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Tuscan Patio Styles

Updated on January 2, 2016

Old World Charm Tuscan Patio Ideas

Alfresco dining with a mix of Old World Charm, Italian Renaissance and country peasantry, best describes this mix of Tuscan patio styles. Beautiful traditional Tuscan patios are displayed in order to show the various styles.

Tuscan Urn Planters
Tuscan Urn Planters

Tuscan Urns

Potted Tuscan Urn Planters

To be high on a hilltop overlooking the Tuscan hills; that is the life! This patio incorporates the elements of Tuscan style with the use of large ocher planter urns, which echo the farmhouses on the rolling Tuscany hills. Place urns potted with plants and flowers into a grouping on a gravel bed to create an easy care garden.

Summer garden © Andy Rhodes at

Tuscan Style Garden Hose Reel - Metal Hose Reel

This beautiful powder coated, antique Pewter finish, metal reel is sturdy and easy to install. Hose will wind and unwind like a breeze.

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Traditional Patio in Tuscany

Old World Charm Dining

This serene backyard patio is an example of the traditional Tuscan patio design of this region. Most of the landscape materials used are natural stone.

Italian backyard, Tuscany

© Malgorzata Kistryn -

Patio tables and chairs are traditionally wood or wrought iron. Simplicity and charm is the way to go when creating your outdoor living area. Include elements of wrought iron, wood or wicker for your furnishings and planters cascading with flowers.

tuscan fountain pots.PNG
tuscan fountain pots.PNG

Tuscan Water Pots along a Pool

Tuscan Fountains

Tuscan Water Pots

© Alan Crosthwaite |

A water fountain is traditionally the focal point of a Patio in Tuscany, while tall, elegant dark green cypress trees epitomize the Tuscan landscape. If you're planning on building a pond or natural swimming pool along your Tuscan patio, then consider adding this Tuscan feature.

scenic tuscan patio with pool
scenic tuscan patio with pool

Italian Patio Design

Seaview Isle of Elba Island, in Tuscany.

This patio and pool with a view is in the Tuscan Archipelago.

with Pool

© Alicia De Brasi |

Tuscan Resort in the Hills of Tuscany

There's nothing quite like Tuscan themed patios that evoke romance and the warmth of the Tuscan sun. The patio embraces the natural elements of stone and wood in their rustic forms and the earthy colors of the Tuscan farms.

Luxury Resort in Tuscan Hills

© Newphotoservice |

Wrought iron dining furniture is the traditional outdoor dining décor and the use of large rustic terracotta urns make their Tuscan statement all the more enchanting. A natural, flat stone, typically flagstone is the stone of choice.

Tuscan Deck with Pergola

with Colorful Blue Chairs

Tuscany is situated in the western part of Italy. It is a popular destination and is noted for its unique landscape of cypress trees, olive groves, vineyards, wine cellars, including some of Europe's best wineries, olive mills, and its cheese and honey producers.

Tuscan Pergola Terrace with Blue Chairs

© mademoisellek -

Use natural elements such as stone, mosaic tile, wood, terra cotta, water, trees and flowers Tuscan-style. Tuscan themes should have a romantic, yet inviting and laid back feeling.

Tuscan Style Garden - Plants for a Tuscan Style Patio

The flowers, herbs and trees of Tuscany that you might find around a patio in Tuscany would be: climbing roses and grapevines, Jasmine, Passion Flower, Lavender and Wisteria Vines.

Steps and windows are almost always decorated with potted geraniums of pink and coral. Herbs you might find growing in sun-drenched urns or the garden would be rosemary, sage and thyme.

Trees you will find in Tuscany are: Apple, fig, lemon, plum, apricot, pear, quince, almond, persimmons and olive trees. Tuscany is noted for its rolling vineyards and olive groves. Of course, don't forget the elegant Cypress Trees!

tuscan patio dining.PNG
tuscan patio dining.PNG

Tuscan Style Patio

Elegant wrought iron dining furniture in the traditional Mediterranean style. This is a small Tuscan patio off the front entrance of the house.

Tuscan Terrace

© Malgorzata Kistryn |

The patio areas are often quaint and small in the towns, while still maintaining their Old World appeal.


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