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Types Of Fencing For Chickens - What Are Your Options

Updated on October 3, 2016

Types Of Poultry Fencing

There are several different types of poultry fencing for backyard chickens. However, not all types of fencing on the market will adequately protect your chickens from predators and pets that are roaming about. There are specific types of fencing that should be used when you have a flock of chickens that come in all shapes and sizes to fit just about every need. You need to do some research and figure out what will work best for you and your girls.


Chicken Or Poultry Fencing

Types Of Poultry Fencing

There are a number of options and types of poultry fencing that you can choose from to keep your chickens contained. The most popular type of poultry fencing is more commonly referred to as hex netting because of the small hex shaped openings.

This type of poultry fencing is usually very secure for chickens and it comes in a variety of sizes. Most free range chickens can easily be kept behind poultry fence that is around four feet tall. However, some chickens are just more determined than others to not be caged in. So, depending on the breed of free range chickens you have and how adventurous you individual chickens are, you might need a taller fence or you might be able to get away with a shorter fence.

When installing hex poultry fencing, you need to build a strong frame because the wire fencing will need to be pulled as tight as possible. I used 4x4 posts spaced four feet apart and it is very sturdy. The poultry fencing is also installed over the top of the chicken run for safety reasons. The chicken run that I built is only 12'x16' because my chickens free range and I only lock them up at night so I don't need a very large chicken run. If you don't have free range chickens, you will need a larger enclosure for your flock.

Utility Fencing

Types Of Poultry Fencing

When I got my first chickens, I didn't know anything about types of poultry fencing so I used the utility fencing that I had stored in my garage. The utlity fencing came in rolls that were 36 inches tall and 100 feet long so it was very convenient to use and install. Once my chicks grew large enough, they couldn't escape from it and I was happy.

That is, until I found out that it wasn't a great predator proof fence! I lots a large number of my flock of hens over the course of three nights so I would definatley not use it for your chicken run.

But it can be a great and fairly inexpensive way to fence your yard if you want your chickens to free range. It does keep dogs, cats and any of the larger predators like foxes out of your yard. But as I found out, racoons and possums can squeeze through any squares that are bent or stretched.

DIY Chicken Coop Video

Animal Fencing - 1/4 Wire Mesh For Added Security

Types Of Poultry Fencing

One type of poultry fencing that I like to use is the small animal fencing fencing with the 1/4 inch square openings in it. I have a real problem with predators in my area and I've lost a lot of chickens over the years. So of look for types of poultry fencing that are extremely secure.

While this type really isn't commonly used, as far as types of poultry fencing go, it is still my favorite type of wiring to use This wire helped me correct the major mistake I made of installing utility fencing around my chicken run when I first got started and found that raccons and possums can squeeze through wire fencing with 2"x4" holes because it is easily bent and stretched. After I lost almost my entire flock of chickens over the course of three nights, I bought this wiring with the very tiny 1/4 inch openings and double wired my chicken run by placing it on the inside of the structure. So I had a double layer that better protected my flock of hens from predators.

The small animal fencing is extremely secure and you will find that it is a great investment. I have several chicken coops and chicken runs and I now double fence all of my chicken runs with a layer of small animal fencing on the interior and hex poultry wiring on the exterior.


Chain Link Fencing Panels

Types Of Poultry Fencing

Chain link fencing panels for chickens is a great way to build a chicken run for your chicken flock. I know a lot of people that use chain link fencing panels for chickens and they love them.

Using chain link fencing panels for your backyard chickens is an ideal solution for most people. Regular chain link fencing is cumbersome to work with, takes a lot of time to install and requires some specialized tools.

But with chain link fencing panels that are premade for you, they are a snap to put up. All you have to do is find a local hardware store like Home Depot or even Tractor Supply, buy as many panels as you need, load them up and take them home. You will also need a gate and some fasteners to secure the panels together. You may need to buy some concrete in order to secure posts into the ground so that your fencing panels stay up, especially if you build a large chicken run. You can have the entire thing up in an hour or so, sooner if you are handy.

Chain link fencing panels for backyard chickens make it possible to make any size chicken run you want. The panels come in six foot and eight foot sections and can be four, six or eight feet tall. You can also easily expand your chicken run in the future if you want which is great if you end up adding more chickens to your flock.

Chain link fencing panels can also be used to make a portable chicken run. I wouldn't get it too big because it will be too heavy to handle but I have a friend that has one. Her husband is very handy and the whole thing rolls across the ground believe it or not!

The biggest drawback to chain link fencing panels for chickens is that they are not as predator proof as I like. Yes, they are extremely strong and predators cannot bite or chew through the fencing, but I have had chickens actually killed through the fence. I'm not going to go into graphic detail but it was very gruesome. Baby chicks can also squeeze right through the chain link when they are small.

The cost of the chain link panels can get cost prohibitive fast, especially if you want to build a very large chicken run. If you just need a small chicken run, it won't be nearly as expensive. Chain link is very commonly used and can easily be adapted to the needs of your chicken flock.

Different Types Of Poultry Fencing Are Available For Any Project

You will have to decide what types of fence is best for your situation. What type of wiring you use will most likely depend on your budget and hex poultry wiring is usually the cheapest. It is pretty easy to handle and looks good. If you need to enclose your yard or a very large area to let your chickens roam during the day, I would recommend using utility wiring because it is cheaper to use in bulk. Poultry fencing can usually be found in different colors like green so that it blends in more naturally with your surroundings.

Chicken FAQ

Predators Digging Under Fences

A common chicken FAQ is "I have a problem with predators digging under my chicken fencing and taking my chickens. How do I stop this?"

This can be a real problem because dogs, foxes and coyotes can easily dig under your chicken fencing no matter what type of chicken fencing you have installed. The only way to prevent these predators from gaining access by digging is to bury your chicken fencing at least a foot in the ground.

It can be a daunting task to bury your chicken fencing but if you rent a ditch witch tool for example, it is quick and easy to bury your chicken fencing a foot deep. Burying your chicken fencing usually will help prevent chicken losses due to predators because most of them will not dig that deep which means they can't take your chickens.


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