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Homemade Trailer Plans

Updated on October 31, 2015

How to build your own trailer

This is a project that shouldn't be tackled by a complete amateur but if you are even a little bit handy you can most likely build yourself a nice trailer. All you will need is a good set of plans, an axle, and some steel.

After you have chosen what type of trailer you want to make you will need to buy a set of plans. the Plans will tell you everything you need to know about what trailer parts you are going to need such as What Size Axles? What Type of Trailer lights and Wiring? How To Install A Hydraulic Pump And Piston Arm? if you are building a dump bed trailer

If you will be hauling dirt, trash, debris, or other types of material that you wouldn't want to unload by hand Dump Trailers are good for hauling a lot of loose material

Trailers are very easy to make and can have many uses. Tandem axles allow you to car more weight and it is more evenly distributed so there is less weight on the back of your truck.

There are Enclosed horse trailer plans and Moving trailers With enclosed walls and roof for secured cargo.

If you want to build your own camper trailer you can also get a set of Camper Trailer plans or Teardrop Trailer plans. If you are looking to purchase a boat you can build a simple Boat Trailer



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What do you tow? - Do you have a camper, or maybe a boat. What do you tow?

Do you have a trailer?

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Lights and brakes wiring diagram - You asked for it you got it

Here is a great, Easy to read wire diagram for you to hook up your lights and brakes.

Hitch Covers - These hitch covers plug into your light power and light up and move

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Build Your Own Trailer Video

Youtube is full of great videos to help you in your venture to build a trailer

Trailer lighting kits - Every trailer needs lights

Blazer C6423 Square Trailer Light Kit
Blazer C6423 Square Trailer Light Kit

Every trailer traveling on a public road is required to have directional and brake lights. A lighting kit is cheap and easy to install and in fact it is a lot cheaper then a ticket.

Blazer C5721 LED Square Submersible Trailer Light Kit - Under 80-Inches - Clear
Blazer C5721 LED Square Submersible Trailer Light Kit - Under 80-Inches - Clear

Also available for a little extra is this set of LED lights the bulbs are guaranteed to last longer and they are much brighter.


Dump trailer plans - Build a hydraulic dump

Hydraulic dump trailers are my favorite, It is a great time saver.

Hydraulic Dump Trailer Blueprints
Hydraulic Dump Trailer Blueprints

Hydraulic dump trailers are my favorite, It is a great time saver.


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    • RoseAEckert profile image

      RoseAEckert 5 years ago

      Cool! Gonna show hubby, so he can start tinkering around with the RV haha

    • Just-a-Day-Dream profile image

      Just-a-Day-Dream 5 years ago

      Very neat

    • profile image

      tamstone 5 years ago

      Thanks, now I can stop harassing u-haul :)

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      Great lens. The wiring diagram was particularly useful for me. For an equipment trailer to be of any kind of use, it needs to be road legal in most cases.

    • TolovajWordsmith profile image

      Tolovaj Publishing House 6 years ago from Ljubljana

      Very informative. Looks like an interesting project... Thanks!