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Best Office Chairs Under $500: Top 5

Updated on March 24, 2014

Which office chair should you go for?

To be very honest, the task of choosing the best office chairs for $500 is not as easy as it seems. I had to spend more than an hour carefully assessing all the options, and then only select these 5 top chairs to buy. Over an hour of research might seem to be not-so-long time at first, but it is if you note that I have dealt with similar office chair list in the past too. Alright, enough of all this, let’s explore the list without any delay. So ladies and gentlemen, the following 5 chairs are the best you can buy within a budget of $500, and I’ve come to the conclusion only after taking into account factors such as customer reviews, quality, price and comfort, and I’d personally buy each of the following chairs without hesitation:

1. Hon Nucleus Advanced Suspension Work Chair

Hon seems to have a knack for manufacturing some of the finest office products, and this particular one is a great office chair under $500. Comfort is ensured due to its highly advanced technology, and here is one thing to note that it doesn’t have much cushion. Mind you, its design may seem pretty simple, and even a bit too sturdy at first look, but do not be fooled by its picture, because it can provide comfort like no other office chair can in this price category, and that is not an overstatement. In case you have doubts, be sure to read the Amazon customer reviews using the following link. All the reviews are very positive, and that is another reason to go for this chair, in addition to the absolute comfort it assures.

2. Duorest Leaders Executive Office Chair

The first thing that comes to mind after having a look at this chair is that it looks kind of futuristic! Well, that maybe a good thing or a bad thing, depending on how you look at it, but whatever that maybe, it doesn’t change the fact that even though it pretty much looks like a gaming chair to a certain extent, the comfort level it provides is superb. This chair made of synthetic leather has fabulous build quality, which you can easily gauge just by looking at its picture, and it meets all the basic industry requirements. A very small percentage of its customers are not completely satisfied with it, but most of its users have only praises for this brilliant product. If you have no problem with the unique design, I’d recommend that you read the reviews first and decide for yourself, because it is definitely something to consider strongly.

3. Flash Hercules Series Big Tall Office Chair

With 400 pounds of weight capacity, this chair is perfect for those who are big! It is very plush, and you are going to find it very comfortable. The users are positively satisfied with the product and in this list of top office chairs for under 500 dollars, this is the only chair that provides so much cushion comfort. With features such as built-in lumbar support and spring tilt mechanism, this chair proves to be a strong competition for the other good office chairs in this price category. The construction leaves nothing to be desired, and overall, I’d say that this one is a great option to choose, especially in case you have a thing for big plush chairs.

4. Office Star Leather Upholstered Office Chair

Its design is quite similar to the first product of this list, and the leather padding used provides good support for long sitting hours. The arms are finished brilliantly with platinum, and the addition makes the chair look all the more attractive. This is undoubtedly one among those few chairs that provide full value for your money, and perhaps a bit more. It is durable too, and the assembly is relatively straightforward, so there will not be any inconvenience later in case you decide to go for this one. Actually it depends on your choice, if you like it, there is no reason to hesitate, because it is an absolutely cool reliable product to own.

5. Alera Wrigley Series Mid-Back Multifunction Chair

Available in 4 different colors, this product is solidly constructed. It is very simple to look at, and there are no fancy whistles and bells. However, it does what it is supposed to do perfectly well. In case you are looking for an all-white leather chair though, I’d recommend that you take a look at the Office Star Deluxe High Back Executive Chair, because believe me when I say this, that thing is really eye-catching! Anyway, this Alera chair will provide good comfort, and you definitely should not avoid considering this as one of your options, because this quality product deserves the attention. The blue color chair in the picture looks great, and the other color options are equally attractive, so you may want to explore the other options using the Amazon link.

So that’s it folks, the top 5 chairs that come under 500 dollars are the above listed ones. Take your time to select the one from the list that suits your needs the best. I’m pretty sure most of these chairs will suit whatever needs you have though, and note that all of these are perfect for office use as well as home-office use.

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