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Best Toy Storage Organizer For Girls

Updated on February 3, 2014

Toy Storage Organizer

With thousands of available toy storage organizers out there, it can become a very difficult task to select the perfect one for your daughter. Quality and style are two major considerations that you must keep in mind.

You want to make sure that you get your money's worth and at the same time something that your daughter would truly enjoy.

Choose a style among these categorized toy storage and organizers. These are among the best organizers you'll find in the market that your daughter will surely love. With these, you won't have to worry again where to put all those toys that are usually scattered on the floor.

These are beautifully designed that will not only keep your room from being a total mess, but will also light up every room.


Multi-bin toy storage organizer

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Disney Princess 9 Bin Toy Organizer

12L x25W x 25.5"H Cinderella and Snow White

Disney Fairies 3 Tier Toy Organizer with Roll Out Toybox

24.6" x 15.4" x 13.5"

fully printed bins

Disney Princess 3 Bin Organizer With Roll Out Toy Box

24.6 x 15.4 x 13.5 inches

some assembly required

Tot Tutors Toy Organizer Storage Bins, Pastel

34 x 11 x 31 inches

small parts-not for children under 3

4Gr8 Kidz Pink Series Kids Wooden 6-Bin Toy Organizer

24.8 x 9.6 x 23.6 inches

Store toys, books, magazines, art supplies

Honey-Can-Do SRT-01603 Kids Toy Organizer and Storage Bins, White/Pastel

36" x 33.25"x 12.5"

perfect for kids Or craft storage

Bench Toy Storage Organizer

Toy storage bench

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Kids Storage Bench in Fuzzy Pink Fabric

32 1/4"W x 16 1/8"D x 18"H

fabric material

4D Concepts Girls Storage Bench, Pink

17.8 x 35.5 x 18 inches

easily clean with vacuum

Kids Storage Bench in Green and Pink Striped Fabric

32 1/4"W x 16 1/8"D x 18"H

fabric material

Levels Of Discovery Fairy Wishes Bench Seat with Storage Pink/White

31 x 13.5 x 26.5 inches

plenty of storage for toys, books and more

Levels of Discovery Princess Toy Box Bench

16 x 32 x 28 inches

sturdy solid wood

Levels of Discovery Sugar Plum Toy Box Bench

31 x 15 x 26 inches

butterfly and floral motif

Box Toy Storage Organizer

Toy box and chest-type storage

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Disney Princess Hearts And Crowns Toy Box

31 x 16 x 16 inches

fabric cleans easily with mild soap and water

Little Tikes Giant Toy Chest Pink

39" x 23.2" x 21.8"

built of durable and resistant material

GuideCraft Butterfly Collection Toy Box

28.5in H x 17in W x 32.5inL

spacious interior and removable dividers

Guidecraft G86104 Sweetie Pie Box Kids Toy Chest

17.5 x 30 x 22.5 inches

spacious storage

Disney Princess Pretty Pink Toy Box

24.6" x 15.4" x 13.5"

made of wood and medium density fiberboard

Toy chest- Bouquet

32.5 x 14.6 x 16.2

functional as well as decorative

Toy Storage Organizer Features

What it has in store for us

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We all know how difficult it is to keep all those toys off the floor but with the help of toy storage organizers, this task will be much easier. Having these in your home will keep the room tidy and neat at all times.

One more great thing about these toy organizers is that at a young age, children will develop their organizing skills. A fun activity for you and your daughter is that you can make the toy sorting like a game. The child enjoys and learns at the same time.

Other advantages of these storage organizers:

  • These are beautifully designed and a great addition to any room
  • Great quality and easy to assemble (if necessary)
  • Especially toy bins, searching for her favorite toys is so easy
  • Can be easily cleaned and maintained

Usefulness Of Toy Storage Organizers - See why you should have a toy organizer

A Bin, Bench, Or Box?

How to choose

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These toy storage and organizers may serve a single purpose which is to have place for all your daughter's toys, but you should know exactly what you are looking for.

Consider the following:

  • Do you need a colorful design to make your daughter happy?
  • Will you be storing a lot of toys?
  • Are you looking for a dual purpose toy organizer?
  • Are you more particular with quality rather than the design?
  • How much capacity do you need?
  • Do you prefer plastic or wood?

Once you have purchased one, don't be surprised to realize how great of an investment it is and you might keep coming back for more. Did I also mention that it's the perfect gift for every girl!

Toy Storage Organizer

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    • lshields lm profile image

      lshields lm 5 years ago

      Really cute idea for my niece. Nice lens

    • ShineRita profile image

      ShineRita 5 years ago

      Cute! I love these pink Storage Organizer.

    • profile image

      sibiana 5 years ago

      Great ideas

    • profile image

      sailor_man 5 years ago

      Awesome page. I loved the content and I've gave it a Squid Like. Can you return the favor on one of mine?

    • Elsie Hagley profile image

      Elsie Hagley 5 years ago from New Zealand

      Very nice selection of toy storage and organizer. Thanks for sharing.

    • floppypoppygift1 profile image

      floppypoppygift1 5 years ago

      These are beautiful ways to decorate and organize a nursery, playroom, bedroom or basement. The benches are my favorites. Cheers~cb

    • ATTHED LM profile image

      ATTHED LM 5 years ago

      Very nice options here

    • profile image

      infoprogirl 5 years ago

      This is a very nice selection of storage units and chest for girls.

    • mikes-cool-stuff profile image

      mikes-cool-stuff 5 years ago

      Nice toy storage organizers, little girls will love these. Also thanks for liking one of my lenses.

    • NabylaDouz profile image

      NabylaDouz 5 years ago

      I LOVE all of them !

    • JohnI07 profile image

      JohnI07 5 years ago

      Great ideas - there is always a need for storage, especially for highly organized girls.

    • MissKanti profile image

      MissKanti 5 years ago

      While storing toys, the bench toy organizer is a nice addition to a little girl's room.

    • Camden1 profile image

      Camden1 5 years ago

      I like the bench organizers - the kids have a great place to sit as well!

    • profile image

      nicolane 5 years ago

      Forget thekids - I want some of these myself!

    • profile image

      Donnette Davis 5 years ago from South Africa

      My girls would adore these storage containers :)

    • crissaegrim profile image

      crissaegrim 5 years ago

      @Joy Neasley: Yes...toy storage are both useful and decorative at the same time. Thanks for stopping by =)

    • crissaegrim profile image

      crissaegrim 5 years ago

      @WriterJanis2: Thanks for dropping by. I liked the toy benches the most.

    • WriterJanis2 profile image

      WriterJanis2 5 years ago

      Love all of the Disney ones.

    • Joy Neasley profile image

      Joy Neasley 5 years ago from Nashville, TN

      I was always big on keeping toys in individual plastic boxes on a toy storage organizer. It made cleanup time fast and easy..