many of these sheet sets will actually contain the duvet cover and pillowcases, sometimes along with simple sheets, but not always. Be sure to check the set and see what you're getting.

If you're only after sheets themselves, keep scrolling down past the bedspreads, I've listed a few sheet sets below.

Chezmoi Ruched Shabby Chic Comforter Set

A cute ruched shabby chic linen sheet combo

If you're a big fan of ruffles or ruches, this is the shabby chic bed linen set for you. It combines a ruch and linen look in a tasteful way. This has the classic oversized and super comfortable look that'll make you just want to dive in every time you see it. The seven piece set includes the matching bedskirt, ruffled pillow covers and comforter, and it matches nicely with a pure white or light cream coloured room. The comforter is large and will make that bed look really luxurious, check out the photos for more detailed shots.

Emerson Pinch Pleat Shabby Chic Bedding Set

Simple, classic shabby chic bed linen look with pinch pleats

This is another of my favorite shabby chic bed linen sheet sets because of the overall classic look and simplicity of the design. The basic white of the duvet cover and pillow covers is accented with a pinch pleat design, giving it a softness and class without looking overstuffed or too large. It's got a sort of romantic feel to it.

The set comes with the shabby chic comforter itself, two pillow shams and a dust ruffle to round it out.

Light Yellow Ruffle Shabby Chic Bedding Set

A light yellow tinted shabby chic bed linen set

I particularly like this set from Lush Décor because it has a light yellow tint to it that goes well with any room that has predominantly warm tones to it. It has layers of thick ruffles and just a little bit of faux silk, and it's definitely one of the more luxurious sets out there. You just want to dive into those soft looking covers.

This set looks really good in a room with a warm, hardwood floor, or with warm toned carpet too. As with most sets it comes with a bedskirt, comforter and two pillow shams.

Greenland 3 Piece Shabby Chic Quilt Set

A shabby chic linen bedding sheet set in light blue

This is one of my favourite sets because it's a classic example of the style and it comes with a lot of stuff. It comes with the shabby chic quilt itself, and two oversized pillow shams (pillow cases). The set incorporates three colours in an aquatic theme. There's the white that forms the base colour, with green shells and blue corals printed overtop.

The effect is warm and cozy with a significant lightness. It works really well with a white or pastel decorating theme in a room. The quilt is pre-washed so it won't shrink, and it's soft and inviting in any bedroom space.

Marlow Shabby Chic Comforter Bedding

A seven-piece shabby chic style bedding set with pillows

If you want a shabby chic linen set that's got everything you'll need, consider this affordable set from Marlow. It contains everything you need to transform your sleeping space, including an oversized comforter, two oversized pillow shams, three pillows, and a bedskirt to round out the look.

With a soft, elegant, pastel colour combination and a light, geometric ruffle pattern across the whole thing, this set will take your breath away in a shabby chic bedroom. If you pick this one up, be prepared to show off!

Ruffle & Lace Sheet Sets:

Shabby chic ruffled sheets can be hard to find

It can be tricky tracking down actual shabby chic sheets. Most come with a quilt, duvet cover, pillow shams and a bed skirt, but on occasion you may not need all that stuff. These are some ruffle and lace sheets that fit really well with the shabby chic look. If you're wanting just the sheets, this is the place to start your search.

Examples of Printed Shabby Chic Bed Sheets:

Likewise, it can be difficult to find tastefully done floral print bed sheets for a shabby chic bedroom décor. Here are some examples of printed sheets that might work for you.

What are your thoughts on shabby chic bed linens & sheets?

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    • BikePro profile image

      BikePro 4 years ago

      @Gizmo324: Hi there, I'm not familiar with the Target brand sheets you're referring to, but I agree that ruffled sheets on their own are hard to find. I've added a couple of brands right above this comment area showcasing some ruffled shabby chic sheets. In particular a brand called Pine Cone Hill produces some really elegant ones. Hope that helps.

    • profile image

      Gizmo324 4 years ago

      I am looking for Shabby chic ruffled sheets in white only, I have bought then at Target in the past, I do not want a duvet or a quilt or throw ot match< Can someone tell me if she has dscontined this line,of sheets, the only one I see

      at targets, and they can never answer wether will care them or not. is the embroidered edge of top sheet and pillow cases to match, I love those ruffled sheets and need more.