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trenchless sewer repair

Updated on August 23, 2009

A major cause of sewage pipe problems worldwide are tree roots which invade the sewage pipes and make them their new home due to the high moisture content and easy growing conditions, the reason that this is possible is that most sewage pipes that are over 20 years old are made from either concrete or ceramic pipe, these pipes stand little chance against mighty tree roots and so for the past few decades t has been the case that if a tree root decided to invade your sewerage pipe you would have no choice but to rip up your yard, lay trenches and replace the pipe. Often ripping up a yard will mean removing plants or taking down retaining walls, meaning that this can be a very costly exercise.

A new technology which has recently been perfected has now removed the need for trenches to be dug at all. The technology generally referred to as trenchless sewer repair does just that. Workers will begin by digging a pit at either end of the damaged sewer pipe, once this is done the damaged pipe is opened at either end and a steel wire is feed right the way through the pipe, this wire is then attached to a brand new piece of high quality polyethylene pipe which is pulled slowly into the hole to replace the old pipe by a winch.

This process is very slow as the old pipe is actually shattered and then displaced by the new pipe slowly moving into its former place. The new pipe which is used to replace the old one is made from thick high quality plastics which are easily able to withstand the force of being dragged through the ground and are not susceptible to attack by tree roots.

The new system of sewer repair is both cheaper and quicker than the old trenching method, so in the future if you do have problems with you sewage system I’m sure that you will know what to do.


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    • profile image

      Best Plumco 6 years ago

      Thanks a lot! It is an interesting fact that trees being the root cause for sewage pipe breakage. Most of us wouldn’t have realized this.