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Toy Organization Ideas

Updated on September 23, 2014

Run Out Of Kids Toy Storage Ideas?

Tripping over toys left all over the house? Or heaven forbid, stepping on one and hearing that awful crunching noise! Not to mention stepping on a squeaky toy in the middle of the night! I have done all of those!

I spent hours picking up toys, looking for toys and digging for toys in the toy box.

Have you watched your children playing with scattered toys? Often they would just pick one up and then throw it down somewhere else. There is no quality play time with none of the benefits such as stimulating their imagination or developing their fine motor co-ordination.

When toys are everywhere and you feel as if you are literally swimming in toys, it is time to get organized!

Start by finding and collecting all the toys, even those under beds and cushions. The next step is to make an inventory of all the toys and sorting them into groups, for example, for donation, throwing out (broken or damaged toys), large toys, stuffed toys, or what ever works for you.

Then you have to decide where you want to store these groups of toys. Once that is done, my toy organization ideas may be useful in finding practical toy storage solutions.


Neat and tidy
Neat and tidy

Get Organized With These Toy Organizer Bins

Tired of Having Toys Scattered All Over the House?

Are toys an ongoing battle in your house? Having children does not mean your home needs to be a giant playroom.

Using this clever, practical and useful toy storage bin organizer, your kids will have fun playing and you will retain your sanity. It may even teach them some organizational skills if you let them decide which toys should be in each bin (maybe match toys with bin colors).

This attractive functional organizer with great storage capacity makes it easy to organize their toys with individual storage tubs that are easy to see and accessible.

The organizer has 4-tiers with 12 removable rugged plastic bins (in 4 colors that are great for both boys and girls).

The 12 bins come in 2 different sizes, 8 regular size bins and 4 double size bins, and can accommodate a variety of small and medium sized toys.

Whether you want to use this kids toy organizer in your living room, kids playroom or kids bedrooms, it will look good anywhere.

Kids Toy Organizer

Big box to store toys
Big box to store toys
Girls toy chest
Girls toy chest

Storage Ideas For The Kids Rooms

How To Store Toys

Whether it is a dedicated playroom or play area or the kids bedrooms, it is always a mission to find those missing toys,collect and store toys and find a space for them.

Transform the playroom from a disaster zone to an organized room the kids (and you) will enjoy.

You can organize kids toys with a variety of toy storage ideas:

1. The Little Tikes Toy Chest has a large 6 cubic feet capacity plus 2 small bins. It has a detachable lid (for safety) as your child may decide to play inside this large toy box. It is a safe, durable and sturdy toy storage chest.

2. An easy and cheap toy storage option is to use folding storage bins. These large bins are made of polypropylene and paperboard and fold away when not in use.

3. Cubby Toy Organizer: The Badger Basket 3 Bin Storage Cubby is a sturdy wooden modular storage solution. The 3 large open bins can be used individually for organizing toys or you can stack smaller bins in them. It is very versatile as it can be used for any storage, not just toys.

4. If your child has tons of toys, then the Little Tikes Giant Toy Chest may offer the perfect solution. You have a choice of blue or pink. The lid is detachable, it is easy to assemble and clean and is made of durable material.

5. The all-in-one Step2 Lift Hide Storage Chest Bookcase organizer has a permanently attached sliding lid, back panel to prevent things falling behind the organizer and is available in white or pink.

Outdoor Toy Storage

Finding Solutions For Your Outdoor Needs

Playing and toys are very much part of our childhood development. But trying to keep the toys from getting lost, protecting them from sun damage and keeping them clean and dry means gathering them and carting them indoors everyday.

Ideally you need a large, durable and waterproof place to house those toys that is child friendly and looks good too. It would be even better if it could be used for other purposes such as a seat or bench.

The elegant Mocha Wicker Deck Box not only looks good but has great storage capacity (73 gallon or 99 gallon). It is very easy to assemble (no tools required). It has short legs to keep the bottom off the ground. The lid is curved and cannot be used as a seat.

This neat and practical Ketter 70 gallon Garden Bench Storage Box can comfortably seat 2 adults. It is fully weather resistant and is maintenance free and has a waterproof storage box.

The spacious Rubbermaid 5F21 Deck Box Seat has a hinged lid which acts as a seat or serving space, is lockable and is maintenance free. It is super easy to put together.

The 130 gallon Lifetime 60012 Extra Large Deck Box has powder-coated steel hinges and closes gently as it has a spring hinge lockable lid. You can even install interior shelving or dividers for better organization. It is weather resistant and has a water resistant seal to keep your storage items dry.

This functional Suncast Outdoor Storage Seat is easy to assemble (no tools required). The hinged seat lid overlaps to keep water out and flips open for storage. It has short legs to keep the bottom off the ground.

My Bubble Bath

Once I’m in my bubble bath

I like to stir up more.

Half the suds go in my eyes

And half go on the floor.

The fun is in the bubbles ‘cause

They giggle on my skin,

And when I stick them on my face

They dangle from my chin.

When I splash them hard enough

They pop and disappear,

Then my bath time’s over ‘cause

I’v made the water clear!

Author: unknown

Do you prefer a toy organizer or a toy box? Please give your opinion. - Or any other type of toy storage?

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      Once that is done, my toy organization ideas may be useful in finding practical.

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      nice lens

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      I don't think it's a question of either an organizer or a toy box if my kids are anything to go by you need a few of each! Nice lens, blessed.

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      This toy organizer looks much better than a toy box.