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Tree Removal Melbourne: "Guaranteed to Beat all Written/Authentic Quotes"

Updated on November 3, 2012

Tree Removal Melbourne Northern & Eastern Suburbs

Hi and Welcome,

My name is Nathan Walker and I run a successful "Tree Removal & Care" business here in Melbourne.

This is my first site.

I created it mainly for 2 reasons.

1. Is to see if this Internet thing does work and generate more calls to our family run Business.So feel free to call and ask any questions on 0404709595 I will gladly answer anything and help you in anyway possible.

2. To provide some information on tree removal and tree care services & arborist Melbourne services.That will save you time and money and any future heart ache.

Call 0404 70 95 95

I will Gladly Answer Any Questions You Have


122 Bayfield rd

Bayswater Nth

Melbourne Victoria 3153


Fully Insured

20 Million Public Liability

Here is a image of my insurance. Which I can bring when I do your job.

Tree Removal and Tree Care advice. - This beautiful picture is from Bruce Fong

Tree Removal Melbourne

Maybe necessary when other means such as tree pruning or an Arborist Diagnosis fails.

A Good resource here for Arborist/Tree Surgeon

Reasons why a tree will need to be removed could be.

1 An inappropriate position.

2 It's Dead or Dying

3 The structural integrity on the tree is comprimised

4 Interfering with services like plumbing,electrical, to concrete foundations.

Some advice on Tree Selection,

This is often an overlooked decision by home owners considering most trees will out live the owner themselves.

The costs associated for tree removal are substantial not to mention costs on landscaping or housing damage.

So when planting a tree some questions you might ask of yourself ,a professional arborist or even just doing some research on the internet might be.

1 Why is the tree being planted?(shade,asthetics,fruit etc)

2 Does the allocated land for the tree allow for growth,root spread,over head wires,underground amenities, affect side walks,driveways others trees in the immediate vicinity.

3 What type of soil types are needed ? good drainage,fertile/infertile etc

4 Maintanence of the tree and associated ongoing costs(low,medium,high)

Other Benefits to be taken into consideration are.


From Hospitals finding that rooms with views of trees offer faster recovery periods.To communtities standing together to petition a removal of trees for subdividing of land or widening of streets or pavements. Trees provide a strong bond that survive many lifetimes and we often become attached to trees that we have personally planted or others that we are attached to have.



Though trees may be on private property,Considerations of neighbours rights are needed. Proper planning should be taken into account so that the value of planting a tree is maximised for the owner while not infringing on that of neighbours.


T trees can serve several architectural functions. They provide privacy, Enahnce views or provide a screen privacy. Offer glare and reflection reduction They provide backgrounds to soften, enhance or complement architecture.


This is one area that you really need to concentrate on meaning that there are direct and indirect costs that could be associated to the addition of a tree or trees

Cooling costs could be lower with the addition of trees for shading an enclosure, Heating costs could be reduced when wind breaks are in place.

Landscaped properties are more valueable than non landscaped properties.

Indirect costs on communities are affected as a whole though insignificant to the individual.


Our environment is affected by trees, things like

Air quality

Harbouring wildlife

Wind speed and direction could be affected

Temperature in the immediate vicinity of trees is affected. Larger trees equate to a larger cooling affect.

I hope this information has provided some useful information.

Again please feel free to call me even if you have any questions you would like to ask.

Call 0404709595

A stricken tree, a living thing, so beautiful, so dignified, so admirable in its potential longevity, is, next to man, perhaps the most touching of wounded objects.

Edna Ferber

Photo Gallery - From

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Beautiful Shot up a Large TreeWorking up a tree doing some tree pruning.Safety is very important of course.Stump Grinding Machine.This little baby is worth its weight in Gold !Another great shot at work.Our Logo
Beautiful Shot up a Large Tree
Beautiful Shot up a Large Tree
Working up a tree doing some tree pruning.Safety is very important of course.
Working up a tree doing some tree pruning.Safety is very important of course.
Stump Grinding Machine.This little baby is worth its weight in Gold !
Stump Grinding Machine.This little baby is worth its weight in Gold !
Another great shot at work.
Another great shot at work.
Our Logo
Our Logo

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