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#1 Turmeric Stains Removal Method

Updated on February 22, 2014
It was turmeric powder that stained my fingernails and skin and not the turmeric root.
It was turmeric powder that stained my fingernails and skin and not the turmeric root.

Did you know: Turmeric stains on fingernails and skin can be removed by washing them regularly with soap and water?

THEAMERICANWRITER - Jan. 26, 2012 | 22:27 CST

FREEMONT, California - Not too long ago I saw a site that stated turmeric stains on fingernails do not wash off. And I wanted to touch on this statement to prove how false it is. I did contact the owner to inform of the wrong information and I got a response basically telling me she won't budge on what she put. She goes by the name Samantha on her website. She didn't hide her name and it may or may not be her real name. Nonetheless, I will use the name she provided on her site. I told Samantha that I had turmeric stains on my nails and washing them off did in fact work to remove the stains. It didn't happen immediately, but nonetheless washing did help a great deal. I didn't have to wait weeks and this was after I applied a water-based turmeric paste directly onto my hands. It stained my nails and stained my skin obviously because I applied the turmeric directly.

She went into saying she didn't say "come off" that she specifically said it won't "wash off". And stood her ground. That's all fine and dandy to stand by what you say but at least let stand by what's right. That is like a person saying one plus one equals four and standing by that answer regardless the proof someone shows them it equals two. It's like really?! I'm glad you want to stand up for what's wrong, but dang what about what's right?! She failed to understand that washing off is a part of the process to removing turmeric stains or any stain for that matter because you can't scrape it off without peeling your skin and/or nail and who is to say that will even work. What a nasty visual! Yuck!

This lady wanted to play on words and still lost that battle with me. Though she did say "wash off" -- nowhere in her article did she state that turmeric ever comes off at all until my response to her article. Then she slightly changed it but still stuck to her thing of that it doesn't wash off. She was very adamant that it does not wash off. In other words, she was saying it doesn't wash off but it does come off. That was the small modification she made in her response but not in her article. You see how she played on words while still being wrong?

Want to rid unwanted elements? Then wash up.
Want to rid unwanted elements? Then wash up.

The Purpose of Washing

What is the purpose of washing something? When you wash something off, you are in essence washing to make something what? That's right: come off -- whether it be dirt, marker or another type of stain. The purpose of washing is to get that particular thing to come off. And considering the nature of turmeric, the coloring it does to one's skin and nails is not something that you can scrape off with your fingernails and skin in tact. So with that said, if she is right in that it does not wash off, then how else is it going to come off? Her article goes into say wear gloves as to imply turmeric stains cannot ever be removed through washing or any other way because if so, then she would have gone into ways to get it off of your nails and she did not. Her solution (which was not a solution) was wear gloves. But if a person already has stained turmeric fingernails, what are they to do? Well she would be no help because wearing gloves is not going to help remove the stain already there. Her solution was only for those who hadn't already stained their fingernails with turmeric. And gloves don't help for those intaking turmeric (e.g. capsules) that happen to result in stained nails. She did reiterate her solution in her response to me, by the way.

The fact remains, that this lady is not smart because turmeric stains on fingernails and skin does in fact wash off -- over time. It will not go away on its own. What stain goes away on its own? If you can't scrape off the coloring caused by turmeric, then the only other way is to what? That's right: wash it off. It's not rocket science and does not take a genius to figure it out. It is no different than a stain on shirt, in that it may take multiple washes to finally get it to wash off completely.

The Turmeric Stain Removal Challenge

Near the tail end of my reply to Samantha, I challenged her to a test that I think is really ridiculous for anyone to test. But if you're lacking common sense, then you can take up on the challenge as well. I've already proven, based on personal experience that washing off the turmeric stain does in fact work. And this was before I even came across her article. That was the only reason why I responded to her article because I had just experienced otherwise. What she said was so false that I had to correct her. So if you're up for the challenge if you lack common sense and/or personal experience with turmeric please read on, but I cannot be proved wrong because by experience washing off turmeric has proven to work.

  • No Washing: Applying turmeric to your nails (or any part of your skin on your hand) and when it turns yellow do not ever bath, shower, or wash that area with anything for at least one month. Yes, I know your hands and rest of your body will be very dirty from lack of washing. And that is because with this challenge you cannot wash the rest of your body without getting soap and/or water on your hands and nails. After about a month, come back here and report your results. Is the yellow stain from the turmeric going away on its own due to lack of washing?
  • Washing: Once you have posted your results after at least a month of refraining from washing your nails (you can't wash your hands and rest of your body without washing your nails) start to wash fingernails and hands on a regular basis for at least one month. Do multiple washes if necessary over the course of a month (though in my case it didn't take a month to see results). After a month has passed, then come back here and post your results. Is the yellow stain from the turmeric going away due to you now washing the area on a regular basis? Note what day you start to see results.

The sink awaits your soapy hands to wash away unwanted elements.
The sink awaits your soapy hands to wash away unwanted elements.

Washing Off Turmeric Stains Does Work to Remove It

I can tell you from my personal experience (before I read her article) that it took a few days or so of washing with soap and water to get the stains to be washed away completely. I washed my hands just as I regular do on a day-to-day basis; like when I showered, after using the toilet, and after washing dishes. So I washed my hands (fingernails obviously included) at least 3 times each day with at least three different soaps doing different activities throughout the day. This isn't something that was a chore for me. I didn't change up my daily routine to make this happen. Washing my hands/body is just something I do on a day-to-day basis. But each person may have different results depending on how often they wash their hands/body. I don't know if the type of soap is a big deal. I used Irish Spring soap for my showers and Palmolive for dish washing that my hands/nails made contact with, and soap that is found at a hotel, I used that after using the toilet but sometimes I used my Irish Spring bar soap after that, too. I also had contact with laundry detergent made by arm and hammer. So washing that off of my hands helped as well. It's all washing.

I was amazed that someone in the world would actually believe stains cannot be washed off. I don't care what the stain is. Heck, blood can even be washed off. It was insane for this lady to state and then stand by her statement as wrong as it is that turmeric cannot be washed off of fingernails. That is completely false. And anyone and everyone can prove her wrong easily. But she'll continue to live in this world thinking turmeric stains cannot be washed off. Can I or anyone trust anything else she has to say after proving her wrong and she still not change her mind? Nope. There's nothing wrong with giving an opinion about something but when it's been proven otherwise, change your mind to the right thing or suffer the consequences of people not being to trust what you have to say from that point on. Some people just have a hard time when they are told they are wrong. So they try to save face and in the process do more damage for themselves. I don't mind correction, so long as it proves to be correct. I can only tell you how long it took me to wash the turmeric stains from my nails and the part of my palms in between my index finger and thumb because I had applied the turmeric to my index finger for healing. So I can rightfully say it is the process of washing (and repeated washing for some people) that removes the yellow coloring of turmeric. Anyone who tells you differently is a liar and it's easy to prove them wrong.

Can't Handle the Truth Washing Works

Her false statement, "However, turmeric stains on fingernails do not wash off..." -- Whether water-based or oil-based, it doesn't matter. Anyone who tells you this statement as she typed it exactly, has no intelligence and no common sense. I suggested she change her statement to this to be more accurate, "However, turmeric stains on fingernails do not immediately wash off, but it will over time the more washes you do." But don't know if she will change it to that. I tried to inform her about her wrong and she took offense to it instead and chose to stand by her wrongful statement. Some people just can't handle the truth. Had it not been for me washing myself regularly, my nails and skin would probably still be yellow with turmeric. Thankfully, my fingernails and skin are free of turmeric stains as a result of washing.


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    • profile image

      lily 2 years ago

      OMG such a long article for such a useless statement...

    • profile image

      Webbie 2 years ago

      Gail...the comment under the picture at the top of the article says to just wash your hands regularly. You didn't need to read the whole article. Or you could have just skipped to the 'The Turmeric Stain Removal Challenge' section and found your answer there. That's what I did.

    • profile image

      Gail 2 years ago

      I got more irritated you berating the other women when all I wanted to read was how to get the stain off. But all you did was rant and rave and needed to be right about how wrong she was.

    • profile image

      jen 3 years ago

      Arm n hammer baking soda for skin, nails, sink, tubs.

    • profile image

      sakshi 3 years ago

      Guys I found a solution for this problem

      take 3 spoons of sugar and 1 spoon of water now mix them nd rub on your face and hands

      And you will see effective change also water and sugar is a great exfoliater so now my skin is also exfoliated it really do work and it's good try it

    • profile image

      Ali 3 years ago

      Worst. Article. Ever.

    • profile image

      Smacking Vilt Smak 4 years ago

      LOL @ Vilt Smak. You stupid ninny. haha. You do know that people who post articles on Hubpages make money, right? Don't you see the advertisements everywhere? They aren't hard to miss. So while you think this was a cryfest article, the author is laughing at you while banking money.

    • profile image

      vilt smak 4 years ago

      You are an insane baby. Can't believe you spent that much time writing about a non-event cryfest with an internet stranger. Get a life you stupid ninny.

    • profile image

      Lin 4 years ago

      I actually thought you had a solution to my problem. I wasted time reading this post in hopes that once you got done with your rantings you would have a solution. Turns out you have no clue what you are talking about. I use real turmeric not powdered and it stains my hands yellow. I juice it and the pulp stains the inside of my juicer, apparently even if submerged in water which I do to clean my juicer, turmeric will stain hands and nails and clothes. I have tumeric on my hands and nails and it WILL not wash off with soap and water no matter how hard I try no matter how many times I wash even with a scrub brush. It does fade a little bit but it takes forever. I was hoping that if I forget to wear gloves and find myself in this predicament again I had found a solution. Thanks for nothing!

    • profile image

      Alice 4 years ago

      I take turmeric in capsules as an arthritis remedy. It works very well for that. I handle the capsules with gloves on but still get yellowing on my fingernails. This is an internal manifestation not a stain. I wash my hands regularly and use a sugar scrub at night. Still have a yellow tinge under my nails

    • profile image

      Katmmmm 4 years ago

      Not all southern asians eat with their hands. That's a bold-faced lie! People who read that do NOT listen to that. That is such a lie! Now YOU go jump off a roof for telling the world that lie! Everything else you had to say is not even worth commenting on. I can't believe you wasted your time joining today just to make that comment.

    • profile image

      Katmmmm 4 years ago

      I can't believe you took all this time to tell us turmeric washes off easily. First off, what nationality are you? If you only used turmeric to season something then washed your hands right after, then it will wash off... Maybe... But if you are southern Asian or like me, a friend of southern Asians, we eat food with our hands and turmeric will sit on our skin until we are done eating. It does not simply WASH OFF. Go jump off a roof. I seriously can't believe you spent all this time typing so much BS. I got here looking for home remedies to get rid of the yellow stain. Ugh.

    • profile image

      XoXo 4 years ago

      Good news:

      I dye my hair with turmeric powder. This time my hands and Nails got pretty yellow.

      I soaked my hands in water for a while. Then I took some bicarbonate soda mixed with water and brushed this in with a nailbrush (or whatever it's called). Worked really well, even for my nails. Still a Little bit yellow under the nails, but the outer side is now rid of the yellow.

      I finished with a scrub made from olive oil, salt and coffee. This might have helped too.

      My hands are not sensitive, so you might want to be careful with this method if your hands are dry or cracked or just sensitive. Good luck!

    • profile image

      LOL @ Ten Yellow Fingers 4 years ago

      Awww, Ten Yellow Fingers. That's too bad. Why do people who read this article think it's an instant cure when the article mentions is being a daily process to get rid of it? That's what I don't get. Like stains on anything, you can't expect it to happen in a second, you can't even expect stains to be gone in an hour or day even. You got to be realistic Ten Yellow Fingers. haha. I think the point of this article was, keep washing like you do already and OVER TIME, it will EVENTUALLY be no more.

    • profile image

      Ten yellow fingers 4 years ago

      Seriously...doesn't wash off.. used a nailbrush, that didn't work then either...your advice (or lack thereof) means I still look like I have a horrific nail infection thanks.

    • profile image

      Wtf 5 years ago

      It doesn't wash off ....dummbass

    • profile image

      Eye opener 5 years ago

      All u people get a life....:-)

    • profile image

      Samantha 5 years ago

      First, I'm not the Samantha being talked about in the article. I have to disagree with Debbie. I have a very demanding job where I work over a lot of overtime each week, but I'm still able to take showers and wash my hands before I go to bed and after I use the latrine and feed the kids and clean the house.

      @Debbie: You've gotten way beside yourself. For you to comment like that, it sounds like you don't shower nor wash your hands regularly. The author didn't suggest people put their hands under a sink all day. Read the darn article. It's quite clear what the author did. Geez, why did you take such offense to this article to the point you've called the author a moron and an idiot? Really, Debbie? It's not that serious. And then you're not even correct in what you had to say. Any video or scientific proof of your claim? The author's statements in that it does wash off over time is in fact accurate on matter what you want to believe it does in fact wash off. I can attest to that. And you don't have to scrub. All you have to do is continue to clean yourself as you normally do (if you do) every day and it'll wash off. I'm also living proof of that. My recommendation for you Debbie is start making regular showers a regular part of your life. And wash your hands any time they get dirty. To not do either is just disgusting. Yuck!

    • profile image

      Debbie 5 years ago

      You're a moron. Turmeric doesn't wash off, idiot. What you're doing is scrubbing off stained skin a little at a time. Some of us have jobs and have more important things to do other than stick our hands under faucets all day long.