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Arc4life's Review of The TriCore Orthopedic Neck Support Pillow

Updated on November 14, 2015
Notice the wings on the pillow for side sleepers. Notice also the larger and smaller neck supports.
Notice the wings on the pillow for side sleepers. Notice also the larger and smaller neck supports. | Source

Why is the Tri core Orthopedic Neck Pillow so Popular?

With so many pillows to choose from, it might be easy to see why you could potentially have a closet full of pillows. You try to get the right one...but it takes time and in the meantime you might be accumulating a lot of pillows. Pillows you don't know what to do with. In this hub page, I am want to do a quick overview of the tricore neck support pillow. I have been in the market of neck pillows for over 10 years now. I have sold many in my time, and I have a few things I can help you with in finding the right pillow.

Some Important Facts About the Tricore neck support pillow:

  • this is an orthopedic neck pillow with contours. If you are looking for a flat pillow look elsewhere
  • generally it is a firmer pillow than most
  • it is composed of fiber
  • this pillow has 2 neck rolls on it. One larger, one smaller
  • it supports your neck very well
  • it works for side and back sleepers

You Can Also get the "gentle" Version on Amazon

Core Products FIB-220 Tri-Core Cervical Pillow, Gentle Support, Standard, White
Core Products FIB-220 Tri-Core Cervical Pillow, Gentle Support, Standard, White

Just want to let my fellow hubpage readers know that "gentle" does not mean soft for this fiber pillow. If someone is looking to buy this pillow I let them know that the tri core pillow is a firm pillow, including the "gentle" one. So overall if you like a firm pillow try this gentle version first. If you do not like firm pillows, then think about getting another neck pillow.


This is a Firm Fiber Neck Pillow

I want to highlight and bold this fact about this neck pillow. It is a firm pillow. Even the gentle version of the pillow is a firm level of support.

If you were to stick your finger into the pillow, there would be very little give.

This is important because not everyone like a firm pillow. Others love a firm pillow.

Great if you love a firm pillow. Also this pillow holds up well, in terms of longevity. It will last. Because the fiber is packed into the pillow, the fibers will break down less. Don't be surprised if a tricore pillow lasts you years and years. But make sure it is comfortable for YOU. A pillow that is too firm will be uncomfortable if you don't like a firm level of support.

Have you ever slept on a Tricore Support Pillow?

Have you Slept on the Tricore pillow in the past?

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Dr. Bellinger Shows us the TriCore Pillow and How to Use it

Will this Pillow casue neck pain and soreness after using it?

The Short Answer to this is YES or NO.

YES, if you are not used to using a contoured neck pillow with neck rolls on it. Yes if you are not used to using a firm support pillow. Yes, if you already have a very sensitive neck.

NO, if you are used to sleeping on a firm pillow.NO if you are used to sleeping a contoured neck pillow

Can you minimize the soreness when you first begin to use the pillow? YES.

Don't use the pillow the entire night on the first night. Use it for maybe 10 or 15 minutes. Be attentive to how you feel. If you start experiencing neck pain or soreness, stop using the pillow and grab the pillow you usually use. The next night use the pillow longer, maybe 20 to 25 minutes.

Also, stretch your neck when you wake up. If you take a hot shower when you first wake up, let it hit the neck and upper back area. This will give you relief of neck pain from sleeping on a new pillow.

The tricore family of neck support pillows comes in three sizes

Here is another benefit of the tricore orthopedic neck support pillow. It comes in three sizes. They are not usually sold together because for each size there is a gentle or firm version.

Here are the sizes:

  1. PETITE: 19"X12"
  2. MID: 22"X15"
  3. STANDARD:24"X17"

getting the right size is VERY important. Here is a loose guideline on what to get:

If you are a small framed person then think about getting the petite or midcore. IF you are over 5'4" get the standard. I wish that the pillow came in a large size as well, as I feel that people who are over 6 ft would benefit from a larger pillow.

This tri core pillow comes in levels of support

Gentle and firm.This firm version of the pillow is very firm. There is no give to this pillow. Great for patients who like very firm pillows. Incidentally, this pillow will last longer too.

Does the Pillow You Sleep on Matter?

How important is it to sleep on the same pillow every night to help you fall and stay asleep?

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There is a reason why this pillow is often recommended by chiropractors...

Obviously this pillow works. It is often recommended by chiropractors for patients who are experiencing neck pain, muscle spasm, tightness, headaches or even radiculopathy.

If you suffer with neck pain or cannot get into a comfortable position at night because of the pain, seriously consider this pillow. Give it some adjustment time before you give up on it. It is worth it. Even though it is a contoured neck pillow that is harder than most, it does provide a lot of relief.

If you do not have a curve in your neck (loss of cervical lordosis or miitary neck), this pillow also helps with that alignment. Chiropractors often see this on an x-ray of the neck. Apart from adjusting you, giving you exercises, and doing neck traction, they may also recommend a contoured neck pillow. The Tricore neck support pillow often fits the bill.

Do you have anything to add about the tricore pillow?

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    • Arc4life profile imageAUTHOR


      3 years ago from Florida

      Hi Cristiano, thank you for your comment. Yes, I agree that this is an expensive pillow. On Arc4life is sells for around $45. Keep in mind that there are way more expensive fiber pillows than these. Obviously this pillow serves a purpose and it is designed for patients who experience neck pain or have another neck condition. I am happy to hear that you have a neck pillow that works for you specifically. For some people that can be hard to do, so you are lucky. Especially when you are pregnant you might extra support in different places. Thank you again.


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