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Newborn Twins and Multiples, Your Survival Guide To The First 4 Weeks

Updated on July 31, 2015

What You (Really) Need For The First Weeks With Newborn Twins

1. LOTS of diapers (you will use 8-10 a day per baby)

2. Wipes, 4-5 containers

3. Lots of onesies and sleepers, the cute baby clothes are adorable, but you will go through SO MANY outfits. I stuck to onesies and sleepers and it simplified my life that first month when things are a blur. With leaky diapers and spit ups, your babies will go through at least 4-5 clothes changes a day.

4. Baby blankets

5. Couple packs of (cheap) cloth diapers. I used these for spit-ups, to put on the changing table, and under the babies heads in the crib and bouncers or swings. If they get dirty they are so easy to throw in the dirty clothes, and they're not as bulky as bigger burping blankets.

6. A large A&D ointment (or Desitin 1 pound size) that I put right on the changing table, as well as a container of baby powder. Don't worry, you WILL use the diaper rash cream !

7. Pacifiers, if you choose to use them.

Being Pregnant With Twins

Being pregnant with twins is a time full of excitement, wondering, worrying, and most of all preparing ! It's very easy to get overwhelmed real quick and feel like you're getting no where. I'm here to offer you some guidance for surviving your first 4 weeks with your newborn twins. When your pregnant there are a TON of things that companies, friends and family will say you need, but there's really not ! There's your basic needs like a crib, car seat, changing table, but I'm going to cover the things you really need to get through the first month.

What You Need For Newborn Twins Part Two

8. Diaper bag, fill it up BEFORE the twins come, it will save you a LOT of time. With Doctor visits and various appointments after the birth, it will be a life saver to already have it done before hand. Put in several diapers, wipes, onesies or sleepers, spit up blankets, and pacifiers (if using.)

9. If you breastfeed, get two - three boxes of leak pads for nursing, nursing bras, and a breast pump.

10. If you bottle feed, get at least 30 bottles (yes, you will use them all,) formula so it's on hand and you don't have to run out, I would get 3-4 bottle dryers on hand for your bottles and nipples to dry after they're washed. You can put them in the dishwasher, but I found that I went through them so fast that I couldn't do that. A bottle brush to clean them.

11. Get 3-4 packages of (sanitary) pads. Buy these before hand.

12. Baby monitor if your babies aren't going to be next to you in a bassinet.

13. Water, buy 3-4 packages of bottled water. Stick them either by your bed or where ever you're sleeping. If nursing you'll be extremely thirsty and when you wake up in the night to feed you can just grab one. Even if your not nursing, you still need a lot of water as your body is getting back to normal after birth.

14. Quick, healthy snacks ! While trying to get a routine down, it's easy to forget about yourself. So buy some snacks that you can just grab quick.

15. Boppy, weather breast or bottle feeding this is a lifesaver ! You put your baby on there to feed them, but as they get older they can use it for tummy time and sitting support.

16. Rubbing alcohol for the belly button(s) and a foam baby wash that doesn't have to be washed off. I found this to be extremely helpful, especially in the beginning when they can't take baths because of the cord. It's much less stressful on the baby(s) even after they can take baths as well. Baby(s) do NOT like water, it will make it much more enjoyable for you and baby.

17. Camera with lots of batteries or film. Don't forget to take lots of pictures, before you know it, the first month will be gone !


Just Take One Day At A Time With Your Twins

Enjoy the moments with your newborn (s) and just take one day at a time. Rest when you can and don't worry about the small stuff. Make sure to get some time to yourself, even if it's just getting a shower everyday.

Cloth diapers (for burpy blankets, changing table, put under head (s) in crib, swing, bouncer seat, bassinet.)
Cloth diapers (for burpy blankets, changing table, put under head (s) in crib, swing, bouncer seat, bassinet.)

Things You Don't Need Before The Arrival of Your Twins

1. Baby gates or baby proofing. A lot of people feel like they need to baby proof before a baby is born. In reality, your baby(s) are not going to be doing much of anything until around 6 months. Mine are 7 months and they are just rolling around. There's so much to do before a baby comes, you can wait until several months after your baby(s) born before you need to worry about baby proofing. Not to mention, a lot of the times that stuff will just get in your way and become more of a hassle when your trying to make bottles and have to deal with cabinets and drawers having safety's on them.

2. Having everything perfect before baby(s) come. In three to four days it'll all be messed up anyway. So don't sweat the small stuff, sure get stuff ready but it doesn't have to be perfect !


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