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Convert Twin Bed Into Loft Bed

Updated on February 11, 2010

Converting a twin bed into a loft bed can be a great way to save the essential space and can prove to be quite useful to college students who have to manage in small dorms. This will help have a study or a dressing table below the bed and hence effectively use the vertical space too.

Convert Twin Beds Into Loft Beds

The question how to convert twin beds into a loft bed is asked by several people who are interested in saving space. This can be accomplished easily as there are several websites which have all the necessary information for this conversion. There are also several websites which provide several different plans and even provide step wise procedures to build such a bed on your own. There are also a few sites which have a large collection of plans which can be availed by subscribing for these by paying a fee. The loft bed can either be built from scratch or a twin bed can be converted to a loft bed. Either ways, the materials required for making a loft bed can be easily acquired from any hardware store. The twin bed needed can be easily got in any furniture store. But the choice of the twin bed should be made with caution as there may be variations in the design which may prevent the conversion of the twin bed to a loft bed.

The materials required to covert a twin bed into a loft bed are few as the bed is already present. The main objective is to just increase the elevation of the bed so that some other furniture can be placed below. Hence it looks quite obvious that all you'll need are a few planks of wood for the extension of the leg and a few nuts and bolts to secure the extension legs. Even though it can seem extremely simple, it is not practical to convert a twin bed into a loft bed by approaching this method. A more practical and safe method of how to convert twin beds into a loft bed is given below. The main materials required are 8 long wooden planks whose height can vary depending on your preference. It is advised that the length should not be too much so that the person does not have to sleep with his nose touching the ceiling. Increasing the height beyond a particular point also makes it dangerous hence a height of 5 feet would be ideal. Hence eight planks of about five feet length with width of 6 inches and thickness of 3 inches will be enough. You'll also need a few 3 inch wood screws and a few 4 inch carriage bolts or nuts.

The eight planks of wood of the specified dimensions first needs to be paired to form four L-shaped structures by joining them length vise perpendicularly to each other. These 2 planks can be joined using the 3 inch wood screws. After the completion of this procedure you'll be left with four L-shaped wooden structures. These will be the legs of the loft bed. The twin bed which is to be used is then fixed to the legs using the 4 inch carriage nuts or bolts. The frame of the twin bed is fixed to the legs with the inner braces of the L-shaped legs coming in contact with the frame of the bed. After finishing this procedure you'll realize that the actual legs of the twin bed are of no use. The plan suggested below involves the complete removal of the 4 original legs of the twin bed.

Another alternative plan would be the making of solid legs which will support the frame of the bed from below rather than by fastening to the sides. In this plan, the legs of the twin bed are cut off at the frame and four solid planks of wood with the dimension of 5 feet length, 6 inches width and 6 inches thickness are used as the legs. These legs are attached to the frame of the twin size bed using carriage nuts.

Even though people often wonder how to convert twin beds into a loft bed, they seldom try doing this. This does sound like a simple method but it is quite risky if the strength of the materials chosen is not sufficient to hold the weight of the person sleeping on top. Hence sufficient care needs to be taken while choosing the wood and while creating the design. Nonetheless, it is better to ask for the opinion of a professional before proceeding with the plan.

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