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My top 5 smart home appliances

Updated on January 12, 2017

What are the latest trends in home appliances?

Nowadays we can see that all the home appliances are ready for the future. If you are skeptical about new technologies, now is the time to face the truth. New technologies are no longer just in the office and in the movies. They are already in your home and will occupy very important place in your life. And if you decide to have some of these appliances in your home, remember they need special cares. When you clean your home, must carefully follow instructions for use.

Dacor’s Android oven with 1Ghz processor and 7-inch screen

The company says the smart oven can really help you in cooking. On 7-inch screen you can surf the Internet and check recipes. The screen is called Discovery IQ Controller and can tell you how long to cook pork or set the timer. You can link it with your other Android devices and get a message when the food is ready. It cost $4499.

The T9000 refrigerator from Samsung

It has 10-inch Wi-Fi-enabled LCD touch screen. You can browse recipes from Internet, make a shopping list and more, T9000 can manage the expiration dates of your food. It runs with Android, so you can use your fridge door like a smart device. It will be available in markets in the spring and will cost $3,999.

Whirlpool 6th Sense Live app

Just sink your smartphone with all the appliances and run your kitchen with a few simple commands. The dishwasher, the fridge, the dryer – you can manage them wherever you are. Change the refrigerator’s temperature and run the dryer from the office. Lock the dishwasher and kids will be safe even if you are not at home.

Bang and Olufsen’s sound system.

This sound system will make you to feel the real power of the sound. It is an inside-wall system made with the BeoLab 15, the BeoLab 16 and Amplifier 1. You can play music from your smartphone and make playlists. You can also change the angle of the speakers so you will have perfect sound in the whole room. This system is not just a sound maker but also a decoration to your home. The whole system cost over $4595.

Whirlpool kitchen of the future

The company present 2 ideas that can change the future of kitchen appliances. The first one is the FreshConnect. These are series of refrigerated cubes for each food group. The system changes the temperature and makes it perfect for certain products. You can manage the cubes with your mobile device and your food will be always cooled perfectly. The design is very stylish so the place of the fridge is not only in the kitchen.

The second idea of the company is conceptual dining room. But on it you can cook. It will use warm light and make the food in front of you. These ideas may never come to market, but they are really brilliant concepts.

Greenkitchen by Whirlpool


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