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TV Lift Consoles

Updated on November 14, 2012

Flat Screen Pop Up TV Cabinets

How classy is it to have a TV in your bed room or living room without having to keep it visible all the time?!

Just the thought of owning one of these makes me feel really technologically savvy. With just one click of a button a TV rises out of a cabinet. So cool and so classy.

All of them will cost you a pretty penny, but all are high quality. Make sure, before you make such a large investment, that you have enough space for such a piece.

I hope you enjoy the lens!

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Ellis Trunk TV Lift Cabinet for Flat Screen TV's Up To 45" in Aged Cigar Leather

This absolutely gorgeous TV lift console is one of the best buys on the list. It's both attractive and well-designed with holes in the bottom through which to run cables.

The top automatically opens as the television rises. You can control it with a two button controller which is included.

There's some shelving, enough for your devices (DVD player, cable box, etc) and a few DVDs.

The make is solid and the trunk itself is really heavy. If you have a cat, however, you may want to be careful because the leather will rip if it is clawed. Click on the picture to get a better look at this beautiful piece of craftmanship.

Basic Television Lift Cabinets

Pop Up TV Consoles

These two pop-ups are from the same company, one is a deep espresso color while the other is more of a honey oak finish. The chords can go either through the bottom front or the bottom back of the unit. There is also a shelf for components.

This is a more basic, and a little more affordable option than the others you see on this page.

Elevate Bedroom TV Lift Cabinet - Max TV: 42.5" WideBEST PRICE - CLICK HERE

Elevate Espresso TV Lift Storage Cabinet - Max TV: 42.5" WideBEST PRICE - CLICK HERE

Pop-up TV Consoles with Extra Storage Space

Media Cabinets with TV Lifts

These options will provide you with a little bit more storage space than the others. They run the gamut of styles. The last in the list--the bottom right option--has the most space.

The benefit to these cabinets is that you can access the insides easily with front doors.

Walnut Cabinet w/Universal LCD/Plasma LiftBEST PRICE - CLICK HERE

Touchstone Tuscany TV Lift Cabinet, Max TV size: 55"WBEST PRICE - CLICK HERE

Touchstone Tremont Cabinet, Max TV Size: 45"W x 5.5"D x 31"HBEST PRICE - CLICK HERE

Bungalow TV Lift, Max TV Size: 55"W x 32.5"HBEST PRICE - CLICK HERE

Phoenix TV Cabinet, Max TV Size: 45"W x 5"D x 28-7/8"HBEST PRICE - CLICK HERE

Banyan Creek XL TV Lift, Max TV Size: 60"W x 5 1/2"D x 34 1/2"HBEST PRICE - CLICK HERE

TV Lift Consoles with a Built-in Fireplace

A Fireplace, A Media Cabinet, A TV Stand, and more!

Now these babies are fine pieces of work. If I could afford them I would buy one in a second. These are two options from different companies. Both have TV lifts, and electric fireplaces. The TVs are well protected from the heat. These are great for living rooms, but would also work in a bedroom if you have the space.

Remington Fireplace TV LiftBEST PRICE - CLICK HERE

Import Advantage Soho TV console with LiftBEST PRICE - CLICK HERE

How do you feel about TV lifts?

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    • profile image

      adminghb 5 years ago

      Amazing! But i don't have the space for it... yet!