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Top Five Wall Mounted Reading Lamps

Updated on September 13, 2014

Wall Mount Reading Lamps for the Bedside or Anywhere

A good lighting scheme can make or break a home's charm. Our household is filled with lamps of all shapes and sizes. We find that with the proper lighting, the house looks better, feels cozier, and we're happier for it. When it comes to enjoying a good book, wall mounted reading lamps are awesome. They are easy to operate, provide excellent light, and take up none of your valuable floor or table space.

Finding a good quality reading light for wall mounting near your bedside or reading nook can be tricky. You want to find that sweet combination of good looks, great light quality, longevity and low price point. Fortunately you have a ton of options these days; no matter what kind of style you've got going in your home, there's likely a reading light you can wall mount that will look great and fit with your budget.

This article will review five of my favorite wall mounted lamps for reading or other similar activities. We'll examine all five of my suggestions closely and give the pros and cons of each product. Hopefully by this process you'll either find a wall light that you'll love, or you'll be inspired by the ideas presented and run with it. We will also take a look at some considerations you'll want to take into account when buying these kinds of lights.

Technical considerations when adding a wall mounted reading lamp

If you're considering going with a wall mounted reading light instead of a table or floor variety, there are some things you should consider before making the plunge. There are definite advantages, but also some limiting factors depending on your space, technical ability and needs.

  1. Switch or Plug?

    When you go to buy a reading light that's wall mounted, you'll discover that many of them are plug in (powered by a wall outlet). This is great if you happen to have a standard electrical outlet handy. However, if you want to hide the wire, or if you want the convenience of a switch, you may want to wire it up to a switch plate. This isn't hard to do with basic electrical knowhow, but if you're in the dark I suggest hiring an electrician to install.

  2. Wall Anchoring:

    Most reading lamps are wall mounted by anchoring directly into your drywall. Some will come with mounting hardware or a system to attach it. Others leave it up to you how you'll get it mounted. In any event, wall mount reading lamps are usually pretty darn easy to put up, and only a minor to moderate skill level is necessary. Normally you'll only need a screwdriver to get the job done. More on this when we get to the reviews...

  3. Do Space Research:

    Unlike a wall or floor light, you'll want to do some 'space research' before you buy. First off, you'll want to make sure you have the wall space to spare. Make a little plan where it will go, and make sure that where you plan to mount it is convenient to use and read by. A wall mounted reading lamp should be easily reachable and simple to turn off and on, and it should be able to shine exactly.

Kenroy Home 30110BS Simplicity Wall-Mounted 150-Watt Swing-Arm Lamp, Brushed Steel
Kenroy Home 30110BS Simplicity Wall-Mounted 150-Watt Swing-Arm Lamp, Brushed Steel

This beautiful, modern light is meant for wall mounting and folds in an out depending on your needs.


Kenroy Home Simplicity Wall-Mounted Swing-Arm Reading Lamp

An adjustable wall mount reading light with included shade

This is a beautiful lamp for wall mounting. Read with ease by simply pulling out the swing-arm and positioning the shade wherever you like. The lamp has a 3-way selector switch so if you buy the right kind of bulb you can select the brightness based on the situation. It's available in brushed steel, as well as matte black, bronze and white.

The full, extended length is over 2 feet long, but it folds up to be quite low profile. You'll want to measure properly and ensure that the light is convenient in multiple positions, but it's very flexible. It's a reliable and gorgeous wall mounted light, a best seller, worth a look for sure.

Possini Euro Brushed Steel Rectangle Plug-In Wall Light
Possini Euro Brushed Steel Rectangle Plug-In Wall Light

Beautiful, minimalist and sleek, this lamp provides great illumination for your book or sewing project, with no moving arms or parts.


Possini Brushed Steel Wall Reading Light Fixture

Very attractive and modern wall lamp with shade

Possini is known for producing beautiful, 'Euro' style light fixtures, and this one is no different. It combines an elegant modern beauty with ease of use and great quality. The wall mounted reading light fixture features a wide, square open space that gives it a light footprint in your home.

This light is truly beautiful, but it may not work for everyone, primarily because it's not adjustable. However, it extends about 8 inches out from the wall and provides great illumination for its size, and there are no annoying moving parts. The mount plate is black, and the switch is positioned here. It's a plug in variety, but it's easily rewired to work with a wall switch if that's your preference. Overall it's a reading light fixture that takes up zero floor space and adds elegance, what's not to like?

Brushed Steel Double Plug-In Headboard Swing Arm Wall Lamp
Brushed Steel Double Plug-In Headboard Swing Arm Wall Lamp

This is a slick and simple lamp with a lot of utility for two people. It's perfect if you want a mounted light for bedroom reading, but don't have a ton of wall space.


Double Light Headboard Bedside Reading Lamp

Brushed steel, double lamp fixture wall mounted light for reading

This is a great wall mounted dual fixture reading lamp for bedside use, especially for a couple. Rather than install on either side of the bed, this model is meant to mount on either the headboard of your bed or directly above it affixed to the drywall.

Again, this is a plug-in model, but each lamp fixture has its own built in dimmer and on / off switch so one of you can read while the other sleeps. You can hide the plug behind your headboard or you can rewire it easily. The swing arms give you a lot of control over where the light shines, and it's got this amazingly simple yet modern design that looks so great in any space. The light quality is warm and gentle, and doesn't intrude too much if one person is trying to sleep!

Kenroy Home 20950ORB Sweep Wall Swing Arm Lamp, Oil Rubbed Bronze
Kenroy Home 20950ORB Sweep Wall Swing Arm Lamp, Oil Rubbed Bronze

Classic and luxurious, this lamp is warm, stylish and throws a really nice quality of light. Mount it anywhere, just keep in mind that it swings out, so make sure there is enough clearance.


Kenroy Sweep Swing Arm Lamp

A subtle, antique classic style wall mounted reading light

I really love this lamp because it's super simple and straightforward, yet it has an undeniable classic beauty that fits in with almost any style. In particular, it looks amazing in a vintage, eclectic or antique inspired home decorating scheme. The finish on this wall mounted lamp for bedroom reading is 'oiled bronze', and the warm toned shade will really make a room feel cozy and throw an excellent light quality.

When you're not using it, swing it to the side to keep out of the way. A simple switch on the plate controls the light. It's about 23 inches in reach.

Lite Source LS-16350AB Rhine Halogen Wall Lamp, Antique Brass
Lite Source LS-16350AB Rhine Halogen Wall Lamp, Antique Brass

Simple and unobtrusive, this lamp is bright and has a cheery light to it (depending upon the bulb warmth). It's simple to install and uses a plug.


Rhine: Simple Wall Mount Reading Light

A basic swing-arm wall mounted lamp for reading

The Rhine is a great and straightforward reading lamp that's intended for wall mounting and it's super straightforward and easy to use. The powerful halogen bulb is great for reading despite the small size of the fixture itself. It has a switch on the base plate that's also a dimmer so you can adjust exactly how bright it is.

It's approximately 20 inches in length when fully extended, which should be more than enough to read a bed or easy chair from the wall. It's a plug variety, so be sure that it's mounted close to an electrical outlet. Comes in antique brass or brushed steel. I'd recommend the brass for a more antique or warm style, and the steel for a modern look home.

More wall fixture reading lights to consider:

In case you didn't find something to suit your fancy, don't worry. Everyone's taste is different. Here are a few more examples of reading lights and lamps that you can attach to your walls. Hopefully it will help you find something that might inspire you. If not, I suggest you use the search function a little further down the page.

Do you prefer a table light or a wall mounted reading lamp?

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