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Tranquility and Beauty

Updated on September 26, 2017

Tranquility and Beauty

Tranquility and Beauty, don't these words just scream limitlessness? What do the words tranquility and beauty mean, my own interpretation of them is quiet and pretty. Things that look nice, have a serene quality and are peaceful is what tranquility and beauty are too, me Tranquility and Beauty can be limitless because there can always be more than one thing that anyone considers tranquil and beautiful.

When people hear the words Tranquility and Beauty, what come's to mind? A limitless number of things that they find tranquil and beautiful or at least that is what I think, anyway. Not everyone has the same frame of mind when they hear those two words. When I hear the words tranquility and beauty, I think of trees and water flowing. Have you ever had that feeling where you are awake but you are dreaming? Well, when I think of tranquility and beauty that is the feeling I get. For example, when I am having an issue writing or just thinking I like going somewhere where trees and water are situated. When you work from home, you can do anything, to get work done. I have found that working inside when it is nice and sunny out, can be difficult.

When I think of these words I think of either a forest full of trees or a beach. For example, walking on the beach with birds chirping or even butterflies fluttering past you. Even the sound of crickets is tranquil to me. The beauty part would be, flowers blooming and the different colors they could be. I was somewhere about a week ago, and just the setup of where I was, brought ideas for different blog posts to mind. Which made me really want to write this blog post. When you work from home you can work anywhere, or can you?What am I getting at when I say that is if you work from home, can just work in one part of your house? If so then good for you. But what if you work from home but can’t focus on what you are doing then what do you do? Well, I work from home, and when I can’t get work done I either leave the house and go outside and then come back about an hour or so later and try again. If that doesn’t work, then I try changing locations, either in my house or I leave and go uptown to get work done or another part of my property. Sometimes that doesn’t work either, though so what is next. Do you go shopping just to take your mind off it, or go out for coffee so that you are not thinking about what you have to do? Sometimes that does help. When that doesn’t work, however, go to someplace where find beautiful and quiet to work, is usually the best spot. Sometimes not having any noise inside the house, works but other times you have to be outdoors in nature to get anything done.

Going to a beach or into a forest, where there is lots of trees and rocks to sit, on is one of the things that brings me tranquility and it is very beautiful when you walk through it. The silence and being able to hear your own thoughts is the best thing when you can’t focus. Sitting outside without the sound of phones ringing or even the doorbell, is quiet enough too, sometimes. I am just thinking more along the lines, of cars pulling into the driveway, too. Although everyone has their own definitions of tranquility and beauty, my definition is either sitting by a pool, a lake or around trees with birds chirping? Even being in a house that looks as though you are outdoors would make things a bit easier to get work done for me.

In reality, tranquility and beauty can be one in the same thing, you just have to believe it is and see what comes of it. Everyone has their own definition and maybe it isn’t the same as yours but why not ask your friends and see, what theirs is. I know that when I can’t focus and I tell people that I can’t focus they give me a weird look that says, oh you have nothing to do why can’t you focus, well the truth is they don’t know what I have to do. I work from home as a freelance writer, so yes I work. Yes, it can stress me out sometimes and that is why I need a change of scenery or a place to work that is tranquil and beautiful because it will help me think better. I know sometimes I changed locations just because I couldn’t handle being in one location and that seemed to work, but when you tell people that they don’t really agree with you, but who are they to tell you what you should feel and how you should work if that is what you choose to do.

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Tranquil Beauty

When you are trying to find tranquility and beauty why not look in the places where you believe that it is. If you look in the places that you believe that it is, then it will be there and it will work for you. Everything is different for every person so if something works for someone else to get work done or whatever they choose to do it might not necessarily work for someone else that is trying to do the same thing. Everyone’s tranquility and beauty are different so you shouldn’t question or disprove if someone’s idea is different than yours, you should just let it be.

Tranquility and beauty can come in many different forms, depending on the person. That is why it is all different. If your mood is different your idea of tranquility and beauty could be different as well. The idea of tranquility and beauty goes through our senses. If someone wants to tell you about what they think is tranquil or beautiful and it helps them get through their day, then let them even if it doesn’t seem like it is tranquil and beautiful to you, their story of how it works for them might surprise you.

If I had a choice to sit outside in a forest, a backyard with trees, or by a pool even in a house that looks like a cottage, I probably would get more done because to me that is what tranquility and beauty are. Although that might not be what it is for someone else that is what it is to me, and everyone should find what is tranquil and beautiful for them and see what it does for them in the future.

Tranquility and beauty are what you feel are tranquil which is another word for quiet or peaceful to you. It is also what you feel is beautiful, anything can be tranquil and beautiful to anyone that is why it can be limitless too. I find silence and something colorful to be tranquil and beautiful too it just depends on my mood at the time when I am looking at or doing a certain thing. It can come from anywhere you just to be looking for it in order to find it which is another reason why it can be limitless.

Have you ever looked at a landscape or been somewhere that felt so tranquil that you never wanted to leave? I have felt that, in some places and when I feel so at peace I know that I can get a lot of thinking and writing done for my blogs which are why I am always looking for tranquil and beautiful spots in a limitless capacity because I know that my writing just flows when I am in a tranquil beautiful place. When people are in tranquil and beautiful place their minds are put at ease, and they can organize their thoughts limitlessly. Or at least I can when I am in a tranquil place.

This is another photo that suggests tranquility and beauty in my eyes anyway.
This is another photo that suggests tranquility and beauty in my eyes anyway.

Limitlessness of Tranquil Beauty

When you look around at your surrounds do you feel that there is a limitless amount of tranquility and beauty? I live on a piece of property where there is a place that is tranquil quiet and beautiful. So when I need to have some tranquility and beauty in my life, I go outside and sit by the pond and let my mind go free. I sit by the pond and clear my mind and see what happens after about an hour or so.

Is Tranquility and Beauty Limitless? Let's Discuss

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    • louise-barraco profile image

      Louise Barraco 10 months ago from Ontario

      That's true thanks for the comment

    • Gwenneth Leane profile image

      Gwenneth Leane 10 months ago from Glen Osmond, Adelaide, South Australia Australia

      I think tranquility always goes with beauty, at least for me.

      But everybody would have a different idea of beauty and tranquility, so what works for me wouldn't necessarily work for others