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Troy Bilt Snow Blowers | Heavy Duty Snow Thrower

Updated on September 25, 2014

Troy Bilt Snow Blowers- Heavy Duty Reliability

Snow blowers save hours of back breaking work each winter. Snow removal by snow blowers makes this chore much easier. Troy Bilt Snow blowers have state of the art design features and are praised by their owners everywhere. "Troy Bilts are Always Good..." Janice shared with me recently. We all know reliability and capability are the benchmarks for buying one of these great work savers. Gas powered ones have lots of power, and convenience features. Current models of electric blowers may surprise you with their lightweight highly efficient operation with lower maintenance costs. I was always told,"Invest your hard-earned money and buy a tool which will ALWAYS do the job!" Troy Bilt Snow blowers - when you don't want to ask how to repair a snow blower! It is true that other brands also function well, notably the Toro models also offer good price/ value. But If you REALLY want heavy duty snow blower capability, the Troy Bilt machines are unsurpassed. Check out the new Troy Bilt show blowers- you will like the great features and new technology improvements.

Troy bilt snow Blower 2620
Troy bilt snow Blower 2620

TROY-BILT Storm 2620 26" Two-Stage Snow Thrower

Quality Snow Thrower Features

Troy Bilt Snow Blowers model 2620 offers:

Push-button electric start ,

15" tires,

Useful headlight when the sun goes down,

Joystick control swings the chute side to side,

26" removal width

Six forward gears/ two reverse gears.

Well designed features

Heavy duty 6 HP engine for deep, dry snow.

Unfortunately, there are incidents of disappointment with engine performance with this model if equipped with the Chinese built engine. It seems that a fuel /air mixture problem may cause performance to be compromised when using gasoline containing ethanol. I cannot recommend this unit as a result at this time. Though to be fair, the problem is said to be repairable (the solution is being researched).

troy Bilt Snow Blowers Squall21
troy Bilt Snow Blowers Squall21

Troy-Bilt Squall 21" Single Stage Snow Thrower

The Troy Bilt Snow Blower Squall 21" features

Great power with its 203cc engine

A lighter weight machine for those who need a smaller more economy minded solution to their snow removal requirements.

Legendary Troy Bit design and engineering

The Troy Bilt brand is widely regarded as one of the best built in the industry. In fact,, clicking on this site will give you the chance to see many of their fine products.

Troy Bilt snow blowers
Troy Bilt snow blowers

Troy-Bilt Storm Tracker 26" Deluxe 2690 XP Two-Stage Snow Thrower

Troy Bit Snow Blower Product Features

* 208cc* 4-cycle OHV engine

* Touch' n Turn power steering provides the ultimate in manoueverability

* Push-button electric start

* Just 1 Hand operation-steer with 1 hand,freeing the other to adjust chute direction w/o stopping

* 6 forward / 2 reverse speeds

This Heavy Duty machine has all the power and convenience features demanded by professionals everywhere.

Cuts through deeper snow with ease. It is a real time and work saver ! It might eliminate more than half of previous time spent removing snow.

Well regarded in snow blower reviews!

Troy Bilt are amazingly Good Performing Snow Blowers

Promote a sense of community- Share a Snow Thrower With Someone

In researching before writing, I found that the vast majority of owners described Troy Bilt Snow Throwers to be very reliable and of high quality. As I checked further, I found that maintenance helped ensure longest useful Snow Blower/ Snow Thrower reliability. Snow blowers that last a long time are frequently used by more than one family. Some buy snow blowers together and share their use (helping to reduce cost). Cost savings through shared use offers a good way to promote the sense of community amongst people and organizations. Churches, schools, and others also share snow blowers with great results.

Share your Snow Blower Tips Here - What do you think of Troy Bilt Snow Blowers

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    • bt55 profile image

      bt55 7 years ago

      @squid-janices7: Thank you for taking the time to view my lens and add your comments. i have enjoyed your lenses very much and look forward to reading more of them.

    • raswook profile image

      Jeff Wendland 7 years ago from Kalamazoo, MI

      I could sure use one of these this winter. Each year it seems the driveway hurts my back just a little bit more using a shovel.

    • squid-janices7 profile image

      squid-janices7 7 years ago

      Can't live in Minnesota without a snowblower. We've had several brands over the years....Troy Bilts are always good.